Welcoming the weed

by Justin Wilmer • Weed – we curse it, pick it off our baits and lures and avoid locations because of its presence. For fish though, weed beds offer shelter, increased warmth and also salinity […]

Crabs & Crustaceans

Kamikaze kayak crabbing

by Justin Wilmer • Last year I wrote about chasing crabs and crayfish from the kayak. There’s no doubt that the kayak is an ideal vessel for chasing crustaceans. You can launch anywhere, travel across […]


Yakking about flathead

by Justin Willmer • If there was one species that has been designed with kayak anglers in mind, it would have to be the humble flathead. They are easily accessed by kayak anglers, inhabiting rivers, […]


Aquayak Snapper Pro kayak

by Justin Wilmer • Aquayak are a Melbourne-based kayak manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler. Australian owned and operated, they offer a range of options from entry level, to fitted out fishing kayaks, single and tandem kayaks, […]