Sea-Doo Fish Pro 155 – fishing with a playful twist

At full flight the Sea-Doo Fish Pro 155 is pretty impressive and difficult to photograph. The author got Mark Frost to slow down a little to show you what it is all about.

by Peter Jung •

Doing boat tests for the magazines can sometimes throw you a curve ball and that was certainly the case when I arrived in Shepparton to do some reviews for Boats and More. Lined up ready to head to Lake Nagambie was a nice little fishing tinnie and to my surprise, a Sea-Doo Fish Pro 155. It was definitely going to be a different kind of boat test.

The drive from Shepparton to Lake Nagambie gave me the opportunity to give Mark Frost from Boats and More the third degree on what features the Sea-Doo has, especially those targeted towards anglers. This conversation drove home to me that you need to keep an open mind and look at each test on its merits.

After the initial question going through my head, I was quick to realise that the Fish Pro 155 isn’t just a Sea-Doo watercraft with a few rod holders attached. A great deal of thought has gone into creating a fishing friendly platform, making it an option for the angler who wants to fish, but wants the fun as well.

From a fishing perspective, the first inclusion is the Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 62cv chart plotter sounder mounted on the dash. This quality sounder offers navigation as well as Chirp ClearVu sonar scanning using an in-hull transducer. The Garmin units are easy to use and have quality imagery.

To aid with stability at rest and to add storage versatility the rear deck platform has been extended. The extension is not blatantly obvious, however, this platform has a duel purpose as it also houses the LinQ system. This is a mounting system that allows you to attach an icebox, spare fuel or even a ski pole to the platform, maximising the versatility of the Fish Pro. It is also extra area for you to stand and fish from.

The flexibility doesn’t stop there either. The rod holders can be placed in multiple positions around the icebox using a click and place system. The icebox is also large enough at 51L to hold enough food and drinks for a day or to put livies in if your plan is to target some of the larger pelagic species.

There is significant storage in a hatch in front of the seat. When I say significant, I mean serious. There is room for large and small items. Netting can be put in place to separate items and there is also a smaller compartment that has dry storage for your phone and other valuables.

Want to play tunes while you are on the water? No problem! The Fish Pro has a Bluetooth sound system that ensures whatever your music requirements are, you can listen to them.

Last, but certainly not least, are the seating arrangements. The seat itself has been squared off. This maintains the comfortable driving position, but also means that at rest you can sit facing to the side. To further facilitate this, the gunnels for the foot wells have been reinforced to protect them and to give you a brace point when fighting a fish while seated.

The footrest gunwales are reinforced so you can sit side on and fish. Stability while fishing is no issue.
The Fish Pro has plenty of grunt on take off.
Launching and retrieving the Fish Pro is as simple as driving it on and off the trailer.
There are lots of well thought out features on the Sea-Doo, especially when to comes to angling.
The icebox has a click and place system so you can place your rod holders and other items in multiple positions.
The storage in the 155 was impressive, such as this smaller compartment with dry storage for your valuables.
The storage in the 155 was impressive, with a huge compartment in front of the seat for larger items.
Everything is at your fingertips at the pointy end.
Playing your favourite tunes is easy with the Sea-Doo Bluetooth stereo system.
The foot well gunwales are reinforced to protect them and to give you a solid footing when fighting a fish.
The Sea-Doo Fish Pro has a rear-boarding ladder to assist getting back on it if you happen to go in the water.
The seat offers plenty of room and is practical for fishing.
The 51L icebox has enough room to hold food and drinks for a day’s fishing or to put some livies into to go and target some serious fish.
This section holds the LinQ system that allows you to attach the icebox or other accessories like spare fuel or even a ski pole.
The rear deck has been extended on the Fish Pro.
A good quality sounder is a must have when fishing. The Fish Pro comes with a Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 62cv chartplotter/sounder.

As far as testing is concerned, I really don’t have a reference point to compare the Fish Pro 155 with anything else. Sea-Doo watercraft are powered by Rotax motors and the Fish Pro has the Rotax 1503 NA 155hp engine. I can’t say that I have ever driven anything like the Fish Pro before, but it certainly can go quickly if you want it to. They manoeuvre well and it is surprising just how agile they are, even at speed.

I left most of the driving to Mark Frost from Boats and More. He spent the majority of the time we were on the water on the Fish Pro and when not required for photos, he was off putting it through it paces. I have to say you couldn’t get the smile off his face.

We did not spend a lot of time fishing from the Sea-Doo, but the little bit that we did do was comfortable. Stability as rest is no issue. There was no underlying feeling that you were going to be tipped into the drink even when we were hit by the wash of the ski boats going past.

We did use the Sea-Doo as a camera boat for another boat test. Mark and myself were on board filming and photographing another boat as it did runs pasts, as well as jumping between the boats while on the water. I didn’t fall in the water, so it was definitely stable.

I can see the appeal of a watercraft like this and why there is a growing group of anglers taking to the water on them, especially on our bays and larger waterways. There are enough well thought out fishing features on the Sea-Doo Fish Pro 155 to effectively go fishing and yet you still have the option to just have fun using it. It definitely has a broader appeal.

Mark and Simon from Boats and More were very knowledgeable about the Sea-Doo and the features and options available. The Echuca and Shepparton Boats and More dealerships do on water days and attend shows, so if you are interested in anything Sea-Doo check out their website or contact either of the stores.