Sunshine Coast Report

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January 16, 2020

With the weather perfect for an offshore adventure last Saturday plenty of anglers took the opportunity to head out.

The pelagics are now in full swing! The standout species this week has been the spotted mackerel. Spotted mackerel have been in good numbers this week, with many anglers reporting huge bait schools getting harassed by spotties and other pelagics. The best method to catching these speedy fish is a cast-and-retrieved metal slug thrown around the bait schools. Casting slugs around the 20 to 30 gram size seems to be the most effective.  Alternatively, trolling deep diving lures around reefies areas that hold bait is also an effective method. Try to keep that lure size that bit smaller, around the 140mm size is perfect. The Nomad DTX Minnows are perfect for the job, they can be trolled at speed and get down deep.

Another species making an appearance this week is the dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi). These fish have been spotted free swimming or hanging around any flotsam that is in the water. They can sometimes be a little frustrating as you can see them but they will not eat. A good idea is to have a slow sinking bait out if you are drifting as they may take a bait as it gets a little deeper. Fishing this way may also see you with a cobia as they also tend to feed mid water.

On the beaches, bream, whiting and dart have all been making regular appearances with Mudjimba Beach being the standout location for a feed of these tasty fish. Another species which is on the move at the moment is the humble flathead. Flathead inhabit both the rivers and the beaches and can be tempted with a variety of baits and lures. Because of their large mouth and aggressive nature, flathead are easily caught by staying mobile and covering lots of ground.

In the rivers, Mooloolaba has been firing for bream, big Gt’s, and big eye trevally with some cracking fish getting caught along the rock wall at the mouth of the river. Getting up early has been the key to catching these fish, with the lure anglers in particular catching some great fish.

It’s all about the jack’s at the moment in the Maroochy with good catches around Twin Waters and upstream in the Maroochy, in fact anywhere there is structure is a potential home for these piscatorial freight trains. Reports have been coming into the shop of large fish over 50cm attacking lures in the system with nice fish being caught on live bait at night on the incoming tide in Twin Waters.

Whiting have been on the chew lately with some cracking “elbow slappers” getting caught over the past week. To tangle with some big whiting, try fishing locations such as Picnic Point, the shallows around Chambers Island and if you have a Kayak or boat try the banks on the eastern side of Goat and Channel Island.

Elsewhere in the river, flathead and trevally are making an appearance around the Cod hole and the Bli Bli Bridge. The best techniques to targeting these fish have been working soft plastics in bright flashy colors.

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January 10, 2020

With some nice weather and a drop in wind, swell and run plenty of anglers took the opportunity to head offshore over the weekend. Pelagic numbers have dropped a little since before Christmas but there is still plenty of opportunities to bag some quality mackerel, tuna and even dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi). Most angler are looking for the birds to indicate were the bait is schooling this in turn will show where these fish are feeding. A good tip is if the birds are right down low then the bait is on the surface and something big is feeding from underneath, if the birds are higher than the bait is deeper and it is more likely that there are less fish feeding on the school. Using slugs in the 20-40 gram range seems to be the most popular sizes as the bait the fish are feeding on is quite small. The Halco Outcast have been a very popular slug with a nice profile that is a good match for the bait.

For the bottom bouncers it has been a little easier to get those baits to the bottom with the run dropping with the neep tides. There have been some nice fish coming from the reef with the Gneerings, Murphies and Coolum all producing trout, squire, mauri cod, sweetlip, cobia and the odd jew. Anglers have reported a lot of undersized fish when fishing baits so I always suggest switching to plastics or even running a paternoster rig with a bait on one hook and a plastic on the other. Squid profiles have been very popular with the Chasebait Ultimate Squid one of the favourites. 

In the Maroochy River the report of mangrove jacks are still coming in hot and strong, popular areas to fish have been Twin Waters, Maroochy Waters, Petrie Creek and upriver from Coolum Creek. Most angler have been using live baits with majority of the bigger fish coming at night.

Flathead numbers have been good in the river considering the amount of boats on the water over the last few weeks. The best approach has been fishing the run out tide with smaller fish baits or prawns. Using little or no weight cast upstream and work the baits back with the tide. This approach also works well with plastics and micro jigs.

There have been plenty of trevally around the river mouth and in the entrance to Twin Waters. These fish have mainly been taken right at the top of the tide as they chase bait brought in on the tide. Fast moving jigs or slugs have been a great way to target them.

Whiting have also been in good numbers but size has been a bit of a problem. I think with the fishing pressure and the amount of water traffic the bigger fish tend to spook and not feed as well. Still they are great fun for the kids to catch on worm’s pipis and peeled prawns. Just remember to put those undersized ones back. 

Crab numbers have improved with the small amount of rain we have had over the week, set your pots in deeper holes near mangroves for the best results.

On the beach the dart are in great numbers. Plenty of anglers have reported that they seem to catch the same size all the time. I have found that the bigger fish are that bit further out and right on the top of the tide.

There are plenty of whiting on the beach also but it can be a bit hard getting a bait past the dart. One spot that has been reported is just north of Peregian past the water tower. Fishing the start of the run out seems to be the better bite. 

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December 16, 2019

Lately the Maroochy River has come alive with trevally of all kinds! Big gt’s goldens and big eyes have all been prowling the river from the traffic bridge down to the mouth of the river. There have been some quality fish falling to surface lures like the Lucky Craft Sammy’s and Sugapen surface walkers, fished with a fast walk the dog retrieve both these lures are sure to get you hooked up.

Whiting have been in abundance around the Black Banks flats and Chambers Island area, for the bait fisherman live worms and yabbies have been working a treat with fish over 35cm not uncommon. Walking the flats first thing in the morning flicking smaller popper and surface lures is another great option for these sweet fish.

Flathead have been in good numbers upriver from the Bli Bli Bridge with bright coloured soft plastics around the 4” size working well. Colours that have been working well have been the bloodworm in both the Squidgy and the Zman, and Holts Herring in the Keitech Easy shiners. For the bait anglers, frogged mouth pilchards on small ganged hooks have claimed plenty of fish.

Anglers that have fished after dark have been rewarded with the mangrove jacks well and truly on the bite. Livies and big strip baits fished around the Cod Hole and deeper holes upriver have been doing the damage. Remember to have your drag set at the right level not too tight to pull hooks but not too loose to lose fish.

Crab number are really starting to improve with plenty of quality bucks in the pots. Mullet and chicken frames seem to be the baits of choice. 

On the beaches; the Maroochy Northshore has been fishing pretty well over the past week with a few good gutters down towards Pincushion Island. There has been plenty of sweep up the beach with the big tides so you will have to up your sinker size. Trevally, dart and whiting have all been accounted for.

 If you’re after a good catch of whiting, the word on the street is just north of the Water Tower at Peregian is the place to be. Burley pellets and quality baits of live worms or yabbies are the key here, a sprinkle of burley in the white water along with quality baits will help to bring them on.

Offshore; pelagics are starting to gather some momentum now. Sunshine reef has had some nice spanish mackerel along with good mahi mahi and bigger tuna. With the warmer currents moving south we should start to see those bigger schools of spotted mackerel and tuna off the coast soon.

The Gneerings has also been fishing well with some snapper, sweetlip, cod, and cobia reported. To the south the Caloundra 12 mile has fished well with some bigger amber jacks recorded.

December 6, 2019

The Maroochy river system has been on fire over the last couple weeks with the small weather windows allowing for some cracking sessions. Families have enjoyed the summer days fishing around Chambers Island and the north shore dog beach with some stonker whiting and bream coming in. cured beach worms have been the pick for these tasty table fish but the live yabby has been the standout. Be sure to come into Davos Northshore bait and tackle so we can hook you up with a brand new pump or fix your old one and get you catching the best bait in the river.

Flathead have been in numbers further up the river with most fish being boated around the Bli Bli islands region. Standout fish have been caught on a mixture of dark coloured plastics such as the Z man streakz curly-tailz in both bloodworm and midnight oil in the 4” sizes. Drifting small pilchards along the drop offs in the same area has also seen fisho’s catch some crackers.

Mangrove jacks have also been prevalent within the river with multiple captures being recorded in the deeper parts of the upper reaches around Yandina, Coolum creek and Lake Dunethin. These fish of have been caught on strip baits such as salted bonito fillet rigged with 3/0 Tru turn double hook rigs fished as close as possible to structure. Lure Fishos have taken advantage of the warmer water as well with a quality fish landed and released in both stumers creek and the upper reaches. These fish have been taken on surface poppers such as the lucky craft g splash and soft plastics such as the Keitech easy shiner in 4 and 5 inch sizes. A pro tip is to rig these plastics with weedless hooks such as those found on the tt lures snake lockz range. These rigs allow the angler to place their lure in the snags and fish it without becoming stuck, so be sure to come in and grab some.

In the river, trevally have been firing during the sunset periods with anglers catching some large big eyes as well as the occasional GT. These fish have been taken on surface lures such as the atomic k9 bulldog and Bassday backfire popper. Be sure to persist when fishing for these fish as they can turn on instantly out of nowhere. The Bli Bli Bridge has seen some awesome surface actions over the last week as well as the western tip of Chambers Island and Godfrey’s road rock wall.

The past week has been very restricting for offshore anglers with wind persisting at around 15-20 knots throughout the week but the coming week looks more promising with winds staying low for the most period. The crazy ones that decided to risk it all did indeed get rewarded with some large grassy sweetlip and tusk fish taken on flesh baits.

Now for all the latest information check out our Facebook page or call into Davo’s Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting, and remember Tight Lines and Bent Spines!

November 29, 2019

With the warmer weather being well upon us, the Maroochydore River has seen some well-known summer species hit the deck. The present weather of warm days with the odd storm in the afternoon has seen the humidity sky rocket which has been triggering the elusive mangrove jack to fire. Anglers have been successfully boating a large quantity as well as some trophy fish up to sixty centimetres. The locations that have seen anglers having the most success have been areas that hold structure. The twin waters bridges have seen fish as well as Dunethin rock and the upper reaches of the Maroochydore River near the old sugar cane bridges. For those who prefer to chase fish on lures, hardbodies have been the ticket with minnow profiles such as the bass sugar-deep barra tuned, and the Jackall hank tune producing fish in Petrie creek as well as other said locations.

Flathead have been busy spawning and as a result have seen some cracking fish being boated over the   last week. These fish love to hunt on shallow sand flats during the high tides in schools, preying on whiting, herring and small crustaceans. Using baits such as pilchards, prawns or beach worms, the angler matches their natural food source producing a high catch rate. A successful tip is to run a light sinker making it travel across the chosen area in effort cover more ground. Anglers have been boating fish around the chambers island sand banks as well as Goat Island on the eastern side. The pick has been the run out tide, targeting fish that are moving off sand banks into the main channels. This method has seen success with fish up 75cm being caught. Fishing lures such as the Keitech easy shiner in 4” with a light jig head has seen lure anglers have success.

Whiting fisherman haven’t been missing out on the action with the favoured sand whiting appearing once again for the summer. These fish feed in large schools sucking yabbies, worms and other crustaceans of the river bed. These fish move onto sand flats like those located on chambers and Goat Island and feed as the tide comes in and move into the main channel as the tide recedes. A very effective method of targeting these fish is with a small sinker running straight to the hook with a small piece of red rube separating them. A sinker such as a size 1a ball sinker and a hook such as the size 4 Mustad long-baitholder ensures a higher chance of catching a feed. Peeled prawns have been the pick for bait. For those who prefer lures, the Bassday sugar pen 75 and the eco gear px55f have also delivered fish of up to 40 centimetres.

Large schools of herring have also been present in the river system with predators closely following them. Large schools of giant and big eye trevally have kept anglers entertained over the last few weeks with low light periods such as dusk and dawn being the pick. Lures such as the atomic k9 and lucky craft Sammy have seen some epic surface strikes as well as some trophy fish of up to 60 centimetres. The pick locations have been the Bli Bli Bridge and twin waters weir on the incoming tides.

Our offshore scene has started to fire up once again for the annual summer season with early season Spanish mackerel and dolphin fish being caught. The large tides brought with the full moon fire the pelagics up as they love strong current, so be sure to include a floating pillie rig in your next outing. The Gneerings shoals have produced a large amount of quality grass sweetlip with bigger fish being boated within the hour of slack tide. Reefies such as tusk fish and the occasion snapper have also been caught. The larger snapper are still around but have been sitting wide in regions such as the Hards with big leds and big baits being the ticket.

Report 21/11/19

With the Winds blowing pretty consistently last week those in smaller craft had to hang in close or fish the rivers, for those that did get offshore some nice trout have come from sunshine reef with live baits fished hard to the bottom the most productive, also from Sunshine we have seen some good parrot, maori cod, jew, Mac Tuna and the odd mackerel.

Cobia numbers have been strong all year and these fish are always happy to swim mid water so floater baits fished around reef edges have been working well.

Some anglers in larger boats did find a window to head to the wider grounds with some nice snapper, sweetlip and pearl perch landed. With this week’s forecast still seeing winds at that annoying 10-15 knot range it will be the river for most of the smaller boats again.

Mangrove jacks have been plentiful in the Maroochy River, good numbers of jacks have come from the jetties and pontoons around the Maroochy waters and Twin waters areas.  Live baits have been the most productive, small pilchards and mullet strips have also worked well rigged with 15-25lb leader and some super sharp Mustard Predator hooks. Paddle tail soft plastics in the 4inch size like the Zman Swimmerz or the Keitech Easy Shiners have also been doing the trick with, red & gold being the popular colours.

Families have been enjoying the river with plenty of quality whiting from the lower reaches of the river. Chambers Island, the Dog beach and the Cotton Tree have all produced great catches of fish. Live worms baits, yabbies and pealed prawns have all helped anglers catch some awesome fish.

There are still good numbers of flathead on the outgoing tide from around the upper reaches of the river, fishing from the Bli Bli Bridge up to the Islands has been very productive.

Trevally have been in good numbers, with Golden Trevally, GT’s and Queenfish have been reported throughout the lower reaches of the river. Prawns, Pilchard and cut baits of mullet and bonito have been the best baits for these fish. When lure fishing lures anglers have had success with surface walkers and poppers along with 2-3” Curly tail grub style plastic.

Mud crabs are being caught along the mangrove edges toward up toward Coolum Creek and around Bli Bli Islands, with mullet heads and frames being the best choices for bait.

The beaches have been fishing well with Marcoola beach down to Pincushion Island seeing some good gutters. Good numbers of dart, whiting, flathead and bream have all been reported. Lightly weighted baits like; live worms and strips of mullet have been working well on lighter outfits using a running sinker rig. If you want to get into the deep gutters further out, use larger paternoster rigs fitted with a surf popper on the top dropper, this technique may see you in with a chance of catching a few tailor using a fast retrievals through the surf.

Report 8/11/19

Fishing Offshore last weekend was tough with conditions less than perfect for chasing reef fish and pelagics. For those boat that managed to get out, there were still good numbers of fish to target. Spotted mackerel and the odd Spaniard were showing up with the majority of the action being around bait schools. Trolling hard body lures is a great way to cover ground while you are making your way to your favourite fishing ground. Another great option is the Davos Spanish Special which works well on the mackerel and other mid water swimmers.

When you anchor up, the good old pilchard floater has been working well picking up some nice cobia around Murphy’s and the Gneerings. These fish are a great test for anglers and can really stretch the arms.

Sunshine Reef is starting to fire with trout and sweetlip as well as snapper, cobia and good sized jew. The Barwon Banks had some good captures earlier last week with snapper, maori cod, pearl perch, jewfish, cobia and tusk Fish all accounted for.

In the Maroochy River; good sized whiting have been prowling around the river mouth and the North Shore low light hours, using live bait like worms and yabbies has produced some nice table fish, surface walkers like the Bassday Sugapens and the MMD Splash Prawns have also been doing the job.

Trevally and tailor have been feeding off the surface in the low light hour’s morning and afternoon just inside the mouth and down towards the traffic bridge.

 Fishing those drop offs near sand and mud banks opposite Oyster Bank Rd  has resulted in some quality flathead. Small fish baits like small pilchards, hardy heads and white bait cast up and worked over those edges has been the most productive technique. Using brightly colored soft plastics like the Entice Bungie Baits coated with scent has also claimed some big mommas.

The upper reach of the river has been producing with some nice sized mangrove jack, being ready for battle is accentual as these brutes of the river pull line like no other fish, fishing braided lines to 20lbs and leaders to 25lb will defiantly help with the fight.

  School jew are again back in force after the recent rains, live baits like poddy mullet and herring have been the way to go as well as larger sized soft vibes, the Samaki Thumper Tails in the 100mm size have been perfect, the tail on these vibes put out a vibration the jew pick up on their lateral line.

       On the beach’s, the stretch between Yaroomba and Pincushion Island on the North Shore have been holding some good tailor. Fishing at night on the incoming tide has been the prime bite time. Whiting, flathead, dart and the odd nice size trevally have all been taken from those same gutters.

       Whiting, Bream and dart have been caught along Peregian beach and down towards Coolum.

       On the rocks around the Noosa National Park we are seeing some nice pan sized snapper and sweetlip. Whole large pilchards on ganged hooks or local squid on a suicide hook have been perfect baits

Report 1/11/19

Some good weather over the weekend saw plenty of angler out on the river.

Crabs In the river are on the move after the recent rains with most anglers reporting good catches with well baited pots. There has been reports of pots being raided so staying within eyesight and checking your pots regularly.

Nice size whiting have been report throughout the lower reaches, try Black Banks, Chambers Island and the back of Goat Island. Hook sizes 4 and 6 with a well weighted rig and fluro carbon leader are securing the better fish. Best performing baits have been worms, yabbies and soldier crabs.

Flathead are on the move with catches taken on soft plastics and Vibes. Power Baits in Nemesis style have been a proven performer with the Samaki Thumper soft vibe running a close second. Top spots have been around back of Goat Island the mouth of Eudlo and Petrie creeks on the run out tides.

 Mangrove jacks are favouring the deeper holes and structures around the lower reaches of the river. Lures such as the Zerek Fish Trap are responsible for taking some of the bigger fish.

Twin Waters has seen a few trevally down near and inside the weir with most fish taking surface lures at first light on the incoming tide the best bite.

Offshore anglers were blessed with some nice weather windows last so those that did get out were well rewarded. Those close in reefs like the Gneerings, Murphys and Coolum have produced good size snapper, grass sweetlip and jew with baits such as pillies and squid responsible for the catches. Ensure you have a floating pillie out on these local reefs as there have been quite a few cobia taken this way.

 Out wider on the Barwon banks saw red throats, quality snapper, sweetlip and moses perch in the 35 to 50 metre mark with most fish taken on bait.

Further to the south on Wide Caloundra saw anglers bagging out on pearl perch with bigger fish found on the deeper marks.

Mackerel numbers are starting to pick up as the warmer currents come down from the north, fishing slow trolled baits on Davo’s spanish special rigs is a great way to cover ground and maybe attract that big Spanish.

Spanner Crab season is about to close so we will all have to wait till Mid December to get your traps out. If you have never fished for spanners call into the store and have a chat to the guys to get you set for the opening of the season.

On the beaches, with a bit of swell over the past few week we have seen a few more gutters starting to open up between Northshore to Coolum resulting in some nice fish.

Whiting numbers are picking along this stretch with the lower water showing the better catches. Quality beach worms either cured or live have been responsible for those bigger fish.

 Flathead are responding well to small pillies and peeled prawns with most fish coming from the shallow water gutters.

There has been the occasional tailor taken on strip baits such as bonito with the high tide gutters near the mouth of the river and Yaroomba rocks the better areas.

Report 26/9/19

On the river it is still all about the flathead, September, October is always the best time for flathead as they get ready to spawn, popular locations to tangle with a flathead has been down towards the mouth, fishing the edges of sand bars and mud banks up river from Eudlo Creek on the run out tide has also been very productive. Prawns and small baitfish like frogged mouth and hardy heads have been very productive baits. Soft plastics have also claimed some quality fish. The Powerbait range of plastics has been a favourite, working the lure slowly along the bottom seems to be the most productive. Whiting numbers are also improving and the mouth of the river around Black Banks and Cotton Tree has produced some good elbow slappers. Worm and yabbies have been the prime baits. Trevally are also in good numbers with the bigger fish taken on the high tide around Sunshine Motorway Bridge and Twin Waters Weir. The mangrove jacks have come on strong as the waters warm, lure anglers have had success around structure like pontoon and moored boats. Live bait anglers picked up fish around the code hole and Bli Bli Bridge.

On the beach the weather has been perfect for wetting a line, fish those deeper gutters for whiting, bream and swallow tail dart, again prawns, worms and small flesh bait of mullet have claimed some nice fish. For those fishing into the evening some good sized tailor have also been taken. Off the rocks around the headlands larger bream, tailor and trevally have all been taken. The GT Ice cream has been a very popular casting slug, they are perfect for the rock as they carry a single assist hook limiting snags on the rocks.

With some sloppy conditions over the weekend it was mainly the bigger boats that headed offshore. Earlier in the week conditions were more favourable and some anglers did the run out to the Barwon Banks. Fishing the evening seems to be the most productive for snapper with some solid fish around the 70cm mark boated. Plenty of angler in smaller craft got out early and headed back in as the winds picked up, popular spots have been the Gneerings, Murphy’s, Currimundi and Coolum. Plenty of fish were taken including smaller snapper, pearl perch, jew, tusk fish, cod, and some solid cobia. With the new moon this weekend fishing the morning tides should see better result for reef anglers, this may be our last new moon before the snapper start to head south. Mackerel are also starting to turn up with plenty of school mackerel and the odd spotty taken. Mack tuna have also been seen feeding on smaller schools of bait. Now is a great time to stock up on some slugs ready for chasing those schools of bait and the pelagics that go with them.

Report 19/9/19

In the Maroochy River it’s all about those big flathead. The banks just up from Bli Bli bridge is a great place to start. Trolling hard body lures is perfect for targeting those bigger fish, it also helps because you’re covering a lot of ground. Bright coloured lures in pinks and greens are ideal, try and use lures around the 60mm size with a depth of around 2.5m. For the bait anglers the good old frogged mouthed pilchard is the perfect bait on a set of smaller ganged hooks.

Down towards the mouth the Trevally have been in good numbers and this will only improve as we move into those big spring tides, cast fast moving slugs and plastics around Black Banks, Nojoor road and Twin Waters, these fish will hit hard and fast thinking it is a fast moving bait fish. Whiting numbers are also improving with Chambers Island, Picnic Point and Cotton Tree all seeing fish, worms’ yabbies and prawns have all bee prim baits.
Another species we are all targeting over the warmer months is mangrove jacks, Jacks love structure so jetties and pontoons are a great place to start. The upper reaches of the river is also prime ground for jacks, with the area between Coolum Creek and Dunethin rock a great place to start. Jacks are opportunistic feeders so a run out tide and lures cast close to the structure should see some results. Suspending lures like the Jackall Squirrels or the Lucky Craft in the 70mm are perfect for the job. These lures will suspend and stay in the fishes face for longer.

This Season shaping up to be great for pelagic’s, spotted mackerel, school mackerel and even spanish are starting to move into the area with more and more positive reports coming through. With some good schools of baitfish off the coast over the last few weeks this will make our peace of coastline perfect for pelagic’s and with the warmer water currents making their way down the coast making conditions perfect for pelagics. Off the bottom some good snapper, trout, cod, parrot, and jew have all been taken. Large soft plastics like the Zman Scented Jerk Shad and micro jigs have been outstanding on the trout. Fished hard to the reef is the way to go so make sure your drag is locked up tight as these fish fight hard to get back to their reefy homes. Sunshine Reef has been the pick if you are hunting coral trout, with most of the reefs producing summer nice snapper. For the bigger models head to the Barwon Banks or Murphy’s.

On the beach; early mornings and late evening on the rising tide have been a prime bite time, bream, whiting, dart and flathead are all in the gutters. Quality baits like fresh mullet, cured worms, prawns and pilchards have been producing the fish. Make sure you hit the beaches at night in search for the odd jew. Fishing baits like fresh mullet strips on a 6/0 snelled rig and bonito fillets on the same hook setup should see you landing a quality jew. There have been some bigger one around but most fish are around the 80cm mark.

Report 13/9/19

With the wind up for the weekend most offshore reports came from late last week. Anglers did find a couple of good windows to get out and pick up some nice reef fish. Snapper number still seem to be improving with better than average sized fish coming from the Gneerings, Murphy’s and the Barwon Banks. Plenty of anglers picked up fish over the 70cm mark and then had to release even larger fish. The key to catching good fish is those larger baits, use larger strip baits of mullet, bonito, large pilchards and full squid baits have also been good. Using bigger baits has meant that there is still baits for when the bigger fish come along after the pickers have had a feed. Another tip is to use plastics on a paternoster rig with a bait on one hook and a plastic on the other.

Cobia numbers have been good and they just seem to be getting bigger, plenty of angler have been shocked by the size of some of these fish. Sweetlip are also in good numbers as the waters warm. The well know grounds just off Mooloolaba have been producing some good fish. To the north, Sunshine Reef continues to be a great spot to head too with some good pelagic activity reported over the last week. Mackerel, spotted and spanish have been reported along with some nice tuna.

On the beach we are starting to see some improvement on the tailor front, bigger fish have been taken around the Board Walk at the town of Sea Side. Most fish have come just on sunset or just after. There was also a couple of reports of jew with most fish being just legal. Down towards Pincushion Island there have been plenty of dart in the surf and the closer gutter with the better fish showing up at the top of the tide. Sand whiting are also about with worm yabbies and pippies the best baits.

The Maroochy has been looking great over the last couple of weeks and there is plenty on offer for anglers, the big new is that the mangrove jack are starting to feed with some nice fish taken around the rock walls upriver from Coolum Creek. Suspending hard body lures cast close to the rock walls and then pulled down to depth have been working well, a couple to try the Jackall Squirrels and the Zerek Tango shad in the 69mm size. Angler that have been fishing at night around the traffic bridge with live baits have also had some success. Flathead have again been on the chew with plenty of fish taken in the mornings on a run out tide. Casting upstream and working plastics across the bottom has worked well, while the bait anglers have been using frogged mouth pilchards on small ganged hooks. Trevally numbers down near the mouth have been good on the high tide, casting smaller slugs and plastics. Tailor are also mixed in with the trevally with some quite good fish amongst them.

Report 6/9/19

Trevally have been on the chew early morning and late afternoon from around the traffic bridges, small soft plastic presentation like the Zman Miinowz in the 3 inch size as well as the Berkley Powerbait Nemesis in 4 inch have gotten some great results, fishing tight to the pylon seems to be the way to go with the fish using the structure as cover. The deeper hole up from Bli-Bli Islands and past Coolum Creek are still holding some nice jew with school sized fish feeding on small baitfish and prawns coming past with the tides. Larger soft plastics and live baits have been the go here. Bream are still in great numbers in the river with their spawning season just about completed, these fish lose a bit of weight over this period and this makes them feed harder to put on condition. Small bait like mullet and bonito strip baits have been perfect for the job as well as prawns and small fish baits. Large female flathead are really starting to show, this will only improve over the coming months as these fish move into their spawning cycle. Whiting are in good numbers with Black Banks and Chambers Island being the prime areas, freshly pumped yabbies or live beach worms have been the best of the baits. Mangrove Jacks are starting to feed that bit more as the waters warm, most fish have been taken around Twin Waters and Maroochy Waters. Live baits of poddy mullet and herring are the bet baits.

Along the beachfront, reports of tailor have been coming thorough with the new moon, it has been a bit tough to find a good gutter at the moment but I am lead to believe there are a couple up towards Yaroomba and south of Marcoola surf club opposite the airport. Early morning off Northshore beach and around Pincushion Island have also produced some good fish and with the tide cycle moving around to early morning highs last week there were plenty of anglers fishing, good size dart, trevally and bream were also inhabiting those same area so if you are up early you should score a feed. Whiting numbers are also improving with the area north of Coolum and around Stummers Creek popular.

Offshore has been fished really well late last week with the wider reefs producing the larger catches. Up to the north off Sunshine Reef, anglers have boated squire, maori cod and grass sweetlip. Murphy’s and Gneerings haven’t been extremely busy, but are still providing a handful of snapper, grass sweetlip and moses perch with pilchards and squid the best baits. Out wider on the Barwon Banks and up on The Hards is seeing the most action. Big cobia on pillies and live baits while the pearl perch are taking slimey mackerel and yakkas. Worthy catches of snapper, sweetlip, and venus tusk fish have preferred the pilchards and squid.

Report 29/8/19

The Maroochy River is a great place to while away a couple of hours at this time of the year. With the warmer weather starting to come in plenty of angler are taking advantage of the conditions and heading out for a fish. Flathead are again high on the score board with some good catches being taken drifting your boat over the shallower areas of the river, working the drop offs on the runout tide is prime as the flatties will lay in wait for a passing morsel of food. When you get onto a patch of flatties make sure you keep casting as the flathead are very social at this time of the year, and where there’s is one you will usually find a large female keeping company with a group of younger males. Another great table fish on offer at the moment is whiting; Chambers Island is one of the hot spots as well as the area around Picnic Point and Cotton Tree. Worms, pippies and yabbies are all great baits to tempt a hungry whiting. With the warmer days and nights rapidly approaching mangrove jack action will start to hot up.
Casting hard bodied lures like Lucky Craft Pointers and Jackal Squirrels at structure is a good way to start. Both these lures are suspending so as you pull them down and they will spend more time in the fishes face, keeping nice and close to rocky structure is also a surefire way to snag a jack. Working those deeper holes upriver has seen some nice school jew on the chew, these fish tend to hold in the deeper hole and pick off bait as it passes by. Down towards the river mouth, trevally of all kinds, tailor, queenies and large bream have all been feeding in this area. Small fish baits, fast moving slug and plastics have all claimed some nice fish. Fishing the top of the tide should see you amongst the action.

On the offshore scene, the closer reef have been fishing well for moses perch, squire, grassy sweetlip, cod and cobia. Coolum Reef has also seen some nice tuna of late, floater baits have been the favoured way of targeting these speedster’s of the sea. Sunshine Reef has been good for some nice snapper, make sure you have a good burley trail and fish your jigs, soft plastic or bait hard to the bottom here and you will be rewarded. The Barwon Banks has seen large snapper, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, moses perch, jew, cobia and amberjack have all be hitting the decks. Plenty of anglers have been fishing larger baits to get past the pickers and onto the larger fish. Large pilchards, whole squid baits and large strip baits of mullet have worked well.

On the Maroochy North Shore, whiting, bream, tailor and some quality flathead have all come from the gutter. Best to head out on the low tide checking out the water and looking for those deeper gutters and fishing the incoming tide. Make sure you top up on pilchards, salted bonito fillet worms and prawns before you head up, you can also collect pippies and worms from beaches. Having a good selection of slugs is a great idea if you find a good school of tailor.

On the rock around Yaroomba and Noosa National Park tailor are still on the chew. The schools are small but fish quality is good with tailor to 50cm not uncommon, bream and squire are also inhabiting the same areas. Fresh mullet, pilchards, and squid have all claimed their fair share of fish.

Report 22/8/19

With some specular weather over the weekend, boat ramps were full to overflowing as anglers headed offshore. With the calm conditions vessels have been able to venturing out wide to the outer band of reefs. Those that made the trip out to the Barwon Banks and Caloundra 12 mile were well rewarded with good catches reported. Large snapper, sweetlip and a whole range of reef species have been caught. Cobia numbers are also increasing at the moment with most reefs holding some good fish, fish over 10kgs are not uncommon. Smaller snapper, sweetlip and a few nice jewies are getting caught around the closer reef like Coolum, The Gneerings and Currimundi. Having a good burley trail is a must so make sure you grab some extra bait to use as burley. The bay and Old Woman Island has started to fire with a bit of tuna activity. These are mainly rouge fish chasing smaller bait schools. Squid numbers around the island are still good with some nice squid inking anglers and boats.

In the Maroochy River, schools of Trevally are feeding in numbers on the incoming tide with some bigger models landed. The spectacular colored golden trevally and the hard fighting giant trevally are being caught in surprisingly good numbers. These hard fighting fish are happy to take a small baitfish profile soft plastic worked at speed. Give the Zman Slims Swims a go, they are a great small bait fish profile similar to what they are feeding on. Elsewhere in the river, the upper reaches have been fishing well with school jew on the prowl. Like the trevally, Jew fish are best targeted with larger soft plastics and paddle style vibes. The bream are still in great number with plenty of juvenile sized fish on offer, the larger fish seem to be hanging around structure and can be coaxed out with an unweighted prawn. Flathead numbers are also very strong at the moment with plenty of larger females caught and released over the past couple of weeks, these big breading females are crucial to the improvement of the stocks in the river so make sure you handle them carefully and return them as soon as possible. Small fish baits, prawns and cut baits have all claimed some nice fish.

On the beaches, the conditions have been excellent for beach fishing with low winds and clear blue water. Dart, bream, tarwhine and some nice sized whiting have been caught right along the Maroochy North shore stretch with the better fish being caught near Pincushion Island. There have been some good reports of tailor getting caught along Marcoola beach up to Yaroomba. These fish are a little shy during the day so best to target them early morning or late afternoon, they are aggressive feeders that will happily eat a large baits like whole pilchard’s mullet fillet and bonito fillet. Whiting are also improving in numbers on the beach, fishing north of the Peregian Water Tower has seen some good fish taken on worms, pippies and peeled prawns.

Report 14/8/19

With the breezes blowing over the weekend most offshore anglers keep to the closer reefs with some larger craft ventured to the outer reefs to find they were really firing. The Barwon banks and the Hards have been fishing extremely well for pearl perch, snapper, cobia and jew making the long trip from the bar well worth it. A little closer to home mixed reef species like parrot, sweetlip, cod and squire have been keeping anglers happy at Sunshine Reef along with some quality coral trout still hanging around. The odd mackerel and tuna are still being taken around Coolum Reef even with water temperatures dropping. On Murphy’s Reef there were good numbers of snapper being taken on Micro Jigs in the 40 – 60g sizes seemed to be doing the job. The Cast PTYD Jigs are a great jig with that perfect slow action that works well for bigger sweetlip, pearl perch and snapper. Large strip baits like mullet fillet, slimy mackerel fillet and squid baits on paternoster rigs with 4-6oz snapper sinkers have been the standard baits and working well, lightly weighted whole pilchard baits floating down the burley trail have also produced some bigger snapper.

On the Beach, fishing those closer gutters during the days has been producing, with whiting, bream and dart taken on worm’s pipes and yabbies’. Cast to the back of the gutter and roll those bait under the white water to get the best results. For the rock hoppers; fishing bigger stickbaits like Shimano Rock Slide and Fish Inc Flankers cast off the headlands of Yaroomba and Noosa National park has seen catches of trevally, queenies and the odd large dart. Jew will be a little quiet as we move into the full moon your best chance is after the moon has set.

In the Maroochy Rivers we have had an outstanding bream season. This time of year they school up in big numbers as they spawn and are willing to take a wide variety of lures and baits. When targeting bream on soft plastics jig head selection is quite important, as you want the lure to sink fairly slowly and stay in their face, another great option is the very popular Crusty Crab, these crab have to be one of the most realistic profiles on the market. Dropping your leader size too will see better numbers, most anglers opt for a 3 to 6lb leader when targeting these wary fish. If you want to soak a bait for a bream, fresh strips of mullet are pretty hard to go past. Elsewhere in the River, the river mouth has been providing some spectacular surface sessions lately, with trevally schooling up and smashing bait fish. Surface lures in the low light periods have been perfect with both popper and surface walkers getting the job done. Flathead numbers are also improving with plenty of fish taken in the shallower water, these fish will congregate in these areas as the water is that bit warmer. Fishing the run out tide with plastics or shallow diving lures should see you with a feed.

Report 9/8/19

With light breezes and little swell last Sunday, anglers headed offshore in droves. There have been heaps of snapper and pearlies around the reef at the moment with Murphy’s Reef, Coolum Reef, Barwon Banks and the Hards are producing some outstanding fish. Snapper have been well spread throughout most of the major reefs, with some bigger fish caught during the lower light periods. There has been the odd coral trout taken from Sunshine Reef, fishing hard to the reef is the best way to come into contact with a nice trout. There’s plenty of big cobia hanging around at this time of the year and they love nothing more than live bait on a slow sinking floater rig. With the smaller tides and less run try and get a good burley trail going, then send down a couple of light or even unweighted baits. The snapper will be drawn in the burley and hopefully find your baits.
In the river; those cooler nights make fishing the Maroochy River perfect if you are into chasing trevally and tailor, these fish seem to revel in those cooler water temperatures and with the Maroochy River having plenty of bait fish on offer these predators are attracted to the river as a food source. These cold water predators love nothing more than forcing bait to the surface to feed so casting surface lures can see some amazing results. For the anglers that are working off the banks; the river mouth and dog beach area has been producing great number of quality bream, whiting and flathead. Live worms and yabbies have been the best on the whiting while live herring have been standouts for the bream and flatties, for those of you without a cast net or yabby pump, pilchards and worms have been the favourite dead baits. The Bradman Ave stretch of the river has also been producing with prawns and worms the favourite for the kids. Heading a little further upriver the area around Bli Bli Islands and the first ski run has been producing jew fish in the low lights periods morning and afternoon.

Maroochy North Shore has again been firing for bream with the quality fish coming from the Pincushion area, this is that great time of the year when they start to schools up to spawn. Another fish you find prevalent this time of the year are Jewies, these fish love nothing more than a fresh tailor fillet so if you catch a smaller legal tailor take the fillets off and run it down a set of 4/0 ganged hooks. The Northern beaches around Marcus and Peregian have also been seeing tailor and jew activity, Just remember jew tend to hunt more on the darker nights so the bigger tides around the new moon is the ideal time to target them

Report 2/8/19

Well we have had another sensational weekend weather wise giving angler many opportunities to get out and get amongst some great fish. Starting in the river, tailor have been reported with most fish taken by anglers trolling diving lures from the top of Chambers Island up to the traffic bridge. Trevally have been very good in Twin Waters with some nice big eye, Giant and goldens taken. The river mouth has been another spot where the trevs have been active with the incoming tide the best time to fish. Jew numbers have also been good in the river with the area out front of Eudlo Creek and Petrie Creek both fishing well, larger soft plastics on heaver jig heads has been the way to go. Try the Grass Kickers from Zman and the Paddle tails from Chasebaits as these plastic give off plenty of vibration which the fish pick up on their lateral line. Flathead numbers have been excellent with plenty of anglers picking up fish trolling diving hardbodies, the Zerek tango shads have been very successful. Whiting have been a little quiet in the river for the diehards try the start of the run in around Picnic Point or Cotton tree. Freshly pumped yabbies and soldier crabs have been the gun baits.

On the offshore seen, plenty of quality snapper have been recorded last week, conditions deteriorated a little on Saturday with the swell but things improved a little Sunday giving anglers an opportunity to get out. Snapper numbers have been very good with some good reports coming from the close reefs, Coolum, the Gneerings, Hancock Sholes and Currimundi have all produced snapper around that 50cm mark, and occasionally anglers have picked up some bigger models. For those doing the run to the outside reefs the bigger snapper seem to be more prevalent, along with these there are plenty of good cobia, pearl perch, jew, cod and sweetlip. Live baits are still your best chance of picking up some good fish so make sure you have those bait jigs ready and keep an eye out for those schools of bait on the sounder. Running those live bait through a good quality burly trail will also improve those catch rates. Up on Sunshine Reef there has been plenty on offer, with even the odd coral trout still being caught.

For the beach anglers there has also been plenty on offer with some nice tailor being report from the rocks up at Sunshine, Peregian has also been good for whiting and dart on the incoming tide, worms and prawns have been the preferred baits. Flathead have again been reported in the closer gutters with plastics anglers walking and casting small plastics into the white water, prawn profiles have been very popular. With the new moon this week we expect to see some good jew taken, the larger fish are happy to come into the shallower gutters and feed on baitfish, worms, prawns and even pipis. Fishing strip baits of mullet or tailor will get you in with a good chance if there is a fish in the gutter.

Report 19/7/19

With a stunning weekend plenty of anglers got out for a winter fish. Bream catches have started to show up a bit further up river, try fishing the rocky outcrops and structures like jetty’s and pontoons around Twin Waters, Maroochy Waters and Bli Bli Bridge. Casting small minnows and curly tail plastics like the Zman Grubz in 2.5 inch are perfect, Make sure you use the lightest jig head possible when fishing for bream. For the baits anglers; try fresh mullet strips, yabbies and chook or mullet gut to get the job done. Twin Waters has also been good for trevally, Gt’s and big eye are on the chew with most fish hitting surface lures like the Zippin Ziggy and Sugapens, fishing the high tide is providing the better results. Nice size flathead have been taking on soft plastics around Goat and Chambers Island, and the banks just up from the Jet Ski Run, with better catches on the run out tide during the day. Black Banks Cotton Tree and Picnic Point are holding nice size whiting with the bigger fish taking worms and yabbies on the last of the run in tide.

On the beaches is seeing good whiting on the chew taking worms, with the best areas north of Coolum beach on the run out tide. Mudjimba Beach seems to be the spot if chasing a good feed of dart. This stretch is holding top looking gutters at the moment which is perfect for these fish. Best baits are pipis and worms or throwing small metal slugs like the Halco Twisty 15 gram will secure a nice feed. Jew reports have quieten a little this is only due Full moon conditions. Tailor numbers are starting to improve with the best results coming from around the river mouths and off the rocks around Coolum. Slide Baiters are seeing plenty of sharks with reports of some bigger sharks at night on live baits.

Offshore has been a little quiet due to the southerly’s over the weekend, but there was plenty of action late last week. Plenty of snapper have come from those closer reefs with most fish between 50 and 60 cm, there hasn’t been a lot of run so the fish are responding well to whole baits and plastics fished through a quality burly trail. The Gneerings, Murphy’s and Currimundi have all produced some nice snapper.

Caloundra wide was good for amber jack, bigger cobia pearl perch and some nice mauri cod. Those that did fish over the weekend tended to hang a little closer, good areas include out front of Mooloolaba Rocks and Alex Headland. Anchoring up out from the rocks in around the 7 to 8 metre mark and float pillies back towards the rocks will secure you squire, grass sweetlip and moses perch.

Report 12/7/19

With the weather turning a bit average over last weekend most anglers keep to the river! Flathead are in great numbers in the river with the channels around the river mouth being the most productive. Soft plastics paddle tails and vibes have been working well in the deeper channels. Baits of small pilchard and prawns have also claimed some good fish. The whiting fishing has been very consistent this week. The top of the tide and the first hours of the run out have been the prime times with the dog beach, Picnic Point, and Cotton Tree all fishing well. Live worms, freshly pumped yabbies and peeled prawns have all been the go to bait for catching a feed. Bream have also been caught in good numbers, the river mouth and the deeper channels in the lower section of the river on the top of tide has fished well. Very lightly weighted baits fished in a well maintained burley trail has claimed the majority of fish. Tailor and some nice sized trevally were also caught around the mouth of the Maroochy, Nojoor Rd and Twin Waters with the larger fish taken around dawn and dusk. Most fish have been taken on fast moving slugs, stick baits and micro jigs. The odd winter jack and jew has been taken around the bridge pylons on the main traffic bridge, these fish are lying in wait for passing baitfish swimming down river to more saline waters, live baits have been the best option but can be a little hard to get, strip baits of mullet or bonito have also worked well. For those throwing plastics, try the darker colours in the darker waters.

On the offshore seen; with the wind and swell up last weekend most angler left the boat on the trailer, but with a major change in conditions this week there will be plenty of opportunity to head out. Plenty of angler are planning to head wide so we should see good catches over the coming week, pearl perch, sweet lip, tusk fish, Cobia and snapper should all be on the chew. An overnighter may also be on the cards and would be worthwhile with most fish feeding more aggressively in the low light periods, morning and afternoons. The Gneerings is well worth a look with some good reef species on offer, try floating a whole pilchards, or soft plastics fished through a good burley trail. For those in smaller craft, Old Woman Island should be good for some small sweet lip, squire, parrot and maybe a jew.

On the beach; Marcoola Beach has been fishing well for dart and bream using prawns, pippies and live sand worms. Fishing early morning and late afternoon, and using burley have been the best methods this week for catching larger numbers of fish. On the Maroochy North Shore anglers using metal slugs as well as whole ganged pilchards have landed some nice tailor and the odd smaller jew.

Report 5/7/19

With all the rain the Coast experienced over the week the Maroochy River has turned to a nice chocolate colour. The good news in the crabs are up and walking, report of good bucks have been coming from upriver with the deeper holes near mangroves the better placement for your pots. The deeper hole will hold more saline waters that the crabs need. Best baits have been mullet and chook frames. With the amount of fresh in the water most anglers are looking for that clear water that comes with the high tides, tailor and trevally have been in numbers around the mouth of the river and moving as far up as the traffic bridge with the bigger tide in the evenings. Slugs like the Halco Twisty have been working well, micro jigs have also been a favourite with the junior anglers, try the Jigpara Jigs from Majorcraft, they come in a great range of colours and sizes. For the bait anglers, small pilchards, whitebait and hardy heads have all worked well, a good tip when using small fish baits is to use small ganged hooks and a bait thread to help keep the baits on the hooks. Flathead have again featured highly on the capture list over the last week with plenty of quality fish between 40 and 60cm taken. Most fish have been taken on soft plastics and the brighter the colour the better. Grubs tails seem to be the most popular and pink and chartreuse are the colours of choice. Best approach in the dirty water is to keep those plastics on the bottom so make sure you use a heavy enough jig head and slow your recovery as much as possible. There are some big bream in the system at the moment with plenty of fish over the 30cm mark, these bigger fish are the breeding stocks so if you get a real big one maybe take a photo and release it so in can breed and insure stocks for the future. These bigger bream are quite difficult to catch and have seen a hook or two in their time so make sure your lures and baits are lightly weighted and fish around structure. Whiting have mainly been taken on the start of the run out tide over the past week, numbers are down a little so good bait is crucial, freshly pumped yabbies, sandworms and soldier crabs are perfect.

On the Beach the swell has made thing a bit tough but the white water does provide cover for the fish so if the wind is not too bad it is worth having a throw. With the bigger evening tide and the new moon there should be the odd jew on offer. Bigger sinkers and bigger baits of pilchard, squid mullet and clumps of worms should see you in with a chance. Tailor and trevally are also cruising the gutters and have been feeding in quite close. Bigger dart seem to be around at the top of tide in the mornings and are feeding on prawns and worms.

Report 27/6/19

With a change in the weather midweek offshore anglers were having to opt for the river to get there fishing fix. Report we have from offshore are mainly from before the weather changed. In close, Old woman Island, Handcock Sholes and Currimundi Reefs have all been good for squire sized snapper, sweetlip, parrot and the odd good sized jew. The sharks have been prolific so getting the fish up quick from the shallow reefs is key. Soft plastic and smaller jigs have been working well with pink still seeming to be the most favoured colour. For the bait anglers the pilchard floater has been working a treat and fishing with a good supply of burley is also important. Heading a bit further out the Caloundra 12 mile, Murphy’s and the Barwon Banks have all been prime spots for some bigger snapper, pearl perch, cobia, jew and some stonking amber jack. The Gneerings has also given up some quality fish with the odd pelagic on offer, spanish and spotted mackerel were taken but numbers are well down.

In the rivers the whiting are getting bigger and there seems to be more of them, we now have cured yabbies in store and these baits have been really firing on these sweet fish, Chambers Island has been the hot spot on the incoming tide. Bream numbers are really coming on with some big fish reported, these fish are moving into the rivers getting ready to spawn. Fishing unweighted baits like prawns and small fish baits around structure is your best bet, for the lure anglers keep your lures as light as possible using light lines and leaders. Trevally numbers have been good around the mouth with the high tide the prime time, we are also starting to see more and more tailor coming into the river so up size your leader, fishing downstream from the traffic bridge with pilchards or casting small slugs and retrieving at speed has seen some good fish. Upriver the jew are back is the call out and there have been quite a few taken in the deeper holes up around Dunethin Rock, soft vibes and large paddle tail soft plastics have been the go to lures for those of you that like using bait then live baits of poddy mullet and herring have been working well.

On the beaches it has been all about finding those gutters, with plenty of light swells a lot of the gutters have filled in and fining a good deep gutter or hole has been a little difficult, a couple on offer are just North of Pincushion Island and just to the south of Yaroomba Rocks. The Jew numbers have been down with the full moon but as we move into the new we should see more fish landed. Tailor and trevally have been coming from around Pincushion Island along with some bigger bream. For those that love a walk up the beach there has been plenty of smaller flathead taken along the beaches on soft plastics.

Report 20/6/19

Anglers from all over the coast took advantage of the near perfect conditions we had over the past week to get offshore and get amongst some quality fish. Offshore, the swell and wind dropped out making it easy for small boats, jet skis and kayaks to chase reefies and some quality pelagics. Mack, and longtail tuna have been hanging around the back of the shark nets and around Old Woman Island with the schools smaller in size and moving quickly it was a challenge to get amongst them. There have also been a few spotted and spanish mackerel following the tuna schools. Casting 3”size plastics into the schools and retiring at speed is a successful ways to target these speedsters. On the reefs the closer reefs have been holding squire sized snapper, pearl perch, tusk fish, moses perch and sweetlip. Plenty of angler that did the overnighter over the long weekend and headed for the Barwon Banks, better quality snapper were found as the water offshore is that bit colder. Cobia, jew and some bigger amberjacks were also reported. Live bait fished through a burley trail has been the most productive but has been a little difficult as there has been a far bit of run with the larger evening tide. For those that fished Sunshine Reef, micro jigging has been paying dividends for anglers with plenty of quality reef fish come over the side. If you’re new to the concept of micro jigging just pop on by the shop and have a chat with either Mike or Grant.

On the Beaches; tailor having been coming onto the bite after dark along with bream and tarwhine. These cooler mornings have seen beach anglers hooking into good size sea bream right up the coast with the gutters along Northshore Beach well worth a go, small pillies and mullet strips on a running sinker rig have been a favourite amongst anglers. For the kids smaller baits cast into the close gutters have been good for dart and whiting. Cast to the back of the gutters and roll that bait under the white water. Prawn, worm, pippies and yabbies are all ideal baits for fishing the closer gutters.

In the River; the River Mouth has still been the spot to fish with small chopper tailor schools coming through followed by bream and trevally. Make sure when fishing the mouth to fish the tide change as the water slows up it makes it much easier to fish. Casting soft plastics and even small slugs into the eddies having been producing good fish. Further upriver, the mouth of Eudlo and Petrie Creeks have been playing host to flathead, trevally, bream and the odd school jew. Live baits of herring or poddy mullet seem to be gobbled up as soon as they get to the bottom, if you don’t have a cast net to collect your own bait then small pilchard, hardy heads and whitebait have been great baits. On the flats around Chamber Island, Picnic Point and Black Banks there have been some good whiting on the chew, the number one bait for whiting is small soldier crabs so if you see them scurrying across the flats on low tide try and collect a few for bait. The winter bream are really starting to show up in the Maroochy and there are plenty on offer, the biggest mistake the angler make when fishing for bream is that they use to heavy a sinker, these fish are very smart and anything that plummets to the bottom will be left alone, try to imitate what happens naturally, so lightly weight your baits.

Report 15/6/19

It is all about the flathead in the Maroochy River; quality fish have be caught in the lower stretches of the river with the best results seeming to be on the run out tide. Whole fish baits like small pilchards, hardy heads and frogmouth pilchards have been the best dead bait offerings. For those of you that love chasing them on lures, soft plastics in both the 4” paddle tails and prawn profiles have been successful. There have been plenty of quality whiting caught around Chambers Island, Picnic Point, the Black Banks and Nojoor Rd areas. Worms’ baits have been securing the better fish. The light wind conditions have been perfect for chasing whiting with surface lures. Popper around the 70mm size has been very successful. Some good sized tailor are showing up around in the lower stretches of the river. Live baits and fresh flesh baits have been the best option to target these fish. The night owls have seen the odd jew caught around the deeper sections of the river. Paddle vibes and live baits have been accounting for some good fish when fished around heavy structure. Trevally catches will also improve over the next week with that morning and afternoon tide, poppers and surface walkers have claimed some great fish in the low light periods.

On the beach; live worm baits have been accounting for some good whiting from the gutters along Marcoola beach and the Maroochy North Shore. Those same gutters have been producing good sized tailor at dusk and dawn. Dart and bream are in good numbers on the high tides. We are still hearing of good school jew around the rocks at Yaroomba with local squid and fresh mullet the ideal baits. For those that are planning the trip to Fraser, reports of tailor are starting to filter in. Don’t forget to buy your baits locally as bait on the Island can be a bit pricy.

For the offshore anglers; the wind and swell conditions last week were a bit average with both the wind and swell up, but after the change on Sunday this week is looking great for offshore. Report are coming in of large cobia being caught around Murphies and the Outer Gneerings. Fishing with live baits like yakkas and slimies on a floater rig has seen the best results on these fish. Coolum Reef has producing sweetlip, moses perch snapper and trout. Fishing hard to the reef with a size 10 ball sinker right down to the hook has been very successful. Mackerel are starting to move north as the water temperatures drops but there are still a few rouge spanish and smaller schools of spotted mackerel and tuna rounding up bait schools. Snapper numbers are defiantly starting to improve with better fish showing on the closer reefs. The Gneerings, Currimundi, and Coolum reefs are all worth a look. Fishing through a burly trail with a pilchard floater is a great way to land a knobby.

Report 7/6/19

With some perfect winter days over the last couple of weeks Anglers have been out in force on the river. The Flathead have been in good numbers with the area around Oyster Bank Rd, Bradman Ave and Picnic Point hotspots with the locals, table fish around the 40 to 50cm mark have been happy to take small baits like hardy heads, prawns and small pilchards, soft plastic have also been a popular choice with pinks and reds colors perfect for the job, give the Zman Streakz Curly tails a go. The predatory fish have been in good numbers in the river, trevally, tailor and queenies have all been beating up bait schools as they come into the river on the rising tide. Areas like the Jet Ski Run, the current line around the tip of Goat Island and of course the bridge pylons on the traffic bridge have all been hotspots. Casting small micro jigs and either working them off the bottom or retrieving them at speed has worked very well. The bream are really starting to fire with the river mouth right the way up to Bli Bli Bridge seeing good fish, fish over the 30cm mark are not uncommon and hit like a train. Good baits have been whitebait, mullet gut and fowl gut as well as strip baits like mullet and bonito. If you love chasing them with lures the new Chubby 35 from Jackall are a great choice.

Offshore angler were not deterred by the rain and were happy to again be spoilt with some great wind and swell conditions last week, squire and sweetlip have been plentiful with some nice snapper amongst them, the Gneerings is the place to be with anglers that are burling up seeing some great results. The key to burley is don’t overdo it; too much and you will attract the sharks. The Barwon Banks have also been producing some great pearlies snapper and cobia. Another reef often forgotten is Currimundi Reef, this reef holds some great sweetlip snapper and the odd tusky. As the reef is quite shallow soft plastics work a treat, fishing the Zman scented Jerk shads on light jig heads has seen some outstanding results. Pelagics are still about with some good mackerel still take, number are starting to dwindle on the southern reefs but if you head up to Sunshine or North Reef you may come across some.

On the beach there are plenty of good gutter with large bream schooling up and snacking on passing bait fish. Add to the mix, some nice whiting and tailor and the odd jewie and the beach fisherman have been having a fine old time. For those angler that have been braving the cool morning and fishing into the night there have been some nice tailor taken at the mouth of the Maroochy River. They are feeding on small bait fish that are brought in on the tide. Rather than bait give soft plastics a go, try the Zman MinnowZ in the 3 inch, cast as far as you can and retrieve quickly, the paddle tail put out a nice vibration through the water they leave a trail like a fleeing bait fish which is the main course for a hungry tailor.

Report 31/5/19

What a fantastic weekend it was for Anglers last weekend. It was great to see so many family’s out enjoying all that the Maroochy River has to offer. Down towards the river mouth the rocks around Pincushion Island have been great for some nice bream. Fowl Gut and Mullet Gut have both been great baits. For those throwing slugs there have been a few tailor as well as some good sized trevally. Soft plastics have also been working well when retrieved at speed. It’s coming to that time of the year where the flathead seem to grow in numbers in the river and there are some outstanding fish being caught. Work those sand or mud banks as the fish will lie in these area warming themselves in the warmer shallower waters. I like the lighter coloured soft plastics in the clearer water and fish the brighter colours in the darker water. Upriver the deeper holes past Coolum Creek have been good for some smaller jew, fishing well weighted soft plastics with a paddle tail seem to be very successful. Whiting angler are reporting quality fish around Chambers Island, Black Banks and even as far up as the banks near the Bli Bli Bridge, worms, yabbies and peeled prawns on a size four long shank hook has been the best approach.

On the beach things have also been firing, tailor are on the mind of most angler as the head to the beach in search of a good feed. Unfortunately numbers have been down a little this week as we have had those smaller tides. As we move into the new moon this weekend we should see some better tailor come in along with those bigger jew, fishing the run in tide will be the key along with a good gutter, give fresh mullet, pilchards, squid and worms a try. Most of the bigger fish will be taken in the low light periods. So an early start or a fish just on dark is prime time.

Outside the closer reefs have really been fishing well. Good sweetlip, trout, pan sized snapper, and cod have all been on the menu. Sunshine Reef, the Gneerings and Coolum Reef have all come up with the goods. Mackerel and tuna continue to be caught with a couple of quality fish taken. Out on the Barwon Banks larger snapper, pearl perch, cobia and jew have all been accounted for. Live yakkas have been the baits of choice fished through a good burly trail, don’t overdo in with the burley as all you will do is attract the sharks. For those tuna lovers you will have to head a bit further north as the waters cool, good report of longtail have come from North Reef and further up around Double Island.

Report 23/5/19

With some average weather and a full moon phase last weekend, those that did find a window to sneak out the close reef found they were running hot. The offshore conditions are due to improve this week so a run to the Barwon Banks should see some good results. Snapper always seem to come on the bite around the full moon with the best time the lead up to the moon, other options you may find at the banks are pearl perch, cobia, jew, sweetlip cod, trout and hussar. There have been quite a few large cobia and jew taken on most of the offshore reefs, these fish are mainly hitting floaters that are fished in a burley trail. Closer in the Gneerings and Coolum reef should be good for squire sized snapper, grass sweetlip and moses perch, try slimy mackerel, squid and pillies as baits.

Cooler mornings on the Maroochy River has seen good bream on the chew, with most fish favouring the mouth of the river in the deeper channels and around the pontoons that line the canals. Best baits have been the mullet strips, fowl gut, prawns and live yabbies. Trevally and queenfish have been smashing surface lures like popper and surface walkers around the current lines near black banks. Flathead have been in the lower reaches and taking small pillies, hardy heads and prawns, soft plastics have also been fantastic on the flatties with pinks, reds and chartreuse all colours that flathead love. Stick to the run out tide to secure the better fish. The Dog beach, Chamber Island and Cotton Tree is seeing some good whiting on the run out tide with most fish taking worms and yabbies. Good size Tailor re also starting to show up at the river mouth, most fish have been taken on the run up and top of the tide. Throwing small metal lures around the 15 to 40 grams with a medium to fast retrieve should see you land a feed.

The beaches have been very productive with good size dart around Marcoola and Mudjimba beaches, fish the run in tide and the top of the tide for the better fish, and the best baits have been beach worms and pipis. Whiting are still about in the gutters just north of the river mouth, with most catches taken on worms in the last half of the run out. Some nice trevally have come from the Maroochy North Shore with the area just north of Pincushion particularly good! Pilchards on a gang of 3 x 4/0 or 3/0 hooks has secured the fish. The better tides have been the run in. It’s been a good week for the jewies with the big fish loving the last of the run in tide. Reports have shown that after dark before moon rise is the prime time, using mullet fillets, whole squid and beach worms has been the key.

Report 16/5/19

With the wind and swell not quit playing the game over the weekend most offshore reports came from late last week. Quality snapper are starting to show with some bigger model coming from the southern reefs last week, Coolum Reef has been fishing well with squire, sweetlip, cod and jew all claimed last week. For those with the bigger boat that can handle the conditions, heading to the Caloundra Wide has been productive for quality snapper, pearlies, jew, sweetlip and cod. Some local anglers also headed to the Barwon Banks last week and bagged some good snapper, cod and pearl perch. The tuna have been nuts with large schools just offshore, the schools consist of mainly Mack tuna but there are some good long tails amongst them. Fishing slugs and fast moving soft plastics on lighter gear has been a test for anglers. Mackerel have been a bit hit and miss with some angler’s donutting and others hitting a purple patch, one angler last Friday managed three fish over the 10kg and lost another two. Floater pilchards have been the most productive with large trolled dead baits accounting for some good fish as well.

In the Maroochy River, trevally have been in good numbers and seem to be traveling in small schools with dawn and sunset the prime attack times. Fishing down towards the mouth with surface presentations have been the most exciting and effective ways to target these fish. Quality tailor have also been feeding amongst these trevally so you will have to upsize your leader. As night falls there are still plenty of fish on offer so switch to soft plastics with larger paddle tails or grub tails. Queenfish have also been in the mix with the early morning and around the turn of the tide the best times. Good numbers of bream are starting to show throughout the lower estuary, they provide great fun on light line with lightly weighted fresh mullet pieces or prawns as bait. The area between Eudlo and Petrie Creek has been holding good amounts of bait so predators like tailor, giant trevally and diamond trevally have been feeding hard, plastics like the Zman 2.5”- 3” GrubZ have been the go to plastic for catching these feisty fish . Larger presentations like soft vibes and bigger plastics have been accounting for jew and large flathead in the same area. Quality flathead have also been taking from the lower reaches of the river on the run out tide, smaller fish baits like frog mouthed pilchards, hardy heads and whitebait on small ganged hooks have claimed some great fish.

On the Beach, Good numbers of bream and whiting have all come from the gutters on the Maroochy North shore. Live beachworms have been one of the best baits, good quality jew have also come from the deeper gutters with the night high tide getting the best results. We are starting to see more and more tailor showing up on most Sunshine Coast beaches, angler’s fished pilchards and mullet strip baits. For the kids finding a close gutter should see you with plenty of dart and you won’t have to cast far. Worm, squid and prawns are the perfect baits with the bigger fish coming around the top of the tide.

Report 10/5/19

With the great conditions we have been having, it’s hard to leave the boat sitting in the shed. Out the front tuna are still in good numbers. Coral trout are still plentiful around Sunshine Reef as well as sweetlip and squire. Fishing hard to the bottom is the real key when it comes to targeting coral trout, so the sinker just above the hook is the key, Micro Jigging has also been the way to attract a nice reef fish, give the Palm slow blatts a go, these Jigs come in a range of colors and weights and are perfect for the shallower reefs. Snapper are starting to come on the chew, with some nice fish coming from the Barwon Banks, the pilchard floater method has been the most productive, Pearl Perch, Maori Cod, Sweetlip and Jewies have also been getting in on the action with some outstand fish boated over the past week. The Gneerings, Coolum and Currimundi reefs are all holding quality pan sized Reef fish. Spanish Mackerel are still about with plenty of fish taken on deep diving lures, the closer reefs seem to be more productive.

The Maroochy River Mouth has really turned it on this week with everything from school jew, bream, trevally and tailor moving over the bar and through the mouth on the run in tide. Whiting have been in good numbers around the Black Banks, Chambers Island and Cotton tree, small poppers and live yabbies have proven really successful in landing the bigger fish. Early morning starts, around the Cod Hole and the mouths of Petrie and Eudlo Creeks has proved to be worthwhile for trevally, bream and flathead. With plenty of prawns in the river a lot of the fish have been falling victim to a slow rolled Zerek Hot Legs live Shrimp. Further up river at the deeper sections near Bli Bli islands has been the spot to be for some good sized school jew, live baits and soft plastic paddle vibe lures like the Thumper Tails from Samaki lures have been coming up with the goods. Casting around the snags and rock bars up towards Dunethin Rock has seen the odd good jacks caught over the past week. Suspending Hard body lures have been perfect when targeting jacks.

The Maroochy Northshore Beaches have been fishing particularly well, with whiting, bream, dart and flathead coming from between the Life Guard Tower down to the mouth, worms, pippies and small pillies have proven the best baits for them. Tailor Jew and larger flathead have been caught between Marcoola Surf Club up to Yaroomba rocks. The rocks at Yaroomba and Coolum have been good for squire and sweetlip, with some lucky anglers doing battle with tuna and smaller mackerel.

Report 3/5/19

With a couple of great days over the weekend with light winds and low swell plenty of angler took advantage and headed offshore to get into the action. Reef like the Gneerings Coolum and Sunshine all reported good fish over the weekend. Pearlies, tuskies, jewfish, snapper and sweetlip were all on the chew. Using a live bait rig to get some fresh Slimy Mackerel or Yakka’s has proved to be worthwhile as live baits seem to be getting inhaled as soon as they get to the bottom. Large strip baits have also been popular with fresh mullet and hussar working well. When fishing bait a consistent stream of burley will really help the cause, having some pre-mixed burley or burley logs and Tuna oil to help get you into the action. For the lure anglers; soft plastics have been working exceptionally well, jerk shad style lures in either Motor Oil, Nuclear Chicken or pink have been the go. The lead up to the new moon this weekend we should see snapper number really pick up. Those that have larger craft that did the run to the outer reefs, there was plenty of offer with some big amberjack, kingies, snapper, pearl perch, cobia and cod climbing on any live baits fished close to the reefs. Knife jigs have also been working well, dropped to the bottom and ripped up at speed has seen plenty of monster fish leave the bottom in pursuit of these fast moving jigs. The pelagic run still seems to be going on with plenty of quality mackerel and tuna taken from most of the reefs, probably the best advice is to get to the north of the feeding schools and let the fish come to you.

In the river we have seen some big Flathead from the lower part of the system. These have been caught on a wide range of baits from livies to whitebait and of course soft plastics. The tailor are making a stronger presence each week as they start to make their way north. The mouth of the river is where we are seeing most of the action with some nice trevally also in the mix. It’s important to upsize your leaders when the tailor are around as they can get through some gear if the leader is to light. The bigger fish are falling to a range of trolled lures and surface lures and fresh strip baits fished on small gang hooks. Live beach worms have been accounting for quality whiting in the lower parts of the river when rigged with lighter leaders and worm hooks. Fishing areas like black Banks Picnic Point and Chambers Island have all seen great results. Some big bream are also starting to show up as the water start to cool, fishing around pontoons and jetties with unweighted prawns has been working well.

Fishing along the Maroochy North shore has been very popular with some bigger fish on the morning and afternoon tides, jew are also about and love a feed of tailor so if you get a legal chopper take the sides off him and send it out the back. The best jew bite is always around the new moon. There is still a strong presence of Whiting, Dart and good sized Bream on most of the close gutters.

Report 18/4/19

Offshore anglers where well rewarded over the first week of the school Holidays with some fishable conditions last week that allowing them to fish just not only the close in reefs but out wide as well. Areas that fired included the Gneerings and Currimundi Reefs where snapper, grass sweetlip, cod trout and tusk fish were on the chew. Try quality baits like pillies and slimy mackerel to ensure better catches. Up to the north off Coolum saw pelagic’s on fire with quality long tails and the odd spanish mackerel on the menu. The long tail and Mack tuna were hot for small bait fish presentation slugs like the River2Sea Sea Rocks while the spanish were taking live yakka’s and floated dead baits down the burley trail. Out on the banks quality snapper sizes are on the increase with the top of the banks producing the bigger fish. All species responded well to local squid, pillies and live baits. There have been some nice pearlies and cobia coming from Wide Caloundra with whole slimeys and large local squid landing the bigger fish.

In the Maroochy River flathead are loving soft plastics around the back of Goat Island and the stretch along the ski run with bloodworm and motor oil the winning colours. If using bait try the mouth of Eudlo Creek with small pilchards on a ganged hook rig on the run out tide. The river has been very popular over the last month for crabs with catches in the areas up river from the Bli Bli Bridge to Coolum Creek. There have been plenty of jennies in the pots driving anglers mad but there are a few good bucks amongst them. Baiting your pots heavy with fresh mullet has been the key to bigger crabs. If you are looking to fish the run in stick to shallows along Chambers Island, Cotton Tree and Picnic Point for some decent whiting. Quality whiting really enjoy live bait at the moment so try pumping some yabbies or soldier crabs to give you that little extra chance of a great catch. Mangrove jacks are still around with all reported catches on live bait around Twin Waters, the Cod Hole and Petrie Creek. Anglers have reported the odd larger bream just inside the mouth, hopefully this is the start of the winter bream spawning season.

The local beaches have a good range of gutters at the moment so try hitting the stretch from of beach from Peregian to Mudjimba as this section is holding dart and whiting with the bigger dart at the rear of the gutter when it’s at its fullest. With the full moon this weekend the jew may slow a little, try fish the dark period between sunset and moonrise. There have been some nice jew taken over the last couple of week but with most just under the metre mark. Whiting still on the bite and will favour the last half of the run out while staying closer in the gutter. Use popular baits like worms, pipis and fresh yabbies to ensure a quality catch. If you like to chase your own live worms Peregian and Marcoola Beaches have showed the better results.

Report 12/4/19

With some fantastic weather for the start of the school holidays plenty of anglers were out and about. In the river Mouth the winter bream are just starting to come in with the rocks off Pincushion Island producing some nice fish, trevally have also been in numbers around the top of the tide, baits that are working is the good old half pilchard, mullet strip baits and mullet gut. Trevally and queenies are coming back onto the bite inside Twin Waters on the bigger tides with the fish responding well to live baits and soft plastics. Keitech Easy Shiners in both the 3” and 4” sizes have been working well. Whiting are in good numbers around Chambers Island sandbanks, small poppers or surface walkers have been claiming some nice elbow slappers. Upriver the stretch from Coolum Creek to Dunethin Rock has been fishing well for the odd school size jew and mangrove jack, look for those deeper sections of the river, slow hopped Transam vibes and Zerek Swimbaits have been claiming their fair share. There are still plenty of crabs in the system and with the rains over the last couple of weeks they are up and walking. Fresh mullet is a great bait for the big bucks.

The beach has also been fishing well with the gutters along Maroochy North Shore starting to produce some good numbers of dart, tarwhine and bream on the incoming tide. Pilchards, worms and fresh mullet have all been working well. Another great way to improve your catches on the beach is adding various attractors to your rigs, such as glow beads and red tubing. This last week has been the optimum time for the night anglers with the large evening tide and minimal moon light. This is the perfect time to chase the jew, there has been plenty of reports of fish with a lot undersize, still there has been the odd keeper amongst them. Fresh mullet, local squid and big clumps of worms have been great baits. Another great tip is to keep as much light as possible off the water.

For the offshore anglers, longtail and mac tuna have been in great numbers in-close over the past couple of weeks with good schools showing up around Old Woman Island. Slugs in smaller sizes have been the way to go as the tuna are feeding on very small baitfish. The Sea Rocks from River2sea have been a favorite with the lighter colors working best. The reef fish have also been very popular targets of late. With good snapper starting to show up as well as trout, spangled emperor and nice sweetlip all on the menu. The Gneerings has been fishing well and with depths ranging from around 10m – 15m, it’s the perfect place to target a few nice reefies. When fishing this area, try using soft plastic lures. Fished nice and close to the bottom, plastics tend to draw the bigger fish from the schools. Another thing to remember when chasing reef fish on soft plastics it all about the presentation, try and use the lightest weight jig head possibly for the run. With a couple of good weather day this week plenty of anglers are planning to run wide, the Barwon Bank should hold some bigger snapper, pearl perch, cod, cobia and Jew.

Report 5/4/19

Whiting have been plentiful with good catches reported thru out the lower reaches of the Maroochy River. With the recent run off plenty of larger fish have headed down river giving local anglers bigger and better catches. Best areas for whiting have been Black Banks, Chambers Island, Cotton tree and the banks around Goat Island. Best performing baits have been worms, yabbies and soldier crabs. With the predicted South Easterly winds fishing poppers from the southern side of the river would also worth a shot. Flathead have been around with catches of nice fish taken on lures and bait. If you’re lure fishing then plastic is the way to go try the Zman Grubs and Squidgy Prawns in darker colours. Popular areas the mouth of Eudlo and Petrie Creek on the last half of the run out. Bait fisherman on the other hand have found drifting small pillies along the channel edges giving them the best results. The run in and top of the tide has been good for trevally with most fish taken on surface lures. Lower reaches of the river has shown catches of Sand Crabs, the mud crabs are coming from further up river and are walking, get those pots in deep as they will be looking for the more saline water, try the deeper sections near the Bli Bli Islands.

On the beaches, has shown good whiting this week with most catches coming from the low water gutters. Try using quality beach worms on a Blood Worm hook sized 4 or 6 for those bigger fish. Peregian down to Stumers Creek and Yaroomba down to Marcoola beach have been the pick of spots. Trevally have also been in the gutters with the high tide the time to pick them up along with some of the bigger dart, prawns small pilchards and whitebait have been showing the better results. If you are looking for jew hit those high tide gutters with strip baits such as bonito and mullet on a Tru Turn strip bait rig.

Offshore fishing anglers were a little hard done by the weather with only a small window early on the weekend. Most reports are from earlier in the week, anglers hit the close in reefs like the Gneerings, Murphys and Currimundi all reported catches of snapper, moses perch, and grass sweetlip with baits such as pillies and local squid. A good tip when on these grounds is to troll around as solid cobia have been caught this way. The tuna schools have been very large with plenty of long tails on offer, the trick is to get to the north of them and let them come to you, casting slugs and stick baits has been very successful. Out wider on the Barwon banks produced quality snapper, sweetlip, pearlies, and jew.

Report 21/3/19

The weekend was perfect for the offshore angler with low swell and light winds making it very busy time on the water. The closer areas such as the Gneerings and Currimundi seem to the favourites with snapper, grass sweetlip and parrot fish all on the menu. Best performing baits were pillies, slimy mackerel and local squid. Spanish mackerel have been taking slowed trolled skirted baits and deep diving lures with the Barwon Banks, Chardon’s and Currimundi reefs all showing good fish. Coolum reef has also seen plenty of action with quality long tails at first light and large spotted mackerel once the sun rose. Most anglers reported fish taking small bait fish profile slugs or pillies floated down the burley trail. Up to the north saw Sunshine and North Reef producing squire, venus tusk fish, good size maori cod and some good quality coral trout. Fishing hard to the reef is the key to picking up some good trout so a sz 10 ball sinker right at the top of the hook is the best rig. Best baits have been local squid, pillies and live baits. Plastics and jigs have also raised some nice fish with the Zman Coconut Ice in the Jerk Shads a real favourite in the plastics, and the Entice flops are great for the jiggers.

The Maroochy River was very popular over the weekend with some good sized crabs on the menu. Better crabs came from the areas up river from the Motorway Bridge to Coolum Creek. Baiting your pots heavy with fresh mullet has been the key to bigger crabs. Flathead are taking on soft plastics around the back of Goat Island and up the top side of Eudlo Creek. If using bait try the mouth of Petrie Creek and down river from the motorway bridge to Nojoor Road boat ramp with prawns, whitebait and pilchards on the run out tide. Grunter bream have also been in good numbers around Bli Bli Bridge up to Bli Bli Islands, small strip baits of mullet or bonito have worked well. Fishing the run in tide try the shallows along Chambers Island and Picnic Point for some decent whiting, most fish are taking fresh yabbies and worms. Mangrove jacks are also on the move with the stormy weather over the last week, surface lures very popular at the moment up Eudlo and Petrie Creeks. For the bait fisherman, try live baiting around the Motorway Bridge, Maroochy Waters and Twin Waters. Trevally numbers are also picking up along the beach near the mouth just inside Pin Cushion on the run in tide. Surface lures such as the Nomad Riptide and Chug Norris worked hard have seen some great results.

With the beaches seeing some big swell earlier in the month there are plenty of gutters to choose from at the moment, The Marcoola to Mudjimba stretch is showing some perfect holes that will hold dart and whiting with the bigger dart at the rear of the gutter at the top of the tide. The whiting will favour the last half of the run out while staying closer in the gutter. Popular baits have been worms, pipis and fresh yabbies. Pin Cushion Island would be the pick of the spots if looking to throw a pillie for tailor. Try the gutters just on the northern side of the rocks as well.

Report 8/3/19

With the winds calming down a little and a bit of fresh in the water the Maroochy is starting to pick up a little on the fishing front, trevally numbers are improving around the mouth and Cotton Tree area with larger fish chasing bait brought in on the tide. Flathead also seem to be improving in both fish caught and size, plastics like the Zman Minnowz in the 3inch size have been popular on a 1/6 jig head. Cast up into the shallows and rolled back into the deeper water seem to be the best technique. Jack have been a little quiet with most fish reported coming from the upper reaches around the old cane bridge. Whiting have been in good numbers around Black Banks, Chambers Island and Picnic Point. Worms,’ prawns and yabbies have all been great baits. Bream numbers are also starting to improve with plenty of fish hanging around the pontoons in Maroochy Waters and Twin Waters. Casting very lightly weighted soft plastics on very light braided lines at the shadow lines of the pontoons has been the way most of the lure anglers have been getting them. Crabs are also on the move with fresh water starting to run into the system, sinking pots into the deeper holes has seen some nice bucks coming from the upper reaches.

With the beaches scarfed out there are some great gutters on offer, we should see a few jew and tailor just after the new moon cruising those gutters so get out the big rods, come in and grab some fresh mullet and get amongst them. The whiting and dart will be feeding on pippies and worms that have been exposed with the weather so get the family down there and have a cast with some worms or yabbies. Off the rocks you may pick up a sweetlip or squire first thing in the morning as well.

On the offshore scene things were still a bit lumpy outside, a couple of crew did get out on jet skis and picked up some nice tuna. This weekend we are hoping the weather will come good and we can head out and get amongst them. With very little fishing pressure there is going to be plenty to choose from with big mackerel on the cards, live baits will be the first over the side just lightly weighted, a soft plastic also making its way to the bottom, having a few dead baits is also handy just in case you can’t get any live bait. Slow trolling larger baits like slimy mackerel, sauri and large pilchards on chin guards is also a great way to go. If you are going to anchor up then get that burley happening, cut pilchard are a good start but a frozen block on the bottom is perfect and if you can position it up current you will be fishing in the burley trail. Remember the close reefs will have plenty of bait on them so give them a go before heading out to wide.

Report 21/2/19

The Maroochy River has seen some nice whiting taken over the past week with plenty of quality fish caught. For the lure anglers whiting have been taking a strong liking to surface walking lures such as Bassday Sugapens and Nomad Dartwings in the 70mm size. Wading the sand flats around Chambers Island, Black Banks or casting over the banks near the Jet Ski run has been the spots to be, fishing the bottom of the tide and the start of the run in is the best time to chase these tasty fish. For the bait angler getting fresh bait is the way to go, so pumping those yabbies or collecting soldier crabs have been the perfect baits. Flathead numbers are still strong with plenty of legal fish on offer. Plastics fishing is a great way to chase flathead, tie on a 3” or 4” size paddle tail soft plastic and working it across the bottom has seen some good results around the shallow waters on the run out tide. Keitech Easy Shiners and the Zman MinnowZ are the perfect flathead soft plastic with realistic colouring and great swimming action these plastics are dynamite on big flathead. The upper reaches of the river worth a look, with good size school Jew, flathead and even jacks on the bite. Getting out early in the morning is the key with fish tending to feed more aggressively as the sun starts to rise. You will also find that darker lures in low light periods seem to work that bit better as the fish see the silhouette. Crabs have been a bit hit and miss but for those that know the river there has still been some good hauls of bucks.

On the beaches dart in great numbers, mid tide seems to see the smaller ones with the bigger fish on the incoming tide. The beachfront has also been good for quality whiting and bream. Maroochy Northshore Beach has had a few scattered gutters which have been producing fish. Low tide and the start of the run is the key with fish moving up into the shallows to feed. Peeled prawns and cured worms have had the most success. Fishing the top of the tide has seen the odd tailor along with bigger bream, trevally and the odd smaller jew from around the coffee rocks at Mudjimba and down towards Pincushion Island.

Offshore; the wind has still been pretty full on, with a few windows earlier last week to make a run outside. For those that could get out the Inner Gneerings has had decent size snapper along with pearl perch and sweetlip. When fishing the close reefs burley is key and if you can freeze it and get it to the bottom in a burley pot all the better. Pelagic numbers are still good with plenty of spotted mackerel Mack tuna and the odd spanish, fishing the bait schools with small to medium Micro jigs around 20gr or slugs around the 40g size have been claiming their fair share of fish.

Report 14/2/19

Offshore anglers where well rewarded over the weekend with some fishable conditions, the swell was up a little but light variable winds made it tolerable. Areas that fired included Gneerings and Currimundi Reefs where snapper, grass sweetlip and spotted mackerel were on the chew. Try quality baits like pillies and local squid to ensure better catches. Up to the north off Coolum saw pelagic’s on fire with quality long tails and mackerel on the menu. The long tails were hot for small bait fish presentation slugs like the River2Sea Sea Rocks while the spanish were taking live yakka’s and floated dead baits down the burley trail. Down on the Currimundi is where the snapper and sweetlip are on the increase with the middle to the top of the tide producing the bigger fish. All species responded well to local squid, pillies and live baits. Large cobia have been coming from Wide Caloundra with whole slimeys and yakkas landing the bigger fish. Mack tuna have been on the boil with Old Women Island and Arkwright shoals the best areas with most fish responding to metal lures on the cast.

The Maroochy River has been very popular over the last month for crabs with catches in the areas up river from the Bli Bli Bridge to Coolum Creek. Baiting your pots heavy with fresh mullet has been the key to bigger crabs. Flathead are loving soft plastics around the back of Goat Island and the stretch along the ski run with bloodworm and motor oil the winning colours. School jew are also in good numbers, if using bait try the mouth of Eudlo Creek with baby blue pilchards on a snooded rig on the run out tide. Looking to fish the run in stick to shallows along Chambers Island and Picnic Point for some decent whiting. Quality whiting really enjoy live bait at the moment so try pumping some yabbies or soldier crabs to give you that little extra chance of a great catch. Mangrove jacks are still around with all reported catches on live bait around the Cod Hole. Anglers have reported tailor and trevally just inside the mouth with trolling lures in the deeper channels landing the fish. Twin Waters has been fishing well for both queenfish and trevally on the incoming tide.

The local beaches have a good range of gutters at the moment so try hitting the stretch from of beach from Peregian to Mudjimba as this section is holding dart and whiting with the bigger dart at the rear of the gutter when it’s at its fullest. Fishing a couple of days after the new moon last weekend certainly opened up a can of worms with some nice Jew and tailor taken on the run in tide. Whiting still on the bite and will favour the last half of the run out while staying closer in the gutter. Use popular baits like worms, pipis and fresh yabbies to ensure a quality catch. If you like to chase your own live worms Peregian and Marcoola Beaches have showed the better results.

Report 25/1/19

The mackerel have certainly turned a corner this week with the catch sizes improving dramatically. Anglers have been working the schools of bait with both slugs and stick baits, for the bait angler if you are anchored or on the drift, float pillies on a gang of three 5/0 Mustad or Tru-turn ganged . A great tip when floating pillies for mackerel is to place an octopus skirt in front of the gang for extra attraction, Areas showing great results have been Caloundra wide, Arkwright shoals, Outer Gneerings and Sunshine reef. The Spanish are still playing the game down deep with the best fish taken on a deep slow troll. Pan size squire along with sweetlip and moses perch have been taken on the Gneerings, Coolum and murphy’s reef. Sunshine reef is producing good coral trout, moses perch and squire. Coolum reef has seen large moses perch, venus tusk fish and sweetlip, with best baits have been mullet, pilchards and squid.

The wear at Twin Waters has seen the trevally taking surface lures, while in the river the flathead love nothing better than the Keitech East Shiner soft plastics in either the three or four inch. Whiting are still in good numbers down river on the Black Banks, Chambers Island and the sand bars adjacent picnic point. Try using worms and live yabbies on a run in tide when fishing these areas. If heading up river try the mouth of Coolum creek and Dunethin Rock for some quality jack on deep diving suspending lures like the Zerek Tango Shad 69mm. The suspending lure has the advantage of keeping your lure longer in the water column therefore increasing your catch rate. There are still good numbers of Mud crabs up river and make sure both your pot and floats are marked as fisheries are clearing the river of old or improperly marked pots at the moment.

Our beaches are still producing good size whiting on sand worms, try using a long shank hook in size four or six to get better hook up rate. Dart have increased in size in the last week with the better fish taken on pipis and mullet strips around the top of the tide. The rocks around Yaroomba and pin cushion have seen catches of sweetlip and squire, with small pilchards and local squids been the better baits. A good tip to increase your catch rate when beach and rock fishing, is to drop small amounts of berley around your feet so it can disperse slowly with the wave motion. This allows the fish to be attracted to your bait without them being over fed.

Report 11/1/19

With the strong winds and showers over the past week has certainly seen good catches of crabs in the river. These tasty crustaceans have been caught not only in the popular creeks like Eudlo and Petrie, with better than average catches in the main river system. A good tip when fishing the river is to place your pots at different depths, by this I mean to place your pots close and wide from the river bank. Twin Waters seems to be the jack hot spot with fish between 50 to 60cm been taken under the bridges, with strips of bonito or suspending lures like the Zerek Tango Shad 69mm have been the favourite. If heading up river wanting to chase a jack or jewfish try using lightly weighted fresh mullet and bonito fillets. This method has been producing the better catches in those snaggy areas. If fishing the deeper holes up river, bouncing Fish Candy soft vibes of the bottom is securing nice size jack. Down river around Chambers Island and Black Banks have been the whiting hot spots with worms, peeled prawns and live yabbies being the best bait. Don’t forget if the whiting are a little timid drop your hook size and place red tube above the hook, this will improve your hook up rate. The motorway bridge is still producing jewfish on live bait with the fish showing up mostly at night.

On the beaches has seen tasty whiting taken in the shallow gutters on beach worms. The dart have been in the higher water gutters on the run out with pipis and mullet strips producing the better fish. The hot bite this week has been large tailor in the river mouth. If wanting to target these fish the best tides have been the run in at night. The popular rig is two 3/0 Tru Turn hooks ganged with a swivel then baited with a good strip of bonito fillet.

The offshore reports have been little quiet due to the weather late last week and earlier this week, but those that did brave the small windows of weather saw good pelagics on the outer Gneerings. Throwing small slugs like the Sea Rock have been popular because of their realistic bait fish pattern. Arkwright shoals and Coolum reef have had the elusive Spanish mackeral eating trolled lures such as the Samaki Pacemaker. Make sure if you do fish this area try getting to Coolum before first light and float pilchards for a snapper or two. The spanner crabs are on the bite, popular areas have been the 40m line off Coolum reef and the 35m line north of the Gneerings. Best bait for these ocean bound frogs has been pilchards, make sure to place them in a bait bag to ensure longevity.S

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