New colours for Astro Vibe 45

Strike Pro has released four new colours in its popular range of Astro Vibe 45 lures.

      The Astro Vibe combines the best of both worlds – a metal blade and a rattling vibe – with a polycarbonate belly with small in-built rattles. This construction allows for a transparent finish to be achieved in a metal blade, and the UV belly provides added attraction. This sinking lure measures 4.5cm and weighs 9.6g, and it’s deadly on bream, bass, estuary perch, yellowbelly, mulloway, flathead and redfin.

      Strike Pro has also released two new colours in the Micro Vibe 25 range, which is a favourite amongst bream anglers. The Micro Vibe is perfectly weight balanced with a shimmy action on the drop and lift, and it sits head down, tail up on the bottom. It’s deadly on fish under moored boats, pontoons, jetties, pylons and on fish that have shut down or become fickle.