Japanese Fish Plate

by Jamison Godfrey

As we move closer to the warmer months and fish availability becomes broader, there is an abundance of species to chase – and eat!

This dish uses a selection of Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, calamari, Tasmanian scallops and Australian tiger prawns.

In most cases these are on the list to target by Australian anglers, however pretty much any fresh salt water fish or trout would be fine.

A lot of people aren’t a fan of raw trout, but fresh, I think it’s perfect for this dish.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2)
300g fresh Atlantic salmon
6 fresh Tasmanian or Victorian scallops
1 fresh calamari hood
6 cooked tiger prawns
1 fresh lemon
2 tablespoons sesame seeds toasted
Spring onion for garnish
Japanese mayonnaise
Soy sauce
Wasabi paste


To put this dish together is quite simple, you will need a really sharp knife to cut the salmon though.

Firstly, bring a saucepan of lightly-salted water to the simmer on the stove. Clean the calamari tube and cut down one side, then open it up with the inside facing upwards.

With your knife, score the tube (cutting at 45° angle each way), be careful not to cut all the way through. Cut the calamari into 2cm strips and sit aside.

Clean scallops and now place the calamari and scallops into the saucepan to blanche: literally in and out, then refresh in iced water, remove and pat dry.

Peel and clean cooked prawns with the head removed. Remove skin and bones from salmon and slice as finely as possible without tearing.

Arrange the seafood on the plate however you prefer, garnish with spring onion, toasted sesame seeds and fresh lemon, place the wasabi, soy and mayonnaise in side dishes, grab some chop sticks and go for it, a great healthy starter with little fuss.

This recipe is from award winning chef Jamison Godfrey of the Drunken Admiral restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania. If you’re ever in Hobart we highly recommend visiting the Drunken Admiral and sampling their delicious menu of seasonal, local produce for yourself.
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