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October 2023
Through winter we saw some patchy fishing for snapper but had a great run of other species including golden trevally, queenfish, giant herring, Spanish mackerel, longtail tuna, mac tuna, coral trout and various reef species.
Guests enjoyed some fantastic fishing with a great run of winter longtail tuna. Our winter longtails are of great size with almost all of them well over the magic meter mark. Many guests chose to catch and release their trophy fish with a few opting to keep one for a feed. Longtail tuna are excellent as sashimi and also perfect for a quick sear on the BBQ.
Snapper anglers had a difficult time in the early season with the fish coming late. When they finally arrived the size and class of fish was excellent. A range of lures worked with the new Rapala crush city seeing plenty of action.
Giant Herring were a highlight through winter with some cracking fish caught. These speedsters give a great aerial display and have some huge runs often dumping 100 m of braid in a single run. The Rapala crush city again was a great success on the herring.
The queenfish were also epic over winter with plenty of meter fish landed. Big queenfish can be a handful on light tackle and are often not to far away from other species like golden trevally and giant herring.
The season ahead we will see our summer action as the water heats up so does the pelagic action. Bait balls will feature on our daily trips as spotted mackerel, tuna and other species move in to round up the bait. This is great fun through the school holiday period over Christmas so don’t miss out and secure your dates.
Our famous Fraser Island flats have lived up to all expectations so far this year, treating our fly anglers from all over the world to some of the most visually spectacular sight fishing in Australian waters.

May 2023

Autumn is always a great season for us and this year was no different!

The range of fish species is at it’s peak during the autumn months and sees some great size and epic captures as bigger specimens move through. In particular big longtails are on the move and a little easier during Autumn as they crash the surface and you make no mistake identifying these keg size fish. Both lure and fly anglers enjoyed the longtail action.

Big queenfish also show plenty of aggression through Autumn as they gather to spawn in big groups. Working nomad dartwings are a favourite way of our guides to entice a bite which usually results in a huge top water explosion.

Goldens were also a highlight with fish taken on fly, jig, soft plastic and hard body lures. Big goldens can put up an epic battle when found in the shallower water.

The flats turned it on! We had some epic flats fishing through winter with longtail tuna, mac tuna, queenfish, golden trevally, tarpon and diamonds being caught on fly and conventional tackle. Longtails were a stand out with some epic sessions.

Inshore Reef Fun
On our was through the bay we often stop on the inshore reefs for a jig to see if we can grab a table fish. Although we are a sportfishing operation we still like to see guests enjoy taking a few fish home for a feed if they wish. Cod, coral trout and sweetlip are the main reef species inshore and is a good option on a windy day tucked in closer to the Island.

Permit Paradise
I recently went for a rare fish myself recently up north and indulged in some Permit fishing.

We were lucky enough to find a few and had some shots resulting in 3 landed permit I also lost a golden and broke off a 20 kg plus flats GT all in one day, there was a bit going on to say the least!. The golden I’m not bothered by but that GT will haunt me for a while and I will be itching to have another shot. Good times and very rewarding.

Winter and Spring – Seasons Ahead
We have had a good winter season so far however I expect it to be a short one as water temps still hover around 21c. This has seen less bait move closer to the island with yakka schools sitting mostly in the central bay. Snapper have been fairly elusive in daylight hours so far with a few being caught, but we should see a few more numbers in July. We have had some great queenfish sessions along with golden trevally. Tunas have been deep and will continue to be a target deeper in the water column.


What a start to 2023 with some fantastic fishing and time spent with guests. The weather has generally been very kind compared to the last few years which has been a nice change.

The school holiday period saw the younger generation get into the action. Spotted and school mackerel always provide great fun for the kids and is a perfect introduction for them into sportfishing.

Golden trevally, cobia, queenfish, longtail and mac tuna have been the main target species.

The longtail tuna arrived right on cue, and have been providing guests with some great fun and trophy size fish. The flats have produced some great longtail fishing with sight casting them in shallow water a highlight for many anglers. Mac tuna and queenfish can be found mixed in the schools with some epic top water sessions being had on the queenfish.

For the bottom species we have had a few sessions bouncing plastics on the reef landing a few nice cod, coral trout and sweetlip. Fishing lures and bouncing between spots has limited the shark predation. Fly anglers have also been enjoying the summer action on the flats.

What a season we had in 2022 for black marlin! They kept rolling in 2023 for a few weeks with a few more caught on fly and spin tackle. We had a few exciting re captures with our fish from inside Fraser Island re-tagged as far as 520 nautical miles away! The highlight for the year so far was Ray Malone’s epic black marlin sight casted on fly. What a great fish and well done Ray.

Autumn Longtail Tuna Season 2023
It’s been a epic start to the season and it’s just warming up! So far we have started to see tunas balling bait along with other species like queenfish, golden trevally, broadbar and Spanish mackerel. It’s not just tuna in Autumn! Most of our species are very active this time of year, it’s certainly my favourite time of year for variety.

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