Aquayak Snapper Pro kayak

The deck layout of the Snapper Pro ensures that everything has its place. You can focus on landing fish.

by Justin Wilmer

Aquayak are a Melbourne-based kayak manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler. Australian owned and operated, they offer a range of options from entry level, to fitted out fishing kayaks, single and tandem kayaks, along with all the accessories to get you started. Recently, I launched their Snapper Pro sit-on kayak, fitted out with their Fish Kit, for a day of targeting bream and flathead in a local estuary system.

This kayak is easy to handle, for paddlers as young as eight. With a length of 2.7m, 79cm width and weight under the magic 20kg mark, sturdy carry handles on the nose, tail and each side, it’s a breeze to load, unload and transport to water. It has a capacity of 120kg and easily handled my 90kg+, along with icebox and fishing gear.

On the water, the hull design is impressive for buoyancy, along with speed and tracking. It has very little of the side-to-side zigzagging that similar size kayaks, with flatter bottoms, are notorious for. In calmer waters, lakes, rivers, bays and estuaries you will find this kayak to be fun, easy to paddle and extremely manoeuvrable. It’s ideal for smaller paddlers. If you spend time in windier, rougher conditions, check out Aquayak’s other models with a more length.

The deck of the Snapper Pro is well laid out, with a large rear well that passed the Evakool test. It snugly fits a 20L icebox for taking a feed out, or bring a feed home. The bungy cord in the rear well can unclip to secure the icebox, or quickly and easily clip back in place, to secure dry bags and other items.

An intelligent deck layout means everything’s in arm’s reach.
Snapper Pro is ideal for sheltered waters such as rivers, lakes, bays and estuaries.
The accessory tracks, with two included Railblaza mounts, make fitting out simple and flexible.
The hull design is fast, and easily supports its 120kg capacity.
The front hatch accesses the hull for fitting out and additional storage.
Sturdy carry handles make loading the Snapper Pro a breeze.
The roomy rear live well includes a bungy for securing your gear.
Fitted out and ready for fishing, the Snapper Pro passed the Evakool test with its roomy rear well.
For a smaller kayak, the Snapper Pro tracks well.
The Snapper Pro from Aquayak is one kayak that should see you getting into a few.
Stability was not a problem when fighting fish.
Snapper Pro is right at home, bream fishing the flats.

Other storage options include a front hatch that allows access to the hull for fitout, or storing additional items that you don’t need to access on the water, such as car keys. These can be placed in a dry bag and stowed securely. A centre hatch is within easy reach and includes a removable bucket, where bait can be stored out of the sun. Other items like sunscreen and tackle can be secured.

There are two flush mount rod holders fitted behind the seat for rod, net and gaff storage. An adjustable Railblaza Rod Holder II can be mounted on the included Railblaza StarPort, SidePort, or on the accessory track fitted on either side of the cockpit. Railblaza mounts and accessories are excellent on the Snapper Pro, allowing you to quickly and easily add other accessories and keep all your rods and tools within easy reach.

The Snapper Pro also comes complete with a comfortable and supportive seat, paddle leash and a sturdy two-piece paddle, which is a handy option when it comes to storage and transporting gear in smaller vehicles. A bungy paddle holder on the side deck of the kayak makes it easy to store the paddle when it’s time to fish, and handy to adjust your drift angle or position.

A glassy day when we paddled out, I fitted the four plugs into the cockpit scupper holes, keeping the area nice and dry. In rougher conditions, or playing in the surf, scupper plugs can be removed to make most of the self-draining feature. Even when the wind came up with the turn of tide, the Snapper Pro still handled well, cutting through the chop without issue.

We had a cracker day on the water. We drifted the flats for bream and flathead, worked some edges and drains that accounted for more flathead, fishing 2.5”paddle-tail plastics on 1/4oz jigheads. I stored my landing net in one of the rod holders, my second rod in the Railblaza mounted in the centre fitted StarPort, and attached my lip grips and Boomerang Tool to the fitted pad eyes. My tackle was in the included 12L dry bag between my feet and a flatty for dinner stayed in the Evakool icebox that fit neatly in the rear well. I was comfortable and had everything at my fingertips for rigging, fishing and landing fish from the Snapper Pro.

If you’re looking to get into kayak fishing, check out the range at If it’s a smaller, fast and manoeuvrable kayak you want, affordable and set up for fishing, the Snapper Pro with Fish Kit is worth your time.

Length                 2.7m
Width                  0.79m
Weight                19kg
Capacity              120kg
Pricing                 $599 + delivery


Comfortable seat, Double paddle, four heavy-duty handles, two flush rod holders, one Railblaza rod holder II, two storage hatches, two accessories tracks, Railblaza Starport, Railblaza Sideport, large rear tub and a paddle clip.

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