Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay report

June 21st 2024 The weather has been perfect during the day as soon as the south westerlies stop mid morning and the fishing in close has been very good especially the whiting along the drop […]


Dodging the holiday crowds

With our busy lifestyles and restricted movements over the last couple of years, the thought of a holiday is very enticing. However, parents with school-aged kids know only too well that your holidays are restricted […]

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Moreton Bay reports 2021

7th January 2021 The school mackerel just keep on keeping on, the whitebait has moved back closer in and looks like the schools of schoolies have followed, between the huybers light to the trench before […]

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Moreton Bay reports 2020

january 5th 2020 Well the new year has come and the good fishing in the bay continues,plenty of all our favourites depending what you wanted to target.,whiting continue to be in good numbers in the […]