Forster Report

The assist hooks on surface lures will increase your hook up rate. Sometime foul hook up rate as well.

January 16, 2020

Estuary: Its ‘steady as she goes’ on the fishing front here in the Great Lakes. We have had some fairly stable weather conditions over the past week so it’s no surprise that there has been a lot of people out and about enjoying our waterways. Flathead remain at the top of the estuary hit list and are still being caught in big numbers. Now that the water has warmed up again, fooling these fish has never been easier using either bait or lures. Drifting with Whitebait, Pilchards, Herring, Prawns or good old Mullet Strips will all work a treat, just try to fish the last half of the run-out tide if possible. On the lure front, there is a huge array of things that will work. Soft plastics and vibes are working really well and using them is a ‘no-brainer’ at this time of the year, however for something different, try throwing slender minnow style lures across the shallow sand flats and weed beds – you will be amazed at what you can find lurking in 30cm of water! The Trumpeter Whiting seem to have thinned out considerably over the past week however the Sand Whiting are about in good numbers and are fairly active throughout the Lake. The better fish seem to be hanging about the ‘middle’ of the Lake on the flats near Wallis Island. The Breakwalls are fishing fairly well at the moment. The light tackle bait fishermen are having a ball chasing big Bream, Flathead and the odd Snapper. The heavy tackle brigade have been catching a few nice Kingfish and Mulloway on the run out tide, like always, those that put the time and effort in will reap the rewards.

Beach and Rock: With some really nice, warm water pushing in to our coastline it’s no surprise that the beach fishing has improved considerably over the past week. Most beaches are holding plenty of Whiting, Dart, Flathead and the odd Bream. There have been a few scattered reports of Tailor and Salmon but not really enough to make it worth chasing them. 7 Mile Beach has probably been the pick of the bunch but the sand down around Pacific Palms has also been delivering the goods including a couple of nice school Mulloway. The local stones don’t see a whole lot of activity at this time of the year, even though the water is now sitting between 22-24 degrees, it’s still a little early to be chasing any pelagics. Anglers throwing lures off the rocks have been catching plenty of Bonito and the odd Kingfish up to 80cm but that’s about it. There’re a few anglers fishing the washes at the moment and they’ve been landing some very nice Snapper, Bream, the odd Drummer and Groper. It will be very interesting to see what happens over the coming weeks if this nice water decides to hang about!

Offshore: Offshore fishing has been a little hit and miss this week. Earlier in the week things were very quiet about the full moon which also coincided with a very strong push of warm water from the north. The spots that were holding good fish were all of a sudden devoid of life and it wasn’t until Wednesday that boats started to find the quality fish once again. The deeper reefs out the front of the marine park have been very consistent for a nice mixed bag of Snapper, Trag and Pearl Perch, as well as the odd Kingfish which will often harass a hooked fish as you bring it to the surface out there. The grounds to the south have been great for Pearl Perch again this week, there seems to be huge congregations of these fish on some reefs at the moment so if you see something on your sounder that you would normally call for a mass of ‘bait’ don’t ignore it as it may be a big school of Pearlies! Good Snapper can still be found to the north on the shallower grounds however they seem to be spread out a fair bit now compared to how they were last week. As eluded to earlier, we have had an unbelievable patch of warm water push into our waters this week. I have heard of temperatures up as high as 26 degrees in some spots with most areas sitting between 22 and 24 degrees. This type of water brings pelagics with it and there have already been a few Black Marlin encountered as well as some very nice Mahi Mahi. With a bit of luck this water will hang about for a while now, if it does we should be in for an amazing game season!

January 10, 2020

Estuary: We have had a beautiful week of weather here in the wonderful Great Lakes, we have even been lucky enough to score a few showers of rain! In the estuary, things have remained very consistent with lots of anglers out and about trying their luck. Flathead continue to be the fish that most are chasing and for good reason as they are about in huge numbers throughout the lower reaches of the system and don’t seem to get upset by the boat/jet ski traffic like some other species do. One of the biggest things to remember when targeting Flathead is to try and fish the last half of the run-out tide. If for some reason you must fish the top of the tide, focus your efforts about the shallow sand flats and weed beds as the fish will move up into these areas to feed before the tide starts to recede. Alternatively, you could switch your focus completely and start to fish these areas for Sand Whiting or Bream. The local Whiting have been getting more and more active each day as the water temperature has been slowly climbing again after it dropped out during the last lot of strong ‘noreasters’. The weed beds down the bottom of the lake (towards Coomba Park/Green Point etc) have been holding some really nice schools of Bream and they are fairly keen to whack a well-presented surface lure at the moment which can make for some really fun fishing. It’s no secret that our estuary holds some very big Yellowtail Kingfish, over the last few days visitors have been amazed by the size and numbers of these fish as they have been milling about the bridge. Seeing these big fish is one thing, tempting them to eat and then landing one is a totally different story!!!

Beach and Rock: While I have not heard any reports from anglers fishing the stones this week, our beaches are slowly improving once again. A group of visiting anglers had a ball down on 7 Mile earlier in the week where they managed to catch a stack of Beach Worms and turned them into some nice Whiting, a few Flathead and a 2m Hammerhead Shark (which they caught on a live bait intended for Mulloway). This is the second shark that I have heard of this week landed down there, the other being a solid Whaler which was well over the 2m mark. One Mile Beach and 9 Mile Beach have been holding a lot of Dart and the odd Bream, Whiting and Tailor. Hopefully the southerly that we are expecting over the next couple of days will see water temps keep increasing which should mean a bit more action up and down our coastline. 

Offshore: The offshore fishing has been awesome this week. While it was a bit slow earlier in the week, the nice days and quality fishing in the latter part of the week have more than made up for it. Snapper are about in huge numbers on the shallow reefs to the north. Setting yourself up on a likely looking bit of reef in 15-30m of water should almost guarantee you a fish or two! I was lucky enough to sneak out on Thursday and although it took us about half an hour to find a good show of fish on the sounder, once we did it was amazing. There was multiple hook ups each drift and most of the fish caught were Snapper and not Red Rock Cod or Sargent Bakers as can often be the case. The deeper reefs are holding good mixed bags of fish with a lot of Trag and Pearl Perch being caught this week as well as the ever-present Snapper. The water temperature offshore has been slowly rising all week, its sitting between 19 and 20 degrees now, there are masses of Slimy Mackerel out there everywhere as well as Mack Tuna and Bonito so with a bit of luck it won’t be too long before the first Black Marlin is landed locally.

January 3, 2020

Estuary: Happy New Year!!! The festive season has consisted of beautiful sunny days but horrible strong easterly winds. Thankfully these winds have done nothing to hamper the estuary fishing, indeed I think this is the best summer estuary fishing season I can remember! Flathead are still well and truly at the top of most anglers’ lists and for good reason as they are about in huge numbers and are very easy to catch. Bait fishermen are finding plenty of fish using Whitebait, Pilchards and freshly caught Herring. For land-based anglers, think about targeting areas such as the Bridge, the rock walls and jetties that run along Tuncurry foreshore, Taree Street and the back of Forster main street. Fishing during the last half of the run-out tide will give you the best shot at finding a few fish but you really can fish any tide at this time of the year. Big Sand Whiting continue to fish very well up around Wallis Island, Lanis and Regatta Island, there are also good numbers of fish down around the bridge but most of them are barely even legal. Trumpeter Whiting are still about in good numbers, you do need to have your finger on the pulse though as they have moved down a fair way now and may be holding in places that you didn’t expect! There have been some reports of really nice Garfish getting about the canals this week so it might be time to dig out your pencil floats and have a crack at catching some very nice baits or super tasty treats. The resident Kingfish population has been making a nuisance of themselves this week, they are proving to be very difficult to tempt on the heavy gear but have been all too happy to take baits intended for Flathead or Bream on light line!

Beach and Rock: The horrible winds that we have had over the past week have really affected our coastal waters. The water temperature has fallen by about 7 degrees and there is a fair bit of red weed floating about. The anglers that have hit the sand have had mixed success, the Whiting have gone really quiet but there have been some nice Flathead landed, the biggest reported going 65cm which is a great beach fish. Unfortunately, the Tailor that had been fairly consistent have been very hard to find this week with just the one angler reporting having had any success chasing them and he was throwing lures off the back of North One Mile. The windy, unsettled conditions and cooler waters have made rock fishing fairly difficult however they have made for some very nice wash zones which have yielded some nice Bream and the odd late season Black Drummer.  

Offshore: It has been nearly impossible to get outside this week due to the horrible NE winds, not only do they make for very unsettled conditions, they also have ‘turned’ the water over and created a cold, soupy mess! A few boats snuck out on Thursday and the results were very mixed, the more successful boats were those who were happy to do the hard yards and really search for the fish. The saving grace for at least one crew was the beautiful big Flathead that they caught on the way home to complement their one Snapper!

December 27, 2019

Estuary: Merry Christmas! The School Holiday period is well and truly under way now and those lucky enough to be hitting the water are having a ball! Wallis Lake is a fisherman’s playground at this time of the year, the options are endless and there are loads of fish about. The bottom section of the system (the area from Wallis Island to the entrance) is fishing very well despite the increased boat traffic. Flathead can be found just about anywhere; shallow flats, drop offs, weed edges and Oyster Leases are all worth looking at. You can easily target them using either bait or lure and at this time of the year they will eat just about any offering! For the bait fishermen, fish baits such as Whitebait or Herring are proving to be hugely successful while 3 and 4” paddle tailed soft plastics have been the standout artificial offering. Sand Whiting continue to cruise the nice warm sand flats in good numbers searching for an easy meal, the better-quality fish seem to be hanging about a little further up the lake around places like Regatta and Wallis Island but you can find good numbers of fish on just about any sand flat. Their smaller relatives, the Trumpeter Whiting just keep on keeping on with plenty of anglers filling their bags each morning. Schools of these tasty little morsels can be found all over the place, try areas like Regatta Island and the Step to start with but don’t be scared to move about a bit until you find the fish. Most of our Bream have now well and truly moved up into the rivers, for the land-based anglers though there are still some very nice fish holding along the rock walls with the odd Snapper mixed in, you can easily target these fish by floating a lightly weighted piece of Pilchard, Mullet or Whitebait down along the wall.

Beach and Rock: Our local beaches have been fairly steady over the last week. Most beaches are holding plenty of Whiting, Bream and Dart as well as the odd Salmon and Flathead. For the early birds there have been a few Tailor floating about up around the northern end of 9 Mile Beach and if you fish the same gutters after dark there’s a good chance that you might find a Mulloway of two. You can also find plenty of Tailor off the rocks at the moment with North One Mile, Jainey’s Corner and Booti headland all worth a look. There are plenty of small Kingfish mixed in with them and you just never know what else may be cruising about as the warm currents start to creep down the coast!

Offshore: Offshore reports have been fairly mixed this week. There are still some really nice Pearl Perch and Teraglin getting about on the deeper reefs, Phil from Reel Ocean Adventures has been putting smiles on clients’ dials all week, one drop during the week landed his crew 21 Trag! The shallow reefs to the north have been holding some great Snapper this week, if you decide to head up that way don’t be afraid to get in nice and shallow, a local customer had a great session earlier in the week and caught all of his fish in 10m of water after starting to fish in 35m and working his way in!  

Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year!!!

December 20, 2019

Estuary: Those of us lucky enough to be living or holidaying in the beautiful Great Lakes area over the Xmas break are in for a real treat on the fishing front. Wallis lake is an amazing place at this time of the year, it is full of all sorts of critters and the angling options are endless! Flathead remain the focus for most and for good reason as they are in good numbers and are very prolific throughout the whole system. Often by this time of the year most of the fish have well and truly settled into the bottom section of the system (close to the mouth), however I am still receiving very good reports on a daily basis of some red-hot action from well up the Wallamba River. While there haven’t been any really big fish taken from the river, most have reported catching loads of good table sized fish around the 45-50cm mark as well as the odd one up to 75cm. Similar sized fish are also abundant up around Wallis Island and down around ‘The Cut’. For those anglers who have caught the ‘Flathead on surface lure’ buzz, a much bigger class of fish can be found around areas such as Lani’s, Twin Island and down through ‘The Paddock’. The beautiful sand flats that litter our estuary are alive with prawns and baitfish at the moment and the ever-popular Sand Whiting are very hungry! Launching a nice bit of Beach Worm or a freshly pumped Yabbie up into the shallows on a nice high tide will see you landing plenty of good fish, a visiting angler reported having had a great little session using King Worms where he almost caught a fish on every bait and none of them were undersized with his biggest going 39cm. With the deafening song of the Cicada in full swing in some of the trees that line the banks of the lake, right now is a great time to dig out those Cicada or surface lures to go and chase a few Bream up the rivers. A lot of Bream are also holding on the breakwalls, particularly of an evening. Floating strips of Mullet, whole Whitebait, Yabbies or Prawns down along the rocks is a fool proof way of finding a few and you will be pleasantly surprised by how many Snapper you will catch at the same time! The mouth of the river has also been producing some very nice Mulloway over the last week as well as the odd Kingfish.

Beach and Rock: Our local beaches are now in full Summer mode. Most stretches of sand are holding good numbers of Sand Whiting and Dart as well as the odd Bream and Flathead. There are definitely schools of Tailor cruising up and down the coast however most are undersized or barely legal at best, one angler fished his way right along 9 Mile Beach early on Thursday throwing metal lures and apart from a few Dart he didn’t see a Tailor until he reached ‘Backbeach’ at the northern end. Once he found the fish it was practically a ‘fish a cast’ but they were all 20cm long. The local rock ledges have been producing loads of small Kingfish (as well as the odd bigger model!) and Tailor for the lure tossers. Fishing the washes with baits is producing some nice Bream and the odd late season Drummer, for the early birds there have been lots of Snapper (upto 2kg) around North One Mile, Pebbly Beach and Haydens Rock.

Offshore: Offshore reports have been very mixed this week. Under normal circumstances, those boats that put the extra effort in to travel to the shoals and reefs a long way to the north of Forster/Tuncurry are normally guaranteed to find some red-hot Snapper fishing. However, this week those reefs to the north have been very quiet, with most trips only producing the odd small fish. On the contrary, the boats that have fished out off Cape Hawk or to the south have reported some very nice mixed bags of Snapper to 7kg, plenty of big Pearl Perch and the odd nice Teraglin. For those who have gone out in search of a feed of Flathead, the past week has been unbelievably good. Fishing the grounds around ‘Elsies’ has been particularly good with a lot of big 60cm+ fish being reported, it’s amazing how much better the Flathead fishing is when there has been no Trawlers working the area for a while….  

December 13, 2019

Estuary: If the lead up period is anything to go by, the Xmas Holiday period is going to be an absolute cracker for all of the local and visiting fisher people! Fish, Prawn and Crab numbers and activity have all been on a slow increase over the last month or so and with a bit of luck this trend should continue over the next couple of months. Flathead remain very consistent throughout the estuary, focussing your efforts on any of the sand flats, drop offs and oyster leases between Wallis Island and the mouth of the system should see you catching more than enough for a feed. For land-based anglers, flicking plastics along the bank down off Taree St, Point Rd or around the Bridge is your best bet by far. Prawn numbers have finally increased in the main system now and the Sand Whiting are absolutely loving it! We have some very nice high tides at the moment which are perfect for getting up onto the shallow flats to throw surface lures about, Whiting, Bream and Flathead (and probably massive Kingfish) will all be up there smashing as many baitfish, Prawns, Crabs and Worms as they can before the water recedes. For a more relaxed approach, fishing the same flats and adjacent drop offs with Yabbies or Worms will also fill the bag with Whiting in no time at all, particularly once that tide begins to drop. Both Blue Swimmer and Mud Crabs have been very slow to kick into gear this year however both have improved significantly over the past week and should continue to do so over the next few weeks.

Beach and Rock: Once again the local stones have not seen too much action this week. There has been the odd patch of Tailor hanging about the ledges to the south, particularly around places like Booti Booti and Shellies. For the bait fishermen, there should be Drummer, Bream and possibly the odd Snapper haunting the washes. The beaches have been fairly consistent once again this week. The northern end of 9 Mile Beach (Backbeach)has been holding a lot of Tailor lately and while the fish are only small (25-35cm) they are great fun on light gear, especially when it’s a ‘fish a cast’ type of action! Most beaches are fishing fairly well for your typical Summer species now, unfortunately the Whiting are a little on the small size but there are some very nice Bream and Flathead mixed in with them.

Offshore: Once again, reports from offshore have been fairly steady this week. The Snapper fishing has been great on the deeper reefs for some time now and its these reefs (in 40-80m) that will out-fish just about anywhere else as we move through the current full moon period. There have been some very nice Pearl Perch mixed in with the Snapper however the Teraglin remain fairly quiet. The FAD is holding a lot of Mahi Mahi at the moment, the last report I had come in wasn’t great in that the fish were only small however this can change overnight and with some very nice warm water sitting offshore there has to be some decent fish about somewhere!

December 6, 2019

Estuary: The piscatorial playground that is Wallis Lake just keeps on keeping on which is great news for those anglers that are planning to visit over the next two months. Flathead have to be at the top of just about anyone’s list at this time of the year; they can be caught just about anywhere, they will eat either bait or lures and are amazing on the plate! I have had reports this week of some really good flathead being caught from around the Bridge, along the south/western side of Turn Island and up around ‘The Cut’. As is often the case, most fish have been caught on either soft plastics or soft vibes, as well as some really nice 80+cm models that have been taken on surface lures. Sand Whiting continue to fish well throughout the system with some really nice fish coming from the flats a little further up by anglers using Yabbies or surface lures. Trumpeter Whiting have kept anglers on their toes a little this week but if you move about until you find the fish you should be able to get a feed together in no time.  

Beach and Rock: Reports form the stones have been few and far between this week, however our beaches have been fishing fairly consistently right up and down the coast. Diamond Beach to the north is holding a lot of Whiting at the moment as well as the odd nice sized Bream and School Mulloway. The beaches to the south are also fishing well for Whiting and Bream and if you get up nice and early and explore the gutters you should find the odd Tailor. Unfortunately, I have heard of a few patches of red weed floating about on some beaches, fingers crossed that it remains patchy and our beaches remain clean and clear for the summer!

Offshore:  Once again reports from outside have been very encouraging this week. While the sea hasn’t been all that good, most mornings have been fishable and the days that have allowed people out have been fairly productive. Snapper can still be caught from just about any reef you choose, the more productive reefs have been in 35-70m and it doesn’t seem to matter if you head north or south. These deeper reefs are also holding some nice sized Pearl Perch along with the odd Teraglin. A big positive this week is that it would seem that the Barracouta have thinned out significantly, this is news is music to any offshore fishermans’ ears!!!

November 29, 2019

Estuary: Even though we are all still recovering from what has been a devastating past five weeks or so due to the bushfires, it has been nice to finally get back to some sort of normality this week. Although we have had a bit of wind about, most days have been manageable and our estuary has been fishing great!

 I can’t remember such a good lead up to the Summer Flathead season as we have had this year. There have been plenty of fish caught during the week from all over the lake. The middle section of the system around ‘the Cut’, Wallis Island, Coomba Park etc seems to be place to target if you are chasing a feed as there seems to be good numbers of 40-55cm fish which are perfect for the table. The Wallamba is still holding a lot of fish up around the Discovery Holiday Park with anglers reporting fish up to 70cm which have been taking both lure and bait. If you are chasing a trophy Flattie, focus your efforts on the shallows in the bottom half of the estuary (towards the mouth). Places such as the Paddock are stacked with big fish right now, landing these big, heavy, powerful fish is a real challenge though! Sand Whiting have really started to kick it up a notch now with some really nice fish being caught from many of our awesome sand flats. These fish are hitting surface lures with gusto up around Wallis Island and Lani’s where the water stays nice and warm, the fish hanging about the bridge are not quite as active and while you will get a handful on surface, a freshly pumped Yabbie or bit of Beach Worm is a much more successful way of targeting the ‘elbow slappers’! The seemingly never ending supply of Trumpeter Whiting are still about in the Lake with most anglers getting more than enough for a feed each day. If you are new to chasing these little guys please make yourself aware of the regulations and only keep what you need!

Beach and Rock: Our sandy stretches are cruising along quite nicely now. Most beaches are holding good numbers of Bream and Whiting now with the odd Dart, Salmon and Tailor mixed in. Diamond Beach to the north has been fishing particularly well for Whiting, Bream and Salmon, and if you put the time in of an evening you are almost guaranteed to find a few school Mulloway at the moment. 7 Mile has been producing the odd nice Tailor of a morning but you will have to get up nice and early and find the fish as they are few and far between, with a bit of luck they will only get better over the next month or so. Not many anglers hit the stones at this time of the year as we are now out of the ‘winter’ species and awaiting the arrival of the ‘summer’ speedsters. However, those that have had a look have been having a ball chasing Tailor, big Bream, Snapper and the odd Drummer over the past week. Booti booti in particular is holding some nice Tailor just at the back of the beach break, North One Mile is also holding the odd Tailor but the quality is nowhere near as good as down south.

Offshore:  The fishing offshore has been nothing short of amazing of late. Snapper have been about in huge numbers in just about any depth of water. There have even been 1-2kg fish caught from places like the bait grounds and Hayden’s Rock! Phil form Reel Ocean Adventures put his clients on to some very nice fish during the week, one trip ended with 53 Snapper alone being caught not to mention the ‘by catch’ of quality Pearl Perch! Fishing between 20m and 50m seems to be particularly productive with the reefs between Blackhead and Old Bar producing the better-quality fish. Unfortunately reports coming in from the FAD have not been great this week, the big fish that were holding there seem to have moved on and have been replaced by loads of undersized fish. It’s definitely still worth checking out though if you are in the area as the fish holding there can change overnight.

Report 15/11/19

As I write this report the local area remains blanketed under a thick shroud of smoke from the horrendous bushfires that we have been experiencing of late. This area has been ravaged by fire for the past month and a massive THANKYOU has to go out to all of the NSW and Rural Fire Brigades that have been battling to save lives and property. Without their hard work and professionalism, the outcomes of these fires would have been much worse. Unfortunately, the fight is far from over as the fires continue to burn throughout the area and we send our heartfelt condolences out to all of those who have been or are being affected by the fires.   

Estuary: For a lot of people, in times of stress and heartache, fishing is the thing that they turn to as a way of calming themselves down and ‘escaping’ reality. Luckily for them the estuary has been fishing really good this week! Flathead continue to be caught throughout the system with some very good catches of 50-70cm fish coming from well up the Wallamba River. Tony for Forster Estuary Charters has also been putting his clients on to loads of Flathead up around Wallis Island and ‘The Cut’ along with an unusual number of big Flounder. Trumpeter Whiting continue to fish fairly well in the usual spots with a good school of fish starting to make its way a little further down towards the mouth of the system so it may well be worth keeping an eye on your sounders as you head up to The Step or The Duckpond. Sand Whiting are numerous on all of the shallow flats and are surprisingly keen to take lures, I thought that the cooler water temperatures might have slowed them up a little but they were very active yesterday morning. I have had some slightly left of field reports filtering through this week, there was one from a bloke who has been catching small Mack Tuna in Forster Keys, another from a fisherman who managed to land a 4.1kg Tailor while fishing for Bream and a 10kg Kingfish that was speared a long way up into the estuary!

Beach and Rock: Apart from loads of burnt leaves and ash, the water along our coastline is really nice at the moment; a little cool still but crystal clear! Those that have hit the sand for a fish have reported good catches of Whiting and Dart as well as a few nice Bream however the fish have been a little patchy. The more successful anglers have been fishing a fair way south down around Pacific Palms and Seal Rocks. Reports from the stones have been non-existent this week however the water remains fairly chilly thanks to the strong NE winds that we have had so there should be the odd Drummer about as well as Bream and Luderick.   

Offshore:  While the weather has not been ideal for offshore fishing, most mornings have been good enough to sneak out for a look in the smoke! Those boats that have chosen to head south have definitely fared better than those heading north this week. To the north, the water is sitting around 16/17 degrees and has a distinct ‘greenish’ tinge to it. While the boats who have fished up there have managed to find some nice Snapper and the odd Pearl Perch, those fishing to the south have had clear, 19 degree water and much better bags of fish consisting of Snapper, Teraglin, Pearl Perch and big Flathead. Pelagic activity is definitely on the rise with reports of a lot of big Mack Tuna getting about as well as a few nice Mahi Mahi holding on the FAD, with a bit of luck it won’t be too much longer before things really start to heat up!

Report 8/11/2019

Estuary: Well the hot ‘summery’ conditions have prevailed for much of this week yet again, we desperately need a good drop of rain as does the whole of this beautiful country of ours! The strong northerly winds that we have had on most days really knocked out water temperatures down, Tony from Forster Estuary Charters reported finding water way down at 15 degrees! Having said that, the fishing has remained fairly consistent. Flathead are still being caught in good numbers, particularly by those anglers who are using their sounders to search out the warmer pockets and drains. If you head up to Wallis Island, up around Coomba Park or up any of the rivers that flow into the main basin you should find the fish fairly easily. We fished the flats in the bottom part of the lake yesterday prior to the big winds and while we saw a lot of nice Flathead they were very hard to tempt. The Sand Whiting didn’t seem to mind the cool water though, they were eagerly chasing and hammering our surface lures which makes for great fishing from a paddle board! Their smaller relatives the Trumpeter Whiting are still filling keeper bags each day and should continue to do so for another couple of months. 

Beach and Rock: Reports from our beaches and rock ledges have been very few and far between. I have heard some great reports of some very solid Tailor being caught to the south as well as a few nice Bream but that’s about it. Unfortunately, we had a bit of red weed come in close over the weekend and water temperatures dropped fairly low, with a bit of luck we will get the forecast southerly winds over the next week or so and the water should warm and clear in no time! 

Offshore: Unfortunately, offshore efforts have also been fairly well hampered due to the weather this week. I have only heard of two boats venturing out, one chose to stay close to home and just chase Flathead. They fished in 45m and filled their bag limit with most fish being 40-50cm. The other guys headed north and fished in close at Blackhead where they managed one nice 50cm Snapper along with some Mack Tuna. With a bit of luck, we should see a break in this horrible windy weather pattern over the next week and we will all be able to get offshore again.

Report 1/11/19

Estuary: Things are feeling awfully summery out there at the moment with warm temperatures and strong NE winds blowing daily. While this makes fishing offshore and from our coastline very difficult, our estuary is nearly always worth fishing no matter how strong the northerly winds are and it has been fishing very well of late. Flathead are being caught throughout the system now, there seems to be a lot of fish sitting up around Wallis Island and ‘The Cut’ and they are absolute suckers for a well-presented soft plastic or soft vibe. There are a lot of smaller fish in the schools at the moment however you will find the odd 45-55cm fish among them if you fish through the numbers. The sand flats and weed beds have really come to life now and throwing big surface lures over the shallows is a sure-fire way to hook onto a few bigger fish, if you down grade your lures to 70-100mm sizes you will also run into some nice Sand Whiting and Bream. For the bait fishermen, the same flats can be fished with some good quality Beach Worms for some very good results.

Beach and Rock: Unfortunately, I haven’t heard much news from our beaches this week. Strong NE winds make it very difficult to fish successfully and there is a very real risk that we may start to see patches of red weed hitting our shores in the near future. If you can find a nice gutter in the northern corner of one of our beaches you should find plenty of nice Bream and the odd legal sized Whiting. The rock fishermen have fared much better this week, the consistent winds have meant that there has been a constant ‘wash zone’ along our rocks, almost perfect for chasing Black Drummer, Bream and Luderick. With ocean temperatures still fairly cool inshore, there is still plenty of Drummer on offer as well as some great bycatch in the form of stud Bream and big Luderick.     

Offshore: There have been very few boats heading offshore this week due to the strong NE winds that have, on most days, started blowing very early in the day. The few boats that did manage to get out found a few nice Snapper, Pearl Perch and the odd Teraglin but no boats reported anything outstanding. Possibly the most exciting report that I received all week came from an angler that popped out to the FAD for a quick look who reported that there are some very nice 10+kg Mahi Mahi cruising about along with the odd Kingfish. Unfortunately, he had no live baits and the fish showed no interest in his lures or dead baits but I would love to be the first boat out there with a tank full of nice live Slimy Mackerel!

Report 25/10/19

Estuary: As we wave goodbye to the cold weather, our beautiful estuaries really start to come to life! Wallis Lake has been fishing really well for most species of late and the past week has been no exception. Flathead can be caught absolutely anywhere at the moment, tossing soft vibes or soft plastics about any oyster leases, sand flats or weed bed edges will guarantee you a few fish. While there are plenty of smaller fish about, the better fish have come from the typical hot spots such as Lani’s, the Paddock and the Cut as well as up the Wallamba River. Sand Whiting have really started to fire up over the past week with a few really nice 35cm fish reported, both of which were caught on soft plastics intended for Flathead! Fishing the shallow sand flats up around Wallis Island and Lani’s using Worms or Yabbies (or surface lures!) should see you landing a few nice fish, just make sure you don’t fish too deep. Trumpeter Whiting are still fishing very well throughout the Lake, the better schools seem to be up around The Step on the eastern side of Wallis Island through to Green Point. The weed edges up around the same area are holding some good Bream now and I have had a few reports of some early surface action, the surface bite should only get better over this weekend with the predicted daytime temperatures getting fairly warm.

Beach and Rock: Our sandy stretches have been fishing fairly good this week, with a nice variety of fish being reported. There are still a few nice Tailor about for those wishing to fish early or late into the evening, I heard of quite a few nice 40-50cm fish being caught this week as well as a 95cm monster which took a Mulloway Bait. The same anglers also managed to land a nice 14kg Mulloway which made for a great few nights’ fishing. Bream are by far the most prolific species along our beaches still, the Whiting are slowly getting better but most are still a little on the small size. The rocks have been fairly quiet this week, a few dedicated fishermen have still been venturing out to the ledges but have been left with not a lot to report. There are a few nice Tailor up to 50cm still cruising about as well as plenty of small Kingfish. For the bait fishermen there is still a few nice Bream about and you will also find the odd Black Drummer in and around the washes.   

Offshore: Picking your days to go offshore has been the most important thing this week. As long as the weather allows you to get out, you are almost guaranteed to find fish! Snapper have returned to the shallows, while they are not in big numbers, the fish that are there are of a good size (most around 45-55cm) and willing to take soft plastics or unweighted baits. The reefs in 30-60m are holding the majority of fish however the deeper you go the more chance there is that you may run into the hordes of Barracouta, if you manage to find a reef in 50-70m with no pest fish you will be in with a good chance of getting a very nice mixed bag consisting mainly of Snapper, Pearl Perch and possibly the odd Teraglin. I only received one report from out wide this week which came in from Dean who managed to get onto the Bar Cod with no troubles at all, he said the current was good and the fish were absolutely everywhere!

Report 18/10/19

Estuary: I absolutely love how exciting the estuary fishing is at this time of the year. The estuary has been very consistent over the past month or so and the past week has been no different. Flathead remain very active throughout the system, most of the better sessions have been a little further up into the Lake around places such as Wallis Island, Dago Island and Regatta Island with some absolutely dynamite surface action reported. If you’re more focussed on that once in a lifetime trophy fish, think about fishing in and around ‘The Paddock’ and Lani’s and you should see a few big crocs (catching them is another thing altogether though). Getting a feed of Trumpeter Whiting is a sure thing now, their numbers have been steadily increasing over the past 6 weeks or so and now they are to the point where ‘you can’t miss’! Bream are still fairly consistent across the board with some nice fish (along with the odd nice Snapper) being taken off the break walls on peeled Prawn, Garfish and Whitebait. Further up there are also some cracking fish sitting on the rock bars and weed beds around Coomba Park which can be targeted fairly easily on small plastics or crankbaits. You will also run into a few nice Flathead up there which are welcome (and tasty) bycatch! Sand Whiting are becoming more and more active and if these nice warm days keep up it won’t be long until they are smashing our surface lures.

Beach and Rock: The beaches have not always been the nicest places to be this week with some fairly windy days in the mix. For those who have fished them though there have been some nice fish on offer. Most beaches are holding some great Bream at the moment, 7 Mile in particular is worth a look and they’re going nuts for the nice big, juicy, locally caught King Worms that we have in stock at the moment. Using worms is also a good idea because there has been some fairly nice 35cm+ Whiting starting to show up along our coast. There are still some nice Tailor being caught by those flicking metals and stick baits around the headlands early or late in the day, as well as some very fun small Kingfish which can be a bit of excitement on the Tailor gear! Windy conditions have ensured a good bit of wash is almost always present along the coast which has been great for those wishing to soak some baits in search of a few Bream or Drummer. Jainey’s Corner and Booti have both been fishing fairly well but just about any decent hole with a bit of wash is worth a look at this time of the year.

Offshore: Offshore efforts have been hampered a little again due to the wind this week. Along with the wind, we have had a full moon all week which often makes Snapper fishing a little difficult. Unsurprisingly, the inshore shallow reefs have been a little on the slow side, the fish that have been caught have mainly been good fish (a lot of 4+kg models). More consistent results have been coming from the 35-65m reefs where you can expect a bit of a mixed bag consisting of Snapper, Trag and Pearl Perch.

Report 11/10/19

Estuary: Although we have had some fairly average weather over the past week, the fishing has been really consistent for those wishing to wet a line in the Estuary. Flathead seem to be getting better and better by the day with a lot of nice 40-50cm fish making their way into boats. The better results are coming from areas a little further up into the system such as ‘The Cut’, ‘Lani’s’ and the area up around the back of Wallis and Regatta Islands. Trumpeter Whiting are thick in most of the usual spots now but have been a little fussy with some anglers reporting that they will only take Worms or Prawns. Bream have been awesome all week and reports have been flowing in from all areas of the system. The break walls are still holding good numbers of very nice fish which have been keeping the land-based anglers busy, the weed beds and rock bars to the south have been fishing fairly well on the top of the tide, and there have been a lot of fish caught well up into the tributaries as well.

Beach and Rock: It’s been a fairly tough week for beach fishing. The days consisting of southerly winds have been the better days to have a look and there have been a few anglers getting out there. Most have reported catching some nice Bream and the odd Whiting. Tailor and Salmon have been a little on the quiet side with the only Tailor report coming from the stones down at Booti Booti so it might be worth hitting the headlands for a spin early over the weekend. Otherwise the unsettled sea should be ideal for chasing a few Drummer or Bream off the rocks.

Offshore: The fishing offshore continues to produce on the days that the weather permits. Those that have been able to sneak out during the windows of fair weather (or mad enough to fish in the unsettled conditions) have found some great Snapper fishing. While the shallow grounds have been holding some nice fish, those reefs sitting in 20-40m seem to be fishing the best and this should only continue to be the case as we move through this full moon phase. The deeper reefs continue to be a frustration due to Barracouta although they are also holding some really nice Snapper, Trag and the odd nice Pearl Perch. Hopefully these unsettled conditions will pass over the next few days and we can get back out there!

Report 4/10/19

Estuary: I absolutely love this time of year, the fishing is amazing, the weather starts to feel an awful lot like Summer and the town is a buzz with Kids and families enjoying the School Holidays! Wallis Lake has been a hive of activity of late, the warm, still mornings have been perfect for hitting the water to chase a few fish. Trumpeter Whiting are about in huge numbers now and there is a flotilla of boats chasing them each morning now with most anglers hitting their bag limit with ease.

Bream have really started to fire up in the rivers which is good news and it won’t be long until we hear the first lot of Cicada’s singing which will mean the start of the Bream on surface action! There has been the odd Prawn on the move this week which will fire up the weed beds and sand flats, I have already had some very good reports coming in from guys nailing plenty of nice Flathead and the odd Whiting on surface this week and they should only get more active as the days go on. Flathead have been pretty keen on the soft plastics and soft vibes this week as well with a lot of nice fish being caught around ‘The Cut’ and the Twin Island area.

Luderick have really started to slow up now, there are a few dedicated fishermen still chasing them but their bags have gone from being filled each session a week ago to now only scoring two or three fish each day.

Beach and Rock: Surf fishermen have had a fairly good week on the beaches this week. While there has been no stand out reports, there have been some nice Bream, Tailor and Salmon on offer as well as the odd nice Sand Whiting and small Mulloway. As is often the case, 7 Mile is probably your safest bet however most beaches are holding enough fish to make things interesting. The local rocks have still been consistent for Bream and the odd Drummer, for the early risers there are also some nice Tailor hanging about North One Mile and the headlands to the south.

Offshore: Offshore continues to produce some fantastic fishing in close. Snapper have been holding in really good numbers on just about any reef sitting in 15-40m, the usual haunts such as Blackhead, the Diamond, 5 Mile Reef, Snapper Rock (and the ground around it) and Dennis Shoals are all worth a look. Further afield, the deeper reefs are holding some very nice Snapper, Trag and Pearl Perch, however there have been a few reports of the gear stealing Barracouta ruining trips this week so you may struggle to get to the good fish sitting under the pests if you head out wide. I haven’t heard any reports locally of anyone that has hit the deep stuff this week, however boats that have gone out to the north and south of us have caught some nice Mahi Mahi on the troll as well as two reported Marlin hook ups so it may be well worth the trip out to see what’s out there.

Report 20/9/19

Estuary: Once again we have had a week of very varied weather with the wind blowing from all directions (sometimes every direction within a day even) and a little bit of much needed rain. Having said that, most days have been good enough to sneak out for a fish in the estuary and plenty of boats have been hitting the water to try their luck! Trumpeter Whiting have now begun to really school up and most fish are of a good size, if you want to chase them this early in the season though you will have to do a little bit of searching about and possibly travel a bit further than the good old ‘step’ or ‘duck pond’ areas. Tailor are still about in good numbers throughout the deeper areas of the system with those fishing up around Wallis and Regatta Islands finding the most success. Right now is a really good time of the year to chase big Flathead as they really start to fire up on the warmer days, targeting the warmer flats and drains with soft plastics and vibes is the way to go and should see you land plenty of smaller models with the chance of hooking into that fish of a lifetime!

Beach and Rock: Conditions have been far from comfortable on the beaches this week with windy and unsettled sea conditions on most days. A few anglers have had a crack though and have managed to land enough fish to keep them interested. There have been a lot of Australian Salmon about this week which is a nice surprise, up until now they had been almost non-existent! Tailor and Salmon have been caught all over the place this week, no place has really fired and been better than anywhere else with fish being taken on 7 Mile Beach, One Mile Beach and 9 Mile Beach. Not a lot has changed on the rock ledges this week; Drummer, Bream and Tailor continue to make up most catches with some nice ‘rat’ Kingfish thrown in for a bit of fun! The northern end of One Mile Beach has once again been holding a lot of Tailor and Bream which is very convenient for those that live in town.

Offshore: Our offshore reefs are holding loads of fish at the moment however the weather has made getting to them very difficult over the past week. A few boats fished on Sunday and found some very nice Teragalin early as well as plenty of Snapper and the odd Pearl Perch. Once again, those reefs in 30-70m seemed to be the better option. Apart from that boats have been limited to fishing in and around the rock walls which has been hard going, the Kingfish are definitely about but gathering bait and tempting them to bite has been very difficult.

Have a great afternoon.

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