Storm Bay SBT three ways

Ready to eat three ways with a few successful lures as well.

by Jamison Godfrey •

It was only last May that I managed to get an opportunity to go tuna fishing on a friends boat here in Hobart.

When he told me of where we were going to hunt them down, I couldn’t believe how close to home they actually were. We launched from Margate and headed past the top of Bruny Island and motored straight to Wedge Island, we then proceeded to fish between Wedge and Betsy Island and it wasn’t too long after that the reels screamed and I landed my first 25kg southern bluefin tuna.

Unfortunately for my wallet I have the bug now and find myself not only spending money on the bream and trout scene, Ouch!

Anyway, to eat these awesome fish I prefer not to cook them but to eat it raw, so I have put a few different options together on the same plate as a starter, a great way to start a meal without filling up before the next course!

Bloody Mary Tuna Shooter x 6
100ml chilled tomato juice
Good splash of Tabasco sauce
20ml Worcestershire sauce
75ml good quality vodka
24 small cubes fresh bluefin tuna
Fresh cracked pepper to serve

Tuna Sashimi
24 thin slices of fresh bluefin tuna
Soy sauce
Wasabi paste
Japanese Mayonnaise

Tuna Tartare
150g diced bluefin tuna
2 tablespoons of baby capers
1 tablespoon finely diced red onion
2 tablespoons diced cornichons
Salt and pepper to taste

For the shooters, place the cubes of tuna in each shot glass, then in a jug mix the tomato juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire and vodka together and chill for 30 minutes, then pour into each shot glass, crack some pepper on top and your done.

For the sashimi, slice the tuna nice and fine and place on the plate with the sides of wasabi, soy and mayonnaise.

For the tuna tartare, mix all the ingredients together and season, spoon into a cookie cutter and push down firmly, remove the cutter carefully to serve.

That’s the tuna three ways complete!

Tuna in a tartare mix.
Tuna shooters, a different way to take the tuna.
The author slices the fillets of these marvellous fish.
The author is all smiles with two decent southern bluefin tuna.

This recipe is from award winning chef Jamison Godfrey of the Drunken Admiral restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania. If you’re ever in Hobart we highly recommend visiting the Drunken Admiral and sampling their delicious menu of seasonal, local produce for yourself.
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