Versatility with the Deeper Wifi Sonar Pro+

The phone screen displays the bottom, bait, structure, water temperature and depth.

by Mark Saxon •

In the fishing game there aren’t too many products you could truly call ‘versatile.’ Let’s face it, we need a different rod, lure, reel, line and most times a different vessel for the various fishing methods we involve ourselves in. Recently I got my hands on the Deeper Wifi Sonar Pro+ and it is possibly the most versatile sounding unit ever made.

The deeper unit can be attached to a fishing rod and cast over areas you would like to fish and the info comes straight back to your smartphone or tablet. This takes literally half a minute to set up and you can create your own bathymetric maps by putting your sonar in boat mode. This is then archived and stored on the smartphone or tablet and you can check it out later for further study.

The unit is to be used mainly on our kayaks and believe me, after countless times changing transducers and redoing goop jobs, the Deeper is a godsend.
Firstly the sonar unit is a small tennis ball size and has a few points for securing for whatever method you fish, be it casting or from the kayak. To secure there is a flexible arm mount; you attach your unit to this and bend it so that the bottom of the ball is in the water. The flexible arm clamps onto the kayak with ease and is out of the way. A safety lanyard is incorporated so you won’t have a lost arm mount. This takes less than a minute to set up.

It’s great to be able to combine your smart phone with the portable Deeper sonar to find and catch fish.
The Deeper Pro+ performed well in both shallow and deep water and didn’t drain phone battery anywhere near as much as anticipated.
It wasn’t long before the Deeper unit combined with a smart phone put the author in prime position to get his rod bent.
The Deeper Pro+ unit and accessories had the author excited to get out on the yak and chase some silver critters.

A fair few things impressed me with the smartphone app once I logged in. It’s so easy and has so much info. You can change the settings to suit the day. Who doesn’t like easy to read manuals? This one is great. Also on your sounder page you have weather, maps and a history that records your soundings of each trip.

Now there is another app from Deeper called Lakebook which you can download at This is also simple to use and you can go on your computer and analyse your maps. You’ll be able to click on any point for depth and GPS coordinates, and you have measuring tools for distances and area size. This will really help when you plan your next fishing trip.

Here are some tips: obviously you want to secure your phone or tablet. A waterproof case is necessary, especially in the yak. I made up a holder and put my phone on this with no dramas. Make sure both your unit and phone are fully charged, as this unit runs off wifi, not internet. Recently I was on the water for approximately five hours and had 20% battery life in the phone when back at ramp. Perhaps a solar charger on the phone would be the go for longer trips.

Overall this unit impresses me greatly. I managed some bream and mulloway and got a great reading in the deeper 10-12m depths that I fished at times. Did I also mention the convenience of no cables, the Deeper is removable in less than a minute and realistically if you do a mixture of shore-based, kayak and even small boat fishing, this can be used for all of these?

Maybe the staff at Deeper can come up with a mounting system for the bow mount electric and that’ll be the foredeck sounder sorted. If you haven’t checked these out yet, think about it and check out what a lot of deeper users have to say about them. I think you’ll get a pleasant surprise.

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