Gold Coast and Tweed Report

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Report supplied by Brett Clark

January 24, 2020

We have been desperate for rain on the Tweed and Gold Coast for months now, it seems it’s either feast or famine with some parts of the Gold Coast copping up to 300mm of rain last Friday night and Saturday morning. Unfortunately some residents didn’t fare so well with localised flooding of houses and units, our thoughts go out to you.  With so much fresh water in the system let’s have a look at some options for the upcoming Australia Day Long Weekend.

Local Fisho Paul Wilshire had a great trip recently getting stuck into some top quality Spanish Mackerel on the shallow reefs (see photo in report). It’s great to finally see these great fighting fish show up, Paul used a couple of methods to temp a bite. He was slow trolling live baits and when that slowed up he switched to trolling diving lures. Spanish can be found on most of the reefs on the Gold and Tweed coast from the bait reef out to about 24 fathoms will fish the best. Same principals apply as any other form of fishing, keep an eye on the sounder for bait schools, bird activity or surface feeding action and you should find the fish. Mermaid Reef, Palm Beach Reef, Gravel Patch, Fidos, Nine Mile, and the 18 to 24 fathoms reefs off the Gold Coast should all produce Spanish. For live baits I recommend using a single strand wire trace with a stinger rig of a Mustad hoodlum on top and a quality treble hook on the bottom.

After a massive flush out fishing closer to the open ocean entrances is recommended, either the Pin Bar mouth or the Gold Coast Seaway should be fishing well around the tide changes. The best areas to target will be the current lines where the fresh water meets the salt, these areas will hold bait fish and the predators like Tailor, Trevally, Jew Fish, Squire and Bream just to name a few will be targeting these areas.

Regular customers have done well on the Mud Crabs after the rain scoring a great feed using Mullet as bait. The Coomera River nearer the mouth of the North or South Arm has crabbed well, also the Pimpama River, Logan River, Nerang River, Brown Island, Jacobs Well and around Brown Bays on Russell Island have produced a feed.

Bream are one species that love the rain and don’t mind a heap of fresh water in the system, fishos have been catching plenty this week. Bream will eat just about anything and can be found scavenging in numbers around most canal entrances, bridges, jetties, rock walls, marinas. Find the right structure and you should do well. They are a great target species for the kids to chase on school holidays.

Our local waterways will be extra busy this Australia Day Long Weekend, be safe on the water and enjoy our great backyard.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed the boat traffic on the river this week has been a lot quieter with the constant wind and early morning showers. The inclement weather has not stopped us fishing and with some good planning we have had some fairly consistent results. Fishing the flats around the top of the tide with surface lures has been fun with Whiting and Bream being the main players. The top water fishing with Bassday Sugapen lures and mmd splash prawns worked across the top of the shallows gets better from now through to April. The key has been keeping an eye out for the birds working in the deep channels as there has been some big Golden Trevally feeding under the birds and baitfish.   

Clint reports it has been a good week for fishing with some variety caught in the Broadwater and big Mangrove Jacks still coming in at night and late afternoons. The lighter winds and smaller tides have made for pleasant conditions for fishing the broadwater. There has been a lot of Squid around. On one trip we caught over 20 of them, 30 Whiting, and some small Squire, Grassy Emperor, Flounder, Tarwhine, Pike, and some Tailor. Flathead have been scarce with just odd legal size ones about. Best areas to fish have been Southport, Bums Bay, the West side of Carters Bank, and the Currigee area at times.

January 17, 2020

A bit of rain is a welcome surprise on the Tweed and Gold Coast. Falls have varied depending on location but any rain is good for fishing and well overdue for our dam levels. Some nice Mud Crabs have been stirred up so now is a great time to get those Crab Pots in the water.  Let’s have a look at some options this weekend.

Rain last weekend combined with some showers during the week is welcome and long overdue for the Tweed and Gold Coast catchments and it looks like this weather pattern may hang around next week. When it rains is the perfect time to get those crab pots into the water as the bit of fresh water in the system gets them on the move and into feed mode. Locals have done well this week in the Coomera River, Pimpama River, Logan River, Neverfails, Tiger Mullet Channel and Canapia Passage producing a great feed of quality Mud Crabs. Whole Mullet and fresh fish frames make great bait. If you’re new to crabbing in QLD waters, click here to see the regulations.

Mangrove Jack have been liking the hot weather lately with plenty of good sized fish hitting a mixture of lures and baits on the Gold Coast and Tweed. Local have been doing well landing some fantastic Jacks using live Mullet, Herring, Pike, Garfish or Mullet Fillet is also a great option if live bait is hard to get. When bait fishing it pays to have a fairly heavy drag set as they will hit like a freight train and try to drag you back into any nearby structure in the blink of an eye. Good fish have been showing up the Coomera River, Nerang River, Logan River, Jabiru Island, Sovereign Island, Ephraim Island and Tweed River.

We have seen plenty of Bull Shark action again this week in the canals and rivers with a variety of sizes of Sharks being landed. I use a trace size of around 1 to 1.5m of either 50 to 90 pound nylon coated leader crimped to a suitable sized swivel on one end then matched with either a size 6 to 8 circle or octopus hook. Mullet have been great bait and also Pike or Fresh Water Eel are a great option especially if there are a few Mud Crabs around munching on the baits. The Coomera River, Pimpama River, Nerang River, Logan River and the Neverfails and all good spots to try your luck.Jumpinpin has also seen quite a few baby Hammer Head and small Black Tip Sharks being caught around the Bar entrance and Tiger Mullet Channel.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed the middle to upper reaches of the river continues to be the best place to look for fish. With the prospect of some rain in the coming weeks, we should see the Mangrove Jack and Whiting fishing improve, and the Mud Crabs will get moving. Jacks caught on our charters this season are averaging over 50cm in size. Whiting are still taking well-presented surface lures over the shallow sand banks, with MMD splash prawns one of our favourite lures to use. There is also some trevally around way upstream.

Clint says to head over to Brad Smith Fishing Charters Facebook page for a bushfire fundraising relief auction they are running, you can bid to win a spot on a mangrove jack fishing charter with a sporting legend.

This week once again the Mangrove Jacks were around, with the bigger fish feeding aggressively at times. These fish often have small bite periods and it pays to be patient and wait for them to switch on. The Broadwater has fired up with a few nice Flathead, lots of Squid, Squire, Tarwhine, and Whiting. We have been boating 10-15 squid a day and these tasty critters are absolute suckers for Ecogear ZX40 and Samaki Vibelicious lures. Smear some Sax scent goldprawn on the lures and lift and drop them in water 4-8 metres deep.

 Hope you have a great weekend! If you have any catches or photos you would like to share, please email us.

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January 10, 2020

The Tweed and Gold Coast just keep on turning on perfect weather for getting outdoors and enjoying our awesome part of the world. The New Year’s crowds have slowed down a bit with lots of people heading back to work this week making fishing conditions a bit nicer on the water with a bit less traffic. Let’s see what action has been happening this week. 

Customers are having a good run landing plenty of Black Marlin and Dolphin Fish from the Tweed and Gold Coast this week. Off the Gold Coast Dave Faizzo did well landing his first ever Black Marlin fishing the 36 fathom fad off Surfers Paradise (see photo in report). Boats are reporting multiple strikes and fish caught and released which is great news to see good numbers of fish moving through the Gold and Tweed Coast reefs. The fad on the 24 and 36 fathom reefs have been holding good sized Dolphin Fish as well and Black Marlin, also work the 36 fathom line, spot X and the 50 fathom line to find good fishing. Always be on the lookout for surface activity, birds working bait schools and the skipper keep an eye on the sounder for any signs of life. 

Current permitting the 18 and 24 fathom reefs have been producing a great feed of Snapper for those willing to get up early and take advantage of the sunrise bite. Leigh (see photo in report)  did well fishing with Wayne Young last weekend landing a cracking 93cm Snapper. A mixed bag of Snapper, Moses, Tusk Fish,  Maori Cod, Trag and a few Jew Fish have been caught float lining WA Pilchards, Squid, Live Yakka’s, Butterflied Yakka’s or Mullet Fillet. Sinker size is important, just use enough weight to get to the bottom as you want your bait to float down at a slow pace to attract a bite on the way down. Soft plastics have also produced some great Snapper on the drop and also dead sticked by leaving you rod sit in the holder and let the boat move up and down on the swell do all the work.

Reports of some quality Mangrove Jack have been coming in this week, the warm water temp up the rivers is making them quite active. The Coomera River holds some top quality fish, try the Highway Bridge, Regatta Waters boat ramp and rock bar, Railway Bridge for those with boat access.  Also next to our shop at the end of Shipper Drive, Santa Barbara boat ramp, Coomera Waters boats ramp and jetty or the Hope Island Bridges are all worth a go. Other good spots are Sovereign Island, bridges at Paradise Point, Runaway Bay canals and the Nerang River bridges, pontoons and rock walls. Live Mullet, Winter Whiting, Herring or Pike are great. Also throwing a mixture of Zman plastics and Zerek hard body lures have been working a treat for those that prefer to fish lures.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed the surface action continues at the middle to upper area of Tweed River  with Whiting, Bream and Flathead getting caught on daily charters with MMD splashprawns and Bassday Sugapens. There are some shallow sand banks which are holding good numbers of Whiting. Mangrove jacks will feed aggressively as the water keeps warming, especially if the river experiences some decent rainfall.

Clint reports in the Broadwater the Mangrove Jack action has been insane on our evening charters. We have boated 24 in the last month and 10 in the last three trips. The river water temperature is now over 29 degrees on the run out tides, speeding up their metabolism, and they are very hungry. There seems to be Jacks at all spots in the river hunting schools of Mullet and Whiting at night. All jacks on our charters are released unless gut hooked, as we believe they are too nice a fish to catch once.  There have been big jacks too with a good number of fish measuring 57 to 60cm. They’re all fat and healthy looking which shows what a healthy system we have. One night we had a fish that looked 70cm plus bust the leader right next to the boat. The ups and downs of jack fishing! Apart from the red devils, we have been catching Whiting, Blackspot Tuskfish, Flounder, the odd Flathead,Tailor, Tarwhine, Bream, Squire, Grassy Emperor, Spangled Emperor, and a lot of Squid. Best lures have been Ecogear ZX40’s in the colours 440, 411 and 441. We smear a dab of Sax scent goldprawn all over the blades for added effect. Best baits have been live beachworms and yabbies. Deeper areas on the edges of the main channels are where the fish are holding, due to the water traffic and clear water.

December 20, 2019

It was nice to see some much needed rain last Friday, giving the rivers a bit of a flush out. With Christmas just around the corner it’s a great time of year to get out for a fish with the family and friends on the Tweed and Gold Coast.

Christmas is a very busy time on the water, and we hope everyone heading out enjoys a well-earned holiday.  Just because there will be a bit more boat traffic doesn’t mean the fishing will be quiet, the fish on the Gold Coast are used to a bit of boat and jet ski traffic and should be on the bite for those that want to chase a feed.

Some good rain last Friday combined with the full moon larger tides was just what the rivers needed giving them a bit of a flush out. The good news is it stirred up the Mud Crabs just in time to Christmas lunch, customers did well scoring a few nice healthy looking bucks. I’d recommend getting the pots in and having a go at catching a great feed of Mud Crab, try the Coomera River, Pimpama River, Logan River, Jacobs Well, Cabbage Tree Point, Tiger Mullet Channel and Canaipa Passage. Whole Mullet and Fish Frames work well. Changing the bait regularly is a must as they prefer fresh a fresh feed, I also recommend using a bait bag to keep the little fish and eels from stealing the bait.

We’ve had reports of the odd Little Black Marlin showing up this week off the Gold and Tweed Coast is good news for anglers keen to get out over Christmas. Fish have been spread out mostly between the 18 to 50 fathom line. The old saying is find the bait and birds and you should be lucky enough to find the fish. Keep your eyes peeled for the smallest log or bit off rubbish acting as a FAD floating on the water, even large jelly fish will attract small bait fish and will also hold pelagic predators like Billfish, Dolphin Fish and Wahoo. Trolling small skirted Pakula lures rigged on 80 to 100lb mono is my method of catching pelagic species, it’s a very exciting and visual way to fish.

Whiting have been around in numbers this week, customers have been landing a nice feed with some good sized elbow slappers on the chew.  A few good spots to try are Canaipa Passage, Tiger Mullet Channel, Bedrooms, Coomera River both arms, Paradise Point, Pimpama River and the Nerang River.  Worms and Yabbies are the best bait. Another fun and popular method is casting small surface poppers and surface walkers in the shallows, Whiting are very aggressive feeders and will chase down your lure and smash it.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed this week’s report is much the same as last weeks with the highly visual surface fishing producing the results. Flathead, Bream and Whiting as we know are all predominant bottom feeders but by choosing the right lures that skip along the surface like MMD Splash Prawns and Bassday Suga pens these fish will readily rise and explode from the bottom to devour them. It is also important to choose the correct areas to use this technique which are the shallows that contain a mixture of sea grass and yabbie banks and the Tweed River has plenty of these types of grounds. This is the right time of the year to try this fun technique with the surface fishing being at its absolute best from now right through to April.    

Clint reports in the Broadwater Mangrove Jacks have been feeding aggressively at times in the Nerang River, and we have been doing well on our evening charters with some big fish boated and released. Most are over 50cm and up to 58cm with bigger fish out there that are hard to stop. Live Whiting is quickly becoming the bait of choice as the season goes on. Winter whiting are best as they have no size limit and are easily caught on Ecogear ZX40 blades and Samaki Vibelicious in the Gold Coast Broadwater. Fishing the broadwater there is variety on offer but not much size out there at the moment. We have been catching Winter whiting, Flathead, Tarwhine, Squid, Tuskfish, Snapper, Grassy emperor, Spangled emperor. We have been running night charters for Mangrove Jacks in the mid to lower reaches of the river, timing the tides is crucial to get the bites. No run no fun but too much run no fun either. There are that many big Bream in Nerang river at the moment it is insane. The biggest ones of 40cm and over come out at night and are very hungry and in huge numbers.

We wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Christmas, keep in mind it’s the busiest time of year on the water and extra patience will be needed especially at the boat ramp.

 Hope you have a great weekend! If you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.    

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December 12, 2019

I can’t believe that School Holidays are here and Christmas is just around the corner! The standard weather pattern on the Tweed and Gold Coast continues with stronger Northerly winds hanging around.  Let’s have a look at a few options to get the kids out of the house and go fishing.

School Holidays are here, it’s an opportunity to get the kids out of the house and go fishing. We have plenty of fishing locations on the Gold Coast and Tweed for kids to try their luck. Some good spots to try are the Coomera River Highway Bridge, Grand Hotel Labrador, Broadwater Parklands, Southport Bridge, Paradise Point, Hope Island, Nerang River and Jacobs Well are all good options. A basic running sinker rig on a kiddies combo and a prawn should do the trick on common species like Bream, Tarwhine, Whiting, Flathead, Trevally, Moses or Mangrove Jack to name a few. We have plenty of sandy beaches in the Tallebudgera Creek, Currumbin Creek, Southport Spit, Biggera Waters, Runaway Bay and Paradise Point which are great spots to take the kids.

Customers have been scoring a mixed bag of Whiting, Bream and a few Flathead this week throughout the Broadwater and Jumpinpin. Local kids on holidays are catching a few Bream, Trevally and the odd Jack off the bank next to our shop in the Coomera River.  Our Houseboat customers have found a few nice fish around Tipplers Passage, Dux, The Never Fail Islands, Tiger Mullet Channel, Bedrooms, Jacobs Well, North Arm of the Coomera River and Wave Break Island.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed the bulk of the success over the past week has come from finding protected areas of the river out of the constant howling Northerly winds and fishing the shallows.  Fishing the flats with top water lures such as mmd splash prawns and Bassday sugapens is a ton of visual fun, as you watch the fish smash these lures on the surface.Whiting are the main players when it comes to taking surface lures especially now and all through the summer months and they fight hard on light equipment in only a few feet of water. Flathead and Bream are also players when it comes to crunching lures on the surface. We had a session earlier in the week where the Flatties dominated the catch. 

It is an awesome sight to see when that big bucket mouth of a flattie comes up from the bottom and devours a surface lure.   

Clint reports in the Broadwater as expected with the hot weather Mangrove Jacks are firing up more each week. A lot of bigger 50cm plus fish are getting caught on lures and bait. I run Gold Coast afternoon/ evening trips for jacks, using bait and livies. For more info on our mangrove jack charters SMS me on 0432 990 302. In the Gold Coast broadwater this coming week neap tides will make it easier to fish, look for areas clear of weed then bait on the fish finder and you’ll find some Tuskfish, Flathead, Bream, Tarwhine and Whiting.

Pump some yabbies with the kids at low tide at the big sand banks near the Western shoreline at Southport and Labrador. Then start fishing with light sinkers and no.4 size bait holder hooks, right near where you pumped the yabbies. The neap tides will make it easier to fish the lower to mid reaches of the rivers for big Mangrove Jacks. Up the rivers could be slow on the smaller tides with the lack of run. There are still a lot of Trevally getting about, they’ll feed more aggressively on days when a South or South Easterly wind change pushes through.

 Hope you have a great weekend. If you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.    

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December 6, 2019

We had a rough start on the Gold and Tweed Coasts with a howling W/SW hammering us on Monday making finding a spot to fish very hard. Luckily the rest of the week has been nice with light to moderate winds and a nice forecast as we head into the weekend.

With a nicer forecast during the week, local fisho Wayne Young and Ben hit the local 18 fathom reef and came up trumps with a good mixed bag including a nice Jew Fish, Snapper, Moses and plenty of Trag Jew. This time of year the bottom fishing can be a bit hit and miss depending on the amount of current running as getting bait to the bottom can be near impossible. Trolling Skirted Lures or Live baits this time of year anywhere from the Seaway to the 50 fathom line of the Gold Coast or from the Tweed Bar to the close reefs is a great option as we should start to see a few juvenile Black Marlin moving past our Gold and Tweed coats as they migrate south. Bait is the biggest indicator that predators will be close by feeding, just keep an eye on the sounder as well as in the sky for birds feeding on bait balls and scraps pushed to the surface.  Other pelagic species will be on offer on the closer reefs such as the weather warms up like Dolphin Fish, Wahoo and Tuna and Mackerel.

Customers have done well landing a few nice Flathead on the Tweed and Gold Coast. In the warmer conditions try hunting in the deeper water or in the rivers look for deep holes as the fish will be looking for a bit of cooler water. When the fish are a bit scattered trolling diving lures is a great method to cover as much territory until you can locate a few fish in the one area. Once located you can switch to throwing soft plastics or vibes to tempt a bite. Drifting Live baits like Yabbies, Herring or dead bait like White Pillys or Blue Biats are a great option to cover an area.

Some solid Mangrove Jack have been caught and released in the Nerang River and Coomera River the past week on a mixture of live bait, dead bait and lures during both the daytime and night time.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed the best fishing is still upstream, Whiting are the main target on surface lures with MMD splash prawns the lure of choice. A few Bream are also falling for these great looking lures. The best chance of catching Flathead is by trolling hardbody lures in the 2-4 metre depth range, or tea bagging blades and Samaki Vibelicious soft vibes in the deeper holes up Tweed River. The hot weather will further bring on big Mangrove Jacks which can be caught on deep diving lures trolled close to structure such as rock walls.

Clint from the Gold Coast reports in the Broadwater we caught a few Flathead and Whiting on Ecogear ZX40 blades coated in Sax scent goldprawn, then moved up Nerang River to find shelter from the breeze.  Trolling Pontoon 21 crackjack and Savage Gear 3d xdr shrimps produced a birthday feed of Flathead for John. The Flathead are very scattered and you have to cover a lot of ground to find them. The rest of the week we focused on targeting Mangrove Jacks in the evenings. With the Northerly winds persistent in the Broadwater we ventured into the local canals with cast nets to catch Winter Whiting, Silver Biddys, and Poddy Mullet. We have managed to catch Jacks on every charter this week, all fish measured over 50cm and all were released. Mixing up baits pays, like any fishing keep trying different things to find what works. Always hold on tight to your rod, they hit like trains and often there is no warning. There is a lot of big Bream around at night up the rivers. There has been large schools of Bigeye Trevally feasting on jelly prawns during the run out tides. These guys are terrific fun on light tackle and small lures.

If you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.    

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Looking for feed of Whiting would be a great option this weekend on the Tweed and Gold Coast, the Tweed River, Currumbin Creek, Tallebudgera Creek, Nerang River, Coomera River, Pimpama River and Logan River all offer you some good spots to hide out of the wind and chase a feed of yummy Whiting. Chasing Whiting is a nice relaxing form of fishing, great for young kids who can get invoked in gathering bait and winding in their catch. You only need a basic light estuary combo 2-4kg spooled 6 to 8lb mono,  run a long 6lb fluro carbon leader, size 4 to 5 ball sinker matched with a short shank size 6 bait holder hook for using worms or a size 4 long shank hook bait holder hook if you are using yabbies. Gathering bait is fun for the kids, pumping Yabbies or catching beach worms is a great experience.  You are looking for a spot that has good tidal flow with a sandbank on one side and deeper water on the other, just vary where you cast until you find the depth of water the fish are feeding in. Other species like Bream, Tarwhine, Grunter, Flathead and Jew Fish just to name a few are always an option and will put up a great fight.

Plenty of solid Mangrove Jack have been landed this week from the Nerang and Coomera Rivers. The Coomera River is still holding plenty of bait schools of Herring at the moment which is good news for anglers chasing Jacks, Trevally and Cod to name a few species on offer. The Nerang River has been fishing well around the bridges from Sundale all the way down river. Try targeting jetties, pontoons, bridges, rock walls and snags will be the best places to encounter a Jack or other species. Casting hard body lures or Zman 3’ or 4’ minnows are a popular choice, 30lb trace will be a good starting point to avoid getting busted off although you may have to upgrade to 40lb+ around heavy structure as there are a few submarines been getting around. Bait fishing is a very successful method and either Live or well-presented dead baits will prove irresistible. Herring, mullet and pike will work or mullet filet will also work a treat.

The Gold Coast seaway Pipeline has produced a few nice Jew Fish and Trevally this week, drifting through the Seaway and in the main Broadwater channel is also a good option.  Live Pike, Herring or Mullet are great live baits.  Large Zman Plastics, Micro Jigs and Switch Blades will do the job.  Best to fish this area the hour before and hour after the tide change when the tidal flow slows down.  

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed fishing around the areas close to the Tweed River mouth has been tough again due to the huge amount of cornflake weed being carried in by the constant northerly winds that have been blowing. The mid to upper reaches of the river is the place to be for success. Casting mmd splash prawns and bassday sugerpen lures across the surface around the shallow flats has provided some great visual action on some whiting and bream. We had the opportunity to watch a huge flathead trying to swallow one of the Whiting my client was trying to land. The flattie was snapping at the fish all around the boat in about a foot and half of water it was dramatic to watch and shows what mean and aggressive fish flatties can be. Speaking of Flathead we have been getting a few but mainly very early in the mornings around the tide changes. During this hot weather period the water temperature has been getting a bit too warm for them through the middle of the day.    

Clint from the Gold Coast reports this week a nice mix of fishing trips this past week for me with some night time Mangrove Jack charters, Whiting charters, day fishing up the Nerang River for Trevally, Grunter, Flathead and Whiting, and a few trips to the Broadwater. The bigger jacks are firing up more with the water temp exceeding 28 degrees in some places. We have had some monster fish hooked up for guests and soon we will stop one haha. The Whiting are not in big numbers yet but there are some decent ones around, our biggest this week was 41cm caught by Evan, who also caught a solid bigeye Trevally on a whiting rod with yabbie as bait. Some nice Giant Trevally are hunting baitfish in Nerang river, these bruisers are top fun on light tackle and definitely keep us on our toes. Trolling hardbody lures such as Pontoon 21 crackjacks and Savage Gear xdr 3d 50mm shrimp over shallow sandflats will often result in a savage strike and long sustained run on 6 lb line. The Ecogear ZX40 blades and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes are still working well in 5-7m deep holes for flathead and trevally.

Hope you all have a good weekend and get out for a fish, if you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.    

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I headed out last Sunday with the kids to look for a Mangrove Jack in the Coomera River land based, there was plenty of Mullet and Herring around making gathering live bait pretty easy. Fishing was a bit quiet until after we got hammered by hail and rain, once the sun came out the humidity peaked and we got a few bites. The Jacks were a bit tentative on the live baits so I decided to butterfly a mullet and got slammed, after a good fight and seeing the 60cm+ Jack a few times I unfortunately got busted off by a snag before we could land it. My daughter Bec did well landing a hard fighting 46cm Jack (see photo in report) using Herring for bait the next day. There are plenty of land based options from the Tweed to the Northern Gold Coast. Google maps are a great way to pick an area to target. Just look for structure like Jetties, Rock Walls or Bridges and put in the time and effort am I’m sure you will get lucky. We also have seen plenty of Trevally smashing bait throughout the Coomera River on a daily bases this week.

Young Jai had a great Houseboat Holiday (see photo in report) catching a quality Bream in the mouth of the Coomera river, it’s great to see the smile on the kids faces after landing a fish they will remember for years to come. Catches of some nice bread and butter species like Bream, Whiting and Flathead have been have been reported by customers from the middle reaches of the Tweed River, Nerang River, Paradise Point, Coomera River, Pimpama River, Jacobs Well, Canapia Passage, and the Logan River.

It’s that time of year when focus turns to targeting Bull Sharks, we have seen plenty free jumping in the Coomera River and the main Broadwater the past couple of weeks and we have also landed a couple in the main Coomera up to the 1.2m in length. For targeting the average sized Sharks you really only need a medium sized rod around 7ft long matched with a 5000 to 6000 sized reel, 20lb line and trace up to 100lb will work fine. Either a circle or J hook around 7/0 should work well baited with a piece of Fresh Water Eel, Catfish or Mullet are all good options. You can target Sharks during the daytime or night time quite successfully. Some good spots are the Coomera River, Nerang River, Main Broadwater Channel, Tiger Mullet Channel, Jacobs Well, Logan River, Upper Reaches of the Tweed River and Tallebudgera Creek.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed conditions this week have been a bit tricky with strong winds blowing most days and an influx of cornflake weed being pushed in around the river mouths. Finding protected areas well upstream allowed us to do some deep and shallow water trolling for some Flathead, Bream, Whiting and a few small GT’S. When the tidal conditions suited we took advantage of it and started casting some mmd Splash prawns and caught a few Whiting and Bream on the surface which was great fun. 

Clint from the Gold Coast reports this week featured mixed wind directions and temperatures. In such conditions we do need to cover a lot of ground to find where the bait and fish are holding to keep our guests entertained. David and his six year old son Mathew booked a Nerang river charter with me. Matty clearly out fished us, catching 20 fish for the day including some nice Whiting, Bream and Trevally. I like the look of the air temperatures in the week ahead. When the day time raises to around 30 degrees Celsius and night time only drops to around 20, the Jjacks will get more aggressive and fishing for them will be more consistent, as will the fishing for big Whiting. In the Broadwater there will still be some strong run. Get out there early to take advantage or the optimum fishing time. Let’s hope we get some rain at some point and lighter winds soon to provide some relief to all those suffering from the bush fires.

If you have any great catches to report or fishing photos please email them to Good luck with the fishing!


Local angler Wayne Young (see photo in report) did well catching and releasing a nice Jew Fish from the Gold Coast Seaway using a soft plastic fished on the tide change. The key to fishing the Seaway is to try to time your trip to fish the hour before and after a tide change giving you an opportunity to fish as the current slows down making it easier to get your lure or bait into the strike zone. A few big Flathead have also been landed as they get towards the end of spawning season.

Good numbers of quality Whiting have been landed in the Tweed River more towards the entrance by locals using beach worms and yabbies for bait. Local fisho Bree (see photo in report) did well on her Houseboat Holiday landing a great feed including a quality 37cm Whiting at Jumpinpin. The Nerang River has been fishing well at night, also try the Logan River for a feed.

The rivers are still holding plenty of bait, in turn predators have been quite active especially early morning and at dusk. Quality Mangrove Jack and good sized Trevally have been showing up with anglers having a great time tangling with these bruisers. The Nerang River, Coomera River, Paradise Point, Hope Island, Jacobs Well, and Logan River should produce for anglers will to put in the time and effort.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed there are some solid Flathead feeding upstream, feeding on bait fish. Small minnow lures and vibes are working best. Trevally are still coming through and hunting food in the middle to upper reaches of the Tweed River. Giant Trevally are very exciting to hook on light tackle, trolling and casting hard bodies and soft plastics will get strikes. As the water warms the big Whiting which the Tweed is renowned for are aggressively hitting mmd splash prawn surface lures. In the clear water and sunny days use translucent colour lures in shallow water.

Clint from the Gold Coast reports strong Northerly and then Southerly winds in the past few days will stir up the water, I can’t wait to get out explore the area once everything calms down. Whiting in Nerang River should be feeding hard leading up to full moon, as will Mangrove Jacks. In the Gold Coast Broadwater Winter Whiting will be in good numbers, and some Flathead. Surprisingly there is a lot of Squid out there at present around moored boats and weed beds. The best lures to catch all of the above are Ecogear ZX40 blades in non UV colours such as 411, and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes in white bait, clear mullet, pearl shrimp, and squid colours. I have a few jack charters coming up over the next week, as well as Broadwater trips. Looking forward to catching and releasing some big ones!

There has been a lot of big bream around at night. It’s when they go quiet that you know the Jacks are coming through.

Hope you can all get out for a fish, if you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.

Report 8/11/19

Last weekend Gold Coast Fishing Fanatics Facebook Page and My Catch Australia held the Tilapia Busters comp at Robina backed by the Gold Coast City Council Wow! What a great day! 404 participants attended today’s event and contributed to catching 347kg of Tilapia. An outstanding effort in conditions that weren’t exactly favourable. Keep your eyes out for the next comp and do your bit for our local waterways.

Local Fisho Alex (see photo in report) did well managing to drag a hard fighting Mangrove Jack out of structure while fishing live baits at night in the Nerang River. Customers have reported that numbers of Jacks being caught is increasing as the weather heats up, they really like those humid conditions switching on their feeding pattern making them very aggressive.  We have plenty of great spots to target  Mangrove Jack from either land based or by boat from the Tweed River, Currumbin Creek, Tallebudgera Creek,  Nerang River and the Canal systems south to Broadbeach, Runaway Bay, Paradise Point, Coomera River and Logan River all being prime locations. At the moment the Coomera River has good numbers of bait schools of Herring and Mullet moving around, this is great news as the predators like Jacks will be around in good numbers. Lure fisho’s have also been doing well tempting some top quality fish on a mixture of 3” to 4” soft plastics and hard body lures. By catch like Trevally, Cod, Jew Fish and even the odd Barramundi (keep in mind its closed season to target Barra) are awesome fun if the Jacks are slow. Just mix your methods and try either day time or night time sessions and I’m sure you will come up trumps if you put in the hours.

Customers caught some good sized Whiting and Bream off the sandbanks east of Cobby Passage this week, also the Logan River, Western end of Tiger Mullet Channel, Jacobs Well and the Bedrooms are worth a look.  Yabbies and Worms are great bait.

Sand Crabs have been around in good numbers from the Southern Broadwater all the way to Russell Island. Target a few depths of water until you find better numbers of Crabs. Fresh fish frames work well and also whole Mullet are great bait.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed considering the amount of seriously strong winds this week the fishing was fairly good. Both casting and trolling Pontoon 21 crackjack lures across the front of drains and feeder creeks on the run out tides produced some nice school sized Flathead and 2 fish over the 70 cm mark. Trolling the deeper channels of the river is still consistent for finding some small but hard fighting Giant Trevally. We played one monster fish for over 40 minutes to unfortunately lose it right beside the boat. We found protection from the wind in a couple of shallow sea grassed bays on a mixed things up by casting some MMD splash prawns on the surface and cranked some shallow running lil mate lures. This produced a lot of fun with some nice Whiting and a lot of Bream eager to play the game.   

Clint from the Gold Coast reports some interesting catches on my boat this week includes Mangrove Jack, Mulloway, Giant Trevally, Tailor, Flathead, Squid, Whiting. Best areas in the Broadwater were Labrador and Runaway Bay in the three metre depth. Best time to fish during bigger tides is last two hours of the run out and first two hours of the run in. Nerang River has been very inconsistent during the daylight hours, due to the long term lack of rain. Fishing structure and doing the miles to find bait schools is the way to go. I’d recommend night fishing for jacks in the upper reaches while the tides are still bigger, then the middles reaches as we move into the neap phase of the moon. Tim, Steph, Grant, and Soba noodle toy poodle booked a jack trip on Sunday night. We moved spots several times after Tim caught a big bream and tailor, eventually finding his first ever Jack for him way up river on the start of the run out tide. I have been using live baits for Jacks but we are getting more hits on well-presented dead baits such as mullet and bonito fillets. Jacks will hunt in shallow water in the evenings. Don’t go too light on tackle and line/ leader. The bigger models will smoke you, there are some 70cm plus fish in our local rivers. 

If you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.

Report 1/11/19

Offshore the fishing has been quiet good on the close reefs with regular contributor Wayne Young and mate Rob (see photo in report) doing well on a recent trip scoring a great feed of mixed species including Rob’s new PB Jewfish, Snapper, Moses, Tusk Fish, Pearl Perch and Bonito from the 18 fathom reef south east of the Gold Coast Seaway. Current permitting sound around until you find bait or fish on the sounder worth fishing on then anchor up and float line WA pilchards, Squid and flesh baits will do the job.

Local Fisho Ben White (see photo in report)did well landing a nice Jew Fish and some Flathead fishing the Gold Coast Seaway, best time to fish the Seaway is an hour before to an hour after the change of tide when the current flow slows down making fishing the structure much easier. Soft Plastics, Vibes, Live Baits or Flesh baits will all work depending on the angler’s preference.

The upper reaches of the Coomera River has been producing some good catches of Trevally, Mangrove Jack and Estuary Cod. Local angler John Lewis had some fun landing a nice Trevally (see photo in report). Trevally fight hard pound for pound making them a great target on light or medium tackle. Depending on where the fish are feeding surface lures, metal slugs, trolled hard body lures or Live bait are all good options.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on that Tweed this week on the Tweed was much the same as last week with both Giant and Big Eye Trevally on the prowl, and some thumper Whiting smashing our lures. The Trevally have at times been busting up on the surface which has allowed us to cast surface lures at them with the MMD Splash Prawns working well. When the Trevally has not been visually spotted we are getting them by trolling Pontoon 21 lures in the deeper channels. The Whiting have been feeding in the dirtier water where we are getting them on the troll with both Pontoon 21 and Ecogear SX48 minnows, and a few casting Ecogear ZX40’s. In between there are also a few Flatties around to mix up the species count on the day. 

Clint from the Gold Coast reports fishing the area from the Seaway to Crab island mainly in the six metre depth zone, catching a variety of fish and getting a feed of Flathead, Squid, and Whiting. Best lures for the Broadwater now to catch a great mixed bag are Ecogear ZX40 blades in colour 411, 414, and 417 (non UV in clear water and sunny days) and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes which come in an incredible range of deadly colour. On the other days we fished up the Nerang River, covering the ground and working the tides to catch Whiting, Flathead, Giant Trevally, Grunter and Bream. Mangrove Jacks slowed down a bit at night with the cooler winds but warmer conditions this week are looking good, especially with the bigger tides. Whiting will be feeding hard on worms and yabbies when there is flow. Best fishing is at night in the with the clear water around due to prolonged lack of heavy rain. Try worms and yabbies on a run in tide in the Southport to Capri area.

Hope you all have a good weekend and get out for a fish, if you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.

Report 25/10/19

As the weather heats up Mangrove Jack have been more active throughout the Tweed and Gold Coast waterways, this is a great sign for those that enjoy chasing these hard fighting Red Devils. Customers have reported some nice Jacks up to the mid 50cm mark in the Coomera River from the Weir downstream to Coomera Waters in the North Arm and the South Arm to Paradise Point.  These areas offer multiple structure options to fish such as rock walls, bridge pylons, natural rock bars, and pontoons with or without moored boats. All these spots are prime target areas as they will hold bait trying to shelter from predators in the main river, the Jacks will just sit and wait for the bait to swim past before they nail it. Local anglers have been doing well casting and retrieving Zman Minnowz in the 3 or 4 inch range matched with heavy duty TT Headlockz jig heads. Bait fishing is one of my favourite options, live Herring, Mullet, Silver Biddies and Winter Whiting are great bait. If you have trouble catching live bait Mullet Fillet will also work well. The Nerang River, Tweed River, Tallebudgera Creek and Logan River all offer great structure to target Jacks, Cod and Trevally.  

Customers have been doing well fishing for a feed of Whiting, Dart, Bream and Tarwhine off the Surf Beaches from South Stradbroke Island south to the Tweed Coast. Collecting fresh bait from the Surf Beach is always great fun digging for Pippies and catching Beach Worms which make awesome bait. Yabbies or Prawns will also work well. Smaller swell this week has made fishing easier, just look for a gutter and you should find fish. If it’s a bit slow just keep moving up the beach until you find a school of fish feeding. I use light beach outfit around 10 or 11ft long spooled with 8 lb mono and 8lb fluro carbon trace.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on that Tweed wasn’t it great to get a bit of rain the past couple of weeks, hopefully we might get well over 50 mm plus of rain in the near future and give all our local waterways a much needed flush out. The report this week is much the same as last week with small Giant Trevally, Flathead and a few Bream and Whiting being the main players. The Trevally are migrating up and down the river following the tides and we have been trolling a combination of deep and shallow running lures for the best results on them. Fishing the deep holes with blade lures around the tide changes has worked to pick up a few Flatties and fishing the pockets of dirty water when we can find them is the place to find the Bream and Whiting. 

Clint from the Gold Coast reports he loves the rising temperatures as it means the Jacks will keep firing up and so will the Whiting and various species of hard fighting Trevally. Spots are booking fast for Mangrove Jack trips in the Spring and Summer months so contact us asap to secure your date. The Broadwater has been fishing ok on a run out tide with the staples being school size Flathead, Whiting, small Squire, Queenfish, Tarwhine and Bream. While up the river there has been Trevally, big Bream, Whiting, Jacks, and the odd Mulloway and Grunter. Best tips this week is pump yabbies and use on lightly weighted hooks at both the Broadwater and Rivers, Ecogear ZX40 colours 440 and 411 will catch fish too. Try Mullet, Whiting, and Bonito fillets for Jacks around tide changes, near structure, and just after sunset.

Report 18/10/19

It was nice to finally get some long overdue rain over the weekend on the Tweed and Gold Coast. It will take a lot more rain to give the system the flush out required to help with the fishing and crabbing but we are happy to take any rain for now.

Local Fisho Paul Wilshire took advantage of a great weather window on Monday and headed out to the 18 Fathom reef off the Seaway and scored a couple of big Snapper (see photos in report) fishing soft plastics. Off shore has been a bit hit and miss depending on the water depth you fish and how strong the current has been running. Reef fishing is always a great option as long as the current allows you to drop bait or a lure into the strike zone. As the water warms up the focus will shift to chasing pelagic species like Spotted and Spanish Mackerel, Dolphin Fish, Wahoo and the much anticipated run of lithe Black Marlin we have off the Gold and Tweed Coasts. It’s time to dust off the game fishing gear, re rig the lures and keep an eye on the sea surface temp charts for signs of quality water to fish in.

As the temp heats up chasing Whiting at night time in the rivers is a good option, local angler Wayne Young had a great trip up the Nerang River last week landing a fantastic feed of good sized fish up to 40cm long. Wayne was using Blood Worms for bait, Beach Worms and Yabbies will also make good Whiting baits. Moving around to find the fish is important, once you find a school and catch a few you may need to move on to the next spot until you find good numbers of fish feeding. How you rig your rod is important, use a long 6lb Fluro Carbon Leader , size 3 – 5 ball sinker depending on how strong the current is and a size 6 short shank bait holder hook. The Logan River, Pimpama River, Coomera and the Nerang River, Tweed River, Tallebudgera and Currumbin Creek will all produce a good feed. 

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on that Tweed the water temperature in the River this week rose up 25 degrees on some days which slowed the Flatties down a bit. The good news is that schools of both Giant and Big Eye Trevally were around terrorizing the local baitfish and our lures. Trolling pontoon 21 lures along the middle of the deep channels in the river was the most consistent way for us to find these trevally. The warmer water also helped the Whiting to start hitting our lures and they will become even more vigorous as we go into our summer months.

Clint from the Gold Coast reports the Gold Coast Broadwater is still the most consistent fishing area for me. I run charters daily anywhere between Sundale Bridge and Sovereign Island. There is always fish and squid to be found somewhere in that area provided the wind is light enough to get out there. Again as the drought continues it’s best to fish on a run out tide and deeper areas 6-10 metres when the water is calm and clear. I like to mix up lures to keep it interesting and my favourites are Ecogear ZX40, Pontoon 21 crackjack’s, Samaki Vibelicious, and Strike Pro cyber vibes.   It’s often hard to go past the Ecogear ZX40’s in the Broadwater, they just catch so many fish and squid, and produce results even on slow fishing days. Flathead are still around and scattered with the average size on our light tackle varying from 30cm to 65cm lately. There has also been Squire, Tarwhine, Bream, Flounder, a few Tuskfish, Best areas to fish have been between Sovereign and Ephraim, halfway between North and South Currigee, and Labrador to Southport main and Western channel. I have some specialised mangrove jack trips coming up so hopefully we find and release some more red dogs to add to the early season tally.

Report 4/10/19                                                                                  

The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend is looking good with plenty of sunshine on the way. School Holidays has been a busy time on the waterways with lots of people enjoying time outside Gold and Tweed Coasts. Let’s have a look at some fishing options.

Exciting times this week with hundreds of anglers out competing in the Gold Coast Sports Fish Club 2019 Flathead Classic. Conditions have been pretty tuff leading up to kick of Wednesday 2/10/19 with plenty of weed clogging up normally productive fishing areas. I will have more details how everyone went in next week’s report.

It’s good to see a few local anglers have started to target Mangrove Jack around the Gold and Tweed Coast as the days get longer and the weather warms up. A few good spots to look are the Coomera River, Tweed River, Currumbin Creek, Logan River and Nerang River. Targeting structure like jetties, pontoons, moored boats, bridges and rock walls in the search for a Red Bruiser. Zman 3” & 4” minnows in Pearl White & Red Calico Candy seem to be a favourite choice in the river. Just keep on casting and varying your retrieve and eventually you will be rewarded. Fishing live baits is very rewarding and productive if they are not looking at your lure. Herring, Garfish, Silver Biddies and Mullet will all get crunched by a Jack. Bycatch like Estuary Cod and Trevally will be a bonus whilst searching for a Jack.

Customers have had some fun this week making the most of School Holidays catching some nice Bream and Whiting around Jumpinpin and the Southern Broadwater. Yabbies, Worms and Prawns have been the go to bait producing some quality fish. Some good spots are Canaipa Passage near the mouth of Cobby Passage, Short Island Huts, Slipping Sands, Crusoe Island, Gold Bank, Eden Island, Tiger Mullet Channel, Coomera River either North and South Arms, Paradise Point, Crab Island and Wave Break Island. Land based try Paradise Point, Esplanade at Runaway Bay, Grand Hotel Jetty, Sundale Bridge, Marine Stadium, Nerang River and Jacobs Well. 

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on that Tweed the water in the Tweed River is probably the clearest I have seen it due to the obvious lack of much needed rain. At times like this the fish spread out and are happy to move well upstream with the high salinity levels. Trolling is a great way to go when the fish are spread out as trolling allows you to cover a lot of ground. Flatties have been the main player while trolling with a few small Bream and Whiting taking the pontoon 21 lures as well. This could be a good season for Giant Trevally as they normally start their campaign from October onwards but we have caught the odd small one while trolling and have seen some bigger models busting up the baitfish. 

Clint from the Gold Coast reports the water is now around 24 degrees in Nerang River and the Mangrove Jacks will be getting active, especially with warmer days and muggy, stormy nights. With the lack of bait around the Jacks will be hungry. 

In Nerang River our charter catches have consisted of school Flathead, good size Spotted Grunter, Bream, and a few small Jewfish. Best spots to fish have been the deeper holes and also the canals off the main river. On the Gold Coast Broadwater there are school Flathead, Squid, Tarwhine, small Trevally, Bream, Flounder, Cod, and Whiting. Best areas have been all around Crab Island and the main channel around Southport. For Jacks try Mullet and Whiting fillets in the evenings around the tide changes and near structure. Make sure you use strong hooks like Mustad hoodlums or the jacks will straighten them for you.

Hope you all have a good weekend and get out for a fish, if you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.    

New fishing regulations now in effect in QLD

Report 27/9/19

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week, It’s nice to see all of our Houseboats out on the water with lots of families and friends enjoying the School Holidays and catching a few fish and crabs. The weather has been nice on Gold and Tweed coasts for getting outdoors and having fun. Let’s see what’s been on the bite this week.   

The Gold Coast Sports Fish Club 2019 Flathead Classic kicks off on Tuesday 1st of October with hundreds of teams of keen Fishos ready to hit the water in search of the famous big Gold Coast Flathead. Good luck to everyone, hope you enjoy the event and are lucky enough to find some quality fish.

Customers have reported great catches of Whiting this week, as we transition into the warmer months the fishing will just get better. Whiting are a great target species and can be found schooling in numbers during the day and night time. We are lucky on the Tweed and Gold Coast as we have quite a few land based options as well as spots to try in the boat. Worms or Yabbies are the best bait to try, I recommend to use a long trace of 6lb fluorocarbon leader matched with a size 6 bait holder hook for worms or size 4 hook if you’re using yabbies. Sinker choice is important, if you go too light all you will catch is Bream.  I use either a 4 or 5 ball sinker to keep you bait on the bottom where the Whiting feed. Tidal flow is also a big factor, as the old saying goes “no run no fun” and this is very true when targeting a feed of Whiting.  Some good land based spots are Paradise Point foreshore, Runaway Bay, Labrador, Marine Stadium, Nerang River and Jacobs Well.  In the boat try Coomera River, Logan River, Pimpama River, Wave Break Island, Tweed River, Currumbin, Tallebudgera Creek or Nerang River.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on that Tweed River once again Flathead have been the main fish caught on my charters this week, with Whiting also beginning to appear in numbers again, they will get bigger and more numerous over the warmer months. Until we get heavy rain the middle to upper reaches of the Tweed River are the best areas to fish. Trolling finesse lures such as Pontoon 21 crackjack and Ecogear SX48 minnows over sandbanks at high tide early in the morning will always get strikes from a variety of species including Flathead, Whiting, Trevally and Bream. I have begun surface fishing over my super banks with MMD splashprawns and Bassday Sugapens. This exciting and visual form of fishing will provide my clients with plenty of thrills through Spring and Summer.

Clint from the Gold Coast reports he has been running some charters this past week up the Nerang River and also in the Gold Coast Broadwater as far North as Sovereign Island. We are noticing the continuing effects of lack of heavy rain for months now, with the estuary systems needing a reset and flush. We can’t do anything about the weather, so we have to work even harder to find fish daily for our guests.  Neutral and non UV colour lures are working best, such as Ecogear ZX40 in 411 colour code, and more transparent soft vibes. Bigger numbers of fish are hard to come by up Nerang River but there are some nice Flathead around the bait schools in the far upper reaches, and also Grunter, Trevally, Whiting, Bream. In the Broadwater Flathead, Flounder, Whiting, Squid, Squire, Bream, Tarwhine and small Queenfish dominate the daily catch.

Try the deeper areas around the tide changes then move to the shallower areas when it starts running.

Hope you all have a good weekend and get out for a fish, if you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.    

New fishing regulations now effective fisheries Queensland

Report 19/9/19

School Holidays is the perfect time to get the kids out into the great outdoors and have some fun trying your luck. There are plenty of Land based options on the Tweed River, Tallebudgera Creek, Currumbin Creek, Nerang River, Southern end of the Broadwater around Marine Stadium, Broadwater Parklands, Marine Parade Labrador, Paradise Point, Coomera River and Jacobs Well to name a few spots that will produce some action. A basic running sinker rig on a light estuary outfit will do the job, Prawns, Worms, White Pilchards or Yabbies make great bait. Fishing from the shore you will have a chance of landing Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Trevally or Tailor just to name a few more common species. The kids should have a fantastic time, make sure you send in a photo of their catch.

Customers have reported some big Flathead have been caught this week, Andy had an awesome session catching and releasing a 90+cm Flathead (see photo in report) this week on his Houseboat Holiday at Jumpinpin. Large fish from 80-90cm have been caught in the Pin Bar mouth and surrounding area and also in the Gold Coast Seaway. The big females are getting ready to spawn in the deep water around the ocean mouths just in time for the Flathead Classic. If you find a large fish just keep on fishing the area as there should be plenty of males in the 45cm to 50cm range hanging around, these guys make a nice feed. When you catch a large fish remember to handle them with care as they are the future of fishing, a quick photo and then release your prized catch. The legal size limit in Qld is min 40cm Max 75cm. Large Soft Plastics, Vibes and Blades rigged on 20lb fluro carbon leader is a good way to fish deep water.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on that Tweed River the strong winds that have been blowing over the past week have been enough to blow the milk out of your coffee and have unfortunately helped the tragic bushfires raging in our Hinterland.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the people along the range that have lost homes and property and the emergency services that are fighting a dangerous battle to try and control this devastating blaze. On the water I often take advantage of the wind especially finding shallow areas where the wind is blowing hard against the tide as this rough area rolls the bottom over and discolours the water which I call stirring the pot. The Flatties and Bream in the Tweed over the past few days have been smashing the vibes and hard bodied minnows in this agitated water. On the flip side I have had to find some calm water out of the wind to fish the deep holes where we caught some Flatties and small Jewfish.

Clint from the Gold Coast reports as Smithy said we are thinking of those affected by the bushfires, and we are donating to help, hope you can too. Let’s hope we get some rain soon to settle everything down.

This week the weather has forced us to fish upstream and it has not been easy, the GT’s are making a welcome appearance. The next few months are prime time for these brutal speedsters, and other species of trevally. They provide nail biting fun on light tackle. My charters up Nerang river have also provided some school size Flathead, Bream, Grunter and Whiting. There are small patches of bait way upstream as expected with the lack of rain. When the wind drops I will be eager to get out to the deeper reef in the Broadwater again, to find Flathead, Squid, Whiting, Tuskfish, Flounder,Squire and many more for my charter guests. School holidays are coming soon so book your charter asap to avoid missing out. The warmer weather will see the mighty Mangrove Jacks become more active. Your best bet in the clear water will be to fish in the early mornings and evenings around the tide changes, getting your lures or baits in close to structure such as bridge pylons, drains, rock walls, pontoons, and moored boats.

Report 29/8/19

Snapper fishing has been first class the past couple of weeks with all depths fishing well from 18 to 50 fathoms depending on current.

Local fisho Paul Wilshire did well on Monday (see photo below) scoring his bag limit of quality eating sized Snapper from the close reefs south east of the Seaway. Float lining lightly weighted baits is the best way to target Snapper, and the majority of the time they will hit the bait on the drop. This is the best feeling as an angler as the line starts peeling off the reel, it’s just a matter of closing the bail arm or engaging the reel into gear to set the hooks. Snapper will feed fairly high in the water column, especially if you have an effective berley trail going. My favourite bait is a WA Pilchard followed by whole large Squid, Mullet Fillet, Bonito Fillet, Tailor Fillet then live Yakkas. At the time of writing the report it looks like the weekend will be a bit windy for heading offshore, early next week is looking better. Just make sure you have the most up to date forecast before heading out to sea.

I took the kids out for a look last Saturday, we started in the Pimpama River and found a few small Flathead casting Zman StreakZ 4” on 3/8 TT Head LockZ jig heads. We then headed south towards Brown Island and started to work Eco Gear and TT Switch Blades along the channel until we reached the Currigee area. We scored a good variety of fish including plenty of Flathead, Flounder, Bream, Trevally and Squid. The best fishing was in the deeper water around 5m, this depth seemed to be holding a fair bit of bait.

Customers reported some quality Tailor from the Tweed and Gold Coast beaches this week, the tides were perfect with the evening high producing the prime bite time. Depending on wind and swell, this weekend will also be great tides for night fishing.

Suggested reading: Better beach fishing with bait

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed there is no doubt that the old saying “August is the windy month” is true with Westerlies being the dominant wind. In saying this we have had some great weather and the water temperature is on the rise which means i will be starting to do a bit more surface lure fishing in the near future. We have had the odd Bream rise and take the MMD splash prawns and Bassday Sugapens but no luck at this stage getting a Whiting or Flattie to rise off the bottom. The most consistent results have still been coming from trolling the shallows and fishing the bait schools in the deeper holes for Flatties. We did get on to a school of Trevally, Queenfish and Tailor over the weekend. Although they were all very small they did provide some fun on light gear. To catch these juvenile size fish is a healthy sign for the waterway with the big Giant Trevally usually arriving and destroying the bait population from October onwards.

Clint from the Gold Coast reports the average water temp increased this week and there are more bait fish in the Gold Coast Broadwater. It looks like Jack season will start early and be a good long one, especially if we get some decent amounts of rainfall in Spring. We have been catching Tailor, Flathead, Flounder, the odd Squid, Bream, Tarwhine, Squire, and a few Tuskfish on our charters this week. Our guests have enjoyed keeping a few for dinner. Best lures have been Ecogear ZX40 and Zerek Fish Traps. It pays to smear a drop of Sax scent goldprawn over your vibes to attract that return bite when fish miss the hooks.

The most consistent spot has been the area between South and North Currigee along South Stradbroke island, in the early mornings. An effective technique when the flathead are spread out like they are now is shallow water trolling. This helps firstly get a few fish on the boat, and secondly if they are schooled up it helps you find “nests” of feeding flathead. You can then stop and cast at them with lures.

Report 23/8/19

Customers have been scoring some nice Bream this week, Jumpinpin has been fishing well around Tiger Mullet Channel, Short Island, Crusoe Island, Eden Island, Mc Kenzies Channel, Kalinga Bank and the Powerlines. Most bridges and jetties around Paradise Point, Runaway Bay, Southport and Nerang River are all holding some nice Bream. Prawns, Mullet Fillet, Squid, White Pilchards, Worms and Yabbies are all great bait. Small soft plastics, Vibes and surface lures worked around structures are an exciting way to fish for Bream if you like to mix up your fishing methods.

A few Tailor have been showing up the in the surf beach gutters along the Tweed and Gold Coast on the night time incoming tide for those that like their beach fishing. Whole WA pilchards on gang hooks will work, I start by using a mono trace rather than wire. You will find you get a lot more bites if the fishing is a bit slow, I only go to a wire trace if the fish are thick and you are getting regular bite offs. The Broadwater has been fishing a bit hot & cold for Tailor, there is no shortage of bait schools around it’s just a matter of looking for the feeding birds and activity on the surface. Try the main channel near Currigee and around the Seaway and the Pin bar mouth and around Crusoe Island.

Some big Snapper have started to move into the closer reefs last week which is great news, local anglers Bob did well landing an 10kg monster and Ben(see photos in report)a 80cm fish on separate trips. We have a big spike in swell due over the weekend so offshore fishing will be best when the swell eases early next week. Big bait schools have been hanging around the 18 and 24 fathom reefs off the Seaway, just keep an eye on the sounder for fish arches around the bait this will be a predator such as a big trophy Snapper. Live Yakkas or Slimy Mackerel are great bait, the old humble WA pilchard is still my favourite go to bait, whole large Squid the Mullet or Bonito Fillet will also work well.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed what a hot then cold and windy period we have been through earlier in the week. The fishing and the conditions were very tough with wind as well as water temperature and barometer drops. The great news is that as from today and right through until next week the weather is looking fantastic with the water temperature and the barometer already starting to rise. The wind made conditions very hard to do much deep water jigging earlier in the week so trolling a combination of deep and shallow running lures around the mid to upper reaches of the river was the way to go. Some Flatties, Bream and the odd Whiting was caught on the troll with the majority of the fish favouring the shallow warmer stretches of the river.

Now that the weather has come good I will be able to mix it up with some deep water jigging for some Jewies around the tide changes as there are good schools of baitfish showing on the sounder in the deep holes. Deep water jigging under these bait schools should also produce some Flatties as well and hopefully some nice Bream and the odd Tailor. I also intend to start doing some surface fishing for some bream and maybe a couple of early season whiting of the shallows.

Clint form the Gold Coast reports Typical winter days warm up nicely here with light winds as the Westerlies drop. The fish have been coming on the bite as the week goes on, especially as the barometer rises again. I’m finding a lot more bait fish are now present in the Broadwater everywhere from the Spit to Ephraim Island, resulting in catches of big Flounder, Dusky Flathead, Bartail Flathead, Sand Whiting, Winter Whiting, Squire, Tarwine, Bream, Grassy Sweetlip, and a few Squid. Simply look for bait on the fish finder and drift with it, changing lure colours until you crack the code on the day. The mid size tides have made it possible to fish the deeper areas, which helps when the water is clear. On the run out tide there has been some slightly discoloured water running along the inside of South Stradbroke island. This helps predators such as Flathead ambush their prey at close range, and it’s in these areas you’ll find nest of fish feeding, ideally with a water temperature of around 18 degrees. Tarpon are still around, you’ll find then near the seaway and along the main channel running North. Best lures this week: Ecogear ZX40 in colours 415 and 440, Gulp Crabby in camo colours. Yabbies are catching plenty too.

Report 15/8/19

Flathead have been quite active this week leading up to the full moon, Coomera Houseboats customer John (see photo in report) did well catching and releasing a cracking 78cm fish at Kangaroo Island Jumpinpin on a Yabbie as bait on his holiday. Some bigger Flathead are starting to show up more consistently as we head closer to the prime breeding time in September/October. The big females will attract quite a number of smaller males which are a good size fish if you want to keep a couple for a feed, just remember the rules in Queensland minimum size is 40cm and maximum size limit is 75cm. Drifting with bait is a good way to cover ground and find Flathead if you not used to using lures. Yabbies, White Pilchards, Blue Bait and strips of Mullet Fillet make great baits.

For the lure fisho’s trolling hard body lures along the Mangrove lined banks of Islands and edges of Sandbanks is a great method as Flathead will sit head into the current waiting for bait fish to swim past. Trolling against the tide is not recommended as the fish will have to turn to attack your lure and will 9 times out of 10 result in no hook up. Some good areas to try your luck are Bedrooms, Tipplers Passage, Paradise Point, Aldershots, Never Fails Islands, Kalinga Bank, Tiger Mullet Channel, Cabbage Tree Point, Currumbin Creek and the Logan River Mouth.

Schools of Tailor responded well to the cold westerly winds last weekend with keen anglers getting stuck into some nice quality catches. Gutters along South Stradbroke Island produced good numbers of nice fish, also Main Beach North to Pumping Jetty, Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads and from Fingal north to the Tweed Bar. Throwing metal slugs, surface walkers and poppers is a fun and very visually rewarding way to target Tailor with some awesome bite action to fire you up. Whole WA Pilchards were the best bait followed by Mullet, Bonito or Tailor Fillet on ganged hooks.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed the ongoing great winter weather continues with cool clean morning starts and warm windless days. Not a lot has changed from last week’s report and the Flathead are still dominating the catch rate. Being in the right spot around the tide changes is the time that really triggers their feeding instinct. A pattern that is not uncommon for all our species. The deeper holes in the rivers are producing the odd nice size Tailor and very small School Jew but these little guys still go well on light line. The slight increase in water temperature has also allowed us to have a bit of fun chasing some Bream on surface lures. The water is very clear in the river at present so very natural coloured lures are working the best.

Clint form the Gold Coast reports typical beautiful winter weather has made for some very pleasant days out on the Gold Coast Broadwater. Flathead tended to start feeding later in the day, and the large schools of Winter Whiting have moved out to the open ocean to find food. There has been a distinct lack of bait fish in the ultra-clear water, apart from white bait. As the old saying goes “match the hatch” and try Strike Pro blades, Zerek fishtraps in Olive Guppy colour. There has been a few nice Flathead, Bream, Whiting in the canals, and the odd small mulloway up the river. The Broadwater Flathead can be found at the Aldershots, on the eastern side of Crab island, Anglers Paradise, and upriver from TSS on the western side. The rest of the catch in the Broadwater has consisted of Flounder, Squid, and Winter Whiting. Look for signs of activity such as patches of bait and arch shapes for bigger fish on the fish finder.

Report 1/8/19

With good weather conditions hanging around heading offshore has been a great option on Tweed and Gold Coasts. Last Saturday we took advantage of the weather and headed out with my mate Wayne and my daughter Bec to try our luck on the 24 fathom area SE of the Gold Coast Seaway. We hit the water early and found some good shows of bait and fish to try our luck just as the sun was rising which is the best bite time. We started well landing a couple of nice Snapper and Tusk Fish, we kept a burley trail going but then the bite slowed down and lots of small undersized Squire started to show up. We then decided to head back into the 18 fathom area for a look, we found plenty of bait schools but unfortunately no good fish on offer.

After a bit of talk we then decided to make a late run out to 36 fathoms SE of the Seaway as there has been reports of good Snapper, Pearl Perch, Amberjack, Sampson and Cobia. The NW wind made conditions a bit choppy but not too bad. On arrival we sounded around and found some nice signs of fish on the sounder so we anchored up and float lined WA Pilchards and straight away got hit on the drop and landed some nice Snapper. Next drop Bec got smacked on the way down and her line took off peeling drag flat out, the fish then headed for the surface then back down to 65m before slugging it out. 20 minutes later Bec (see photo in report) had landed her first Cobia going 17kg on the scales, a great effort on 20lb gear. The 24 fathom area seems to be fishing better than the 18 at the moment with better numbers of Snapper, Moses, Trag, Tusk Fish, Cobia and Tailor being caught. Just keep an eye out when navigating as there is a large number of Whales moving along the coast at present.

The Broadwater has been fishing well around the Gold Coast Seaway seeing quite a variety of species showing up, reports of schools of hard fighting Tarpon have been keeping anglers on their toes. Fishing a mixture of soft plastic, vibes or bait around the entrance of the Seaway and into the Currigee channel has produced Grassy Sweetlip, Spangled Emperor, Tusk Fish, Squire, Bream and a few Tailor.

Bream are still the main target for anglers chasing a feed around Jumpinpin, Crusoe Island, Short Island, Tiger Mullet Channel, Kalinga Bank, Whalleys Gutter, Little Rocky Point, Power Lines and Marks Rocks up the Logan are all worth a look. My favourite baits are Mullet Fillet, Mullet Gut, Prawns, White Pilchards or Yabbies.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed reports it has been a week of great weather and a massive work load finding Flatties for our guests, and helping train visitors from the United Kingdom and Sweden, here to compete in the World Hobie Bream tournament on the Gold Coast. The Flatties are still fishing well in the deep holes on blades and are taking our trolled lures over the shallow warmer water. We have been training our bream tournament anglers on how to fish rock walls and jetties but the most fun and best results came from cranking shallow running lures over and around the seagrass beds. We also caught Bream on surface lures in the same area which is always great visual fun.

Clint reports on our Gold Coast Broadwater charters we have found the fish are moving around a lot searching for food, which has forced us to cover a lot of kms to find them some days. They may be in one area one day and gone the next. As always if you don’t spot activity on the fish finder keep moving.

Inevitably the bites will come if you find patches of bait. The water is very clear at the moment so it may pay to fish areas like the Aldershots and Tipplers channel to find bigger and more Flathead. They’ll be there in the more discoloured water ambushing baitfish to feed themselves up before breeding season. There have been a lot of 40-45cm flathead in the Currigee area at South Stradbroke island, as well as big winter Whiting up to 28cm, Flounder, Squid, Bream, Tarwhine, and a few Tuskfish. The Nerang river is getting harder to find numbers of fish due to lack of bait, but we did manage some good Whiting, Flathead, and a nice Mulloway caught by Rebecca.

Report 26/7/19

Last Saturday I headed up around Jumpinpin with the kids to have a look around for a few Flathead using my favourite 4” Zman Streakz curl tails. We started in the mouth of Tiger Mullet Channel on the rising tide throwing lures around the weed beds landing a number of smaller Flathead that were tending to be sitting on the patches of sand between the weed. We then changed tactics as the tide neared its top heading to the Pin Bar mouth to catch the turn of tide. This produced a few nice Bream on Switch Blade vibes and even 20 gram metal slugs that we were jigging for Tailor. There was not a lot of bait around the Pin Bar so as the tide turned and started to run out we headed up Canaipa Passage to fish the sandbanks opposite Cobby Passage entrance. This area produced a few nice school sized Flathead up to 50cm. Tiger Mullet Channel and Whalleys Gutter also fished well, the key was to find the bait schools and the Flathead were hanging around. Good numbers of solid Bream were also hitting the soft plastics hard as they are feeding up ready to spawn throughout the winter months.

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Small swell and light winds have been a great combination for anglers heading offshore the past week. Customers have reported mixed results on the Snapper, the current has been a bit unpredictable at times running pretty hard on certain days making fishing tuff. Best catches of Snapper are still coming from the 36 and 24 fathoms reefs off the Gold Coast. A good mix of species is also being caught like Tusk Fish, Trag Jew, Moses, Cobia and some big Jewfish. Try float lining WA pilchards, Squid, Mullet Fillet or Live Yakkas

Coomera Houseboat customers have been getting stuck into some great quality Bream from Jumpinpin this week. Numbers have been ok during the day but fishing at night is still the best option for bigger quality fish. Best spots are Short Island Huts, Kalinga Bank, Crusoe Island, Perrys Hole and Tiger Mullet Channel.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed the good news is that after the chilly early morning starts the days warm up, and the fish are on the bite. The deep holes are producing some nice sized Bream and small Jewfish on the zx40 and strike pro vibes providing you find the holes that are holding bait. We have also been catching a few Flatties in the deep holes but the best results have been coming from trolling pontoon 21 crackjack and greedyguts lures in the warmer shallower water around the top of the tide.

Clint reports this week the cooler early morning weather has not stopped the fish biting, with sessions at Nerang river producing 20 plus Sand whiting at times, as well as school size Flathead and the odd 50-60cm fish. The whiting have been quite big and fat, which goes to show how well fed they are locally! Best bait for them if you can’t get bloodworms is Prawns. The Broadwater has been a bit quiet at times with clear water. The bigger tides have been at night, which could be when the fish are feeding more aggressively. There are Bream and Tarpon at the Seaway but the better eating species such as Flathead are best targeted at Southport, Lands End, Wavebreak Island, and Paradise Point. The Tarpon are terrific sportfish and have been busting up on bait balls every day this week, mostly near the canyon off the Northern wall of Wavebreak Island.

Report 18/7/19

Fisho Tackle customers have had perfect weather for fishing this week. They have been doing well trolling hard body lures on the edges of weed beds around the Never Fail Islands, Jacobs Well, Cabbage Tree Point, Tipplers Passage, Tipplers Island and the Bedrooms temping a few nice Flathead. Trolling lures is a great way to cover ground and find fish this time of year. Once you locate fish there will usually be quite a few in the general area. Try switching to soft plastics or vibes and pepper the area to find the big Flathead that is attracting the school sized fish.

With nice weather conditions continuing finding a day with smaller swell has paid off for crews fishing the offshore grounds of the Tweed and Gold Coast with customers consistently catching some great feeds of Snapper. The Gold Coast reefs from 18 to 36 fathoms have been producing some good mixed bags of fish including Snapper, Moses, Tusk Fish, Cobia, School Mackerel, Trag Jew, Pearl Perch and plenty of big Jew Fish. Hope you get out for a fish whilst the weather is good.

Some big Bream are showing up around Jumpinpin, some good spots are Kalinga Bank, Crusoe Island, Tiger Mullet Channel, Short Island Huts, Perrys Hole, Little Rocky Point and the Power Lines. Best tip is to keep a consistent burley trail going, sometimes once you start catching fish you forget to burley and the fish will go off the bite. Try using Mullet Fillet, Mullet Gut, Prawns, White Pilchard and Yabbies.

Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed that now that we have clear skies and the comfortable Winter sun it’s got the Flatties on the bite. Flathead are still dominating our catch rate and will continue to do so over the next couple of months. The fish are holding up in the deep holes that have good bait schools in them with the blades and Ecogear zx40 lures doing the job on them with the odd big Bream as well. Some nice size flathead are moving up in the shallows during the day to take advantage of the warmer water and are taking trolled pontoon 21 Crackjack and Greedy Guts lures.

Clint has been catching some good Flathead and Bream in shallow water in the middle to lower sections of the Nerang River and its canals. Drifting with Ecogear ZX40 blades coated in Sax Scent goldprawn, especially colours 440 and 447, and trolling with Pontoon 21 crackjacks and greedy guts in Bloody Tiger prawn and Spanish Red colours, have been the most effective methods. This usually ensures a fresh feed in the esky and plenty more released to keep growing and breeding. We caught a variety of fish on lures in the Broadwater, everywhere from Cronin island to Sovereign Island. There are heaps of arrow squid around, easily caught on Ecogear ZX40s and squid jigs, Jewfish love a squid too so try them as live bait.

Report 12/7/19

I was lucky to score some nice weather so we headed out for a fish on Tuesday, Crab Island and Currigee produced a few smaller Flathead on Zman soft plastics. The Seaway was holding some bait and schools of fish on the pipeline and the Seaway entrance opposite the North Wall. We scored a few nice Bream on TT Switch Blades, got smoked by some bigger fish and even landed a Leather Jacket. The weed beds around Wavebreak Island fished well for Squid on high tide, the 2 to 2.5 inch jig worked well, even the Flathead tried to smash the jigs in the clear water.

After all the rain the rivers seem to be holding good bait schools of Herring, Mullet, Silver Biddies and Garfish. The water is still quite clear in the Broadwater making fishing a tuff at times, the rivers will be worth a go on the weekend. Try the upper reaches on the Tweed, Nerang, Logan, Pimpama and Coomera. Flathead will be a main target along with Bream, Whiting, Trevally and the odd Jewfish might even show up. The dirty water gives the bait fish a bit more shelter, try to target areas where there is a change of water quality or a current line. As the tide runs out fishing the river mouth is a great option as this can be an area where the predators will wait for the bait to be flushed out.

Surf fishing will be a good option now the swell has started to ease, hopefully the schools of Tailor will move into gutters from the Tweed Coast up to South Stradbroke Island. Early morning and late afternoon and night is the best time to target Tailor.

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Another species worth targeting is Jewfish. Big Jewfish will enter the gutters as the tide rises chasing the Tailor or Mullet, using a fresh fillet of either Tailor or Mullet is a great way to land a prized Jewfish.

Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed It has been good to receive some much needed rain to get the rivers, creeks and drains running which are a vital need for the health of our waterways. Good quality bream are making their presence felt and are taking Pontoon 21 crackjack minnows around the shallow sea grassed areas, and blades in the deeper holes around the tide changes. Flathead are still the main target species and will continue to improve in both size and numbers over the few months .The rain will also help to encourage Jewfish to come on the bite so I will be very focused on locating some of these great fighting fish around the tide changes in the deep holes.

Clint ventured out to the Broadwater once this week with regular guests Scott, Tim, and Terry. Tides were a bit slow and the water was clear and calm at high tide, so we had to work hard to find fish. The night tides leading up to new moon have been a lot bigger, and this is when the fish could be feeding more actively. Some Squid, Winter Whiting and Flathead came on the bite on Ecogear ZX40 blades coated with Sax scent goldprawn.

The rest of the week was dominated by Southerly winds which made fishing up Nerang River and the canals a more comfortable option producing some great catches like Jacks thumper Bream (see photo in report) on a Pontoon 21 crackjack 48mm SP DR lure, plus a bunch of Flathead and a solid Sand Whiting. Best areas to fish were the Broadbeach waters canals, Benowa, and Carrara. Shallower water to 3m in depth held the most fish.

Report 5/7/19
With the wind and swell stopping fishos from heading offshore, I’d recommend fishing around the open ocean entrances inside the Tweed Bar, Gold Coast Seaway and Jumpinpin Bar in the calmer water. The large swell offshore tends to stir up close reefs which in turn stirs up bait fish and can often push some quality Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Moses just to name a few species into these areas. The bit of rain we have had will also push bait out of the rivers and into the bar entrances, big Jewfish, Trevally and Tailor will be patrolling waiting for a feed.

Customers have done pretty well this week managing to hide out of the wind and put up with a bit of rain scoring some quality catches of Bream around Jumpinpin. Crusoe Island, Kalinga Bank, Perrys Hole, Short Island, Mc Kenzies Channel and Whalleys Gutter are some great spots to look. Logan River around Marks Rocks, Nerang River and the Tweed river are all fishing well around structure like rock walls, jetty or bridge pylons holding good numbers of Bream. Burly is a big part of a successful Bream session, I use a pellet based burley from Stimulate or Wilson. Just a bit at a time will keep them interested, if you feed them too much they may lose interest in your bait. Best baits are Prawns, Yabbies, Mullet Fillet, Mullet Gut and White Pilchards. You can pretty much just leave the rod when you’re getting a bite and they will hook themselves, don’t be too keen and strike and just pull the hook and bait away from the fish.

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Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed the rain will get the creeks and drains running, washing food and nutrients into the rivers which will all go towards the success of a better winter fishing season. It is still the Flathead show at present with good numbers of fish still holding in the shallower middle reaches of the river. Some nice quality bream are starting to show in the deeper holes and will continue to increase in both size and numbers throughout July.

Clint reports from the Broadwater fishing around the Seaworld area produced some Winter Whiting, Flounder, Flathead and Cuttlefish. In the Nerang River Birthday Girl Jan (see photo in report) skilfully landed a monster 87cm croc Flathead after a 10 minute fight, showing great patience to net the big girl on 2.7kg braid and 8lb fluorocarbon leader. The fish first came up when hooked and had a look at the boat, giving us a glimpse of its massive head and girth, then produced a couple of big runs in the shallow water. The Nerang River is a great option in the wind and is producing some good catches of Whiting, Bream and Flathead.

Report 28/6/19

With School Holidays kicking off this weekend it was nice to see plenty of family’s heading out on our Houseboats and also calling in to ask advice on how to get the kids involved in fishing. A light estuary outfit with a running sinker rig will work well, Prawns, White Pilchards, Worms or Yabbies are great bait. We have seen some nice Bream, Whiting and Flathead landed and the smiles from the kids say it all. With so much technology at your fingertips nowadays it’s nice to get back to basics and enjoy some quality time fishing. If you have a boat on the Gold Coast you have lots of options from Rivers, Canals, the Broadwater or Jumpinpin. Land based fishing is a great option especially with younger ones as you can access beaches and facilities in most of the parks that have water and jetty access. Some good spots to try are Coomera River, Paradise Point, Runaway Bay, Labrador, Biggera Waters, Broadwater Parklands, Marine Stadium, Nerang River and Jacobs Well.

Customers have reported Flathead in the shallow water on the top of sandbanks throughout the Broadwater and Jumpinpin at high tide. Try the deeper edges of the sandbanks as the tide starts to fall along with creek and river mouths. Deep gutters are also a good spot to look as Flathead are ambush predators as the bait swims off the sandbank on the falling tide they will sit in the gutter. Casting Zman soft plastics, TT Switch Blades, Zerek Flat Shads, Zerek Fish Traps and Storm soft vibes are all good methods to target fish.

Pryor to the wind and rain offshore fishing has been good off the Tweed, Gold Coast and Jumpinpin with some quality catches coming in. Fido’s and Nine Mile off the Tweed have produced a good mixed bag of Snapper, Tusk Fish, Maori Cod, Trag and some nice easting Wrasse. The 36 fathom grounds off the Gold Coast and Jumpinpin has seen some quality Snapper taken on bait and soft plastics. Once the wind and swell eases it will be worth targeting Jewfish and Cobia on the close reefs with good numbers of these prize eating fish around so far this winter.

Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports fishing has been very good with the Flathead still dominating the scoreboard and are holding through the middle to upper reaches of the river. Brad has done some exploratory runs down to the mouth and lower reach of the river in search of the big bream and tailor that would normally be around by now without much success but they will come. When these fish start their spawning run late it is not a bad thing as it usually means an extended season and can see them come on thick through to the end of August.

Report 21/6/19

Cool Winter nights signals Bream season with customers finding some quality fish the past few weeks. Bream are a great fish for the kids to target as they will keep the little ones occupied and you can teach them the skill of how to land a fish. Depending on the areas you fish Bream are usually hunting and feeding on schools on White Bait throughout the Tweeds River, Broadwater and Jumpinpin. Some good spots to try your luck are Short Island, Crusoe Island, Tiger Mullet Channel, Whalleys Gutter, Jacobs Well, Dux, Wavebreak Island, Paradise Point, Logan River and Tweed River. Land based anglers have multiple choices which all produce good catches of Bream, try the Grand Hotel Jetty, Lands End at Biggera Creek, The Southport Bridge, Hope Island Bridge, Paradise Point Jetty and Coomera River highway bridge. Bream love structure and land based anglers have a great advantage with so many rock walls and jetty’s that can be easily accessed. When fishing for Bream a good burly trail is a must, keep your baits close to the snags or rock walls where the fish school up. Fishing line of around 8lb and also 8lb fluro carbon trace will work for most areas, just adjust the sinker size to suit the area and tides you fish. I recommend a bait holder hook around size 2 – 4 depending which bait you are using, they are a good choice to keep the bait looking more natural. I like to use Prawns, Mullet Fillet, White Pilchards, Mullet Gut or Yabbies.

Offshore fishos have had a great run of weather landing some top quality fish. Staff member Adrian and his mate Steve had a great morning on the 24 fathoms grounds east of the Seaway scoring a mixed bag including a great sized Snapper and a quality Yellow Fin Tuna (see photos in report). Reports of big Jewfish from 15+kg have been coming in consistently the past week, the best time to target these fantastic fish has been late afternoon into the early evening. Collect your live baits like Yakkas, Slimy’s or Pike, find a good rock holding bait to anchor on and float line your live baits until you get slammed. Snapper numbers should increase as the water temp starts to cool off, early morning and late afternoon are prime time to target a feed.

Flathead are starting to dominate catches through the estuaries of the Tweed and Gold Coats, best time to target a Flathead is a falling tide. Target the edges of sandbanks and drains as they will be lying in wait as the bait moves off the shallows as the tide falls. I prefer to throw soft plastics like Zmam 3 inch MinnowZ or 4 inch curl tailz in these areas rigged on a 3/8 or 1/4 ounce jig head tied to 12lb fluro carbon trace.

Fisho Tackle customers have been scoring a great feed of Sand Crabs from the channels near Wave Break Island, Aldershots, Never Fail Islands and Canaipa Passage.

Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports Flathead are still dominating the catch rate in both the Nerang and Tweed river systems which is not a bad problem to have as an angler. There has been a few Whiting taking our lures but the size of the fish have not been big as have the Bream which have been slow to start this season in both size and numbers.

Report 14/6/19

With light winds and a small swell hanging around chasing Tailor from the surf beaches from the Tweed to the Southport Spit is a great option. Finding a good gutter is essential, going for a look at low tide makes spotting a gutter easier, you are looking for a deep section of water with a sandbank behind it and with deeper water at either end. The best time to target Tailor is the last 2 hours before high tide either early morning or late afternoon into the evening. Hopefully bait fish will make their way into the gutter to hide and the predatory Tailor will follow. The most common rig is a set of 3 or 4 gang 3/0 or 4/0 hooks depending on the size of bait combined with a running sinker rig. I do prefer to use a long mono trace and you will always get more bites, sometimes you will get bitten off but it will be more productive than a wire trace. If the fish are thick the wire trace will work fine. The best baits are WA Pilchards, Mullet Fillet, Bonito Fillet and even Tailor Fillet if you running low on bait. Throwing metal slugs is another great option if you prefer lure fishing, try a few different size slugs until you can match the size of the bait fish they are feeding on. If the Tailor fishing is a bit slow you can also down size your rig and target Dart and Bream for a great feed.

Fantastic conditions for those lucky anglers keen to get offshore for a look, the 50 and 36 fathom reefs off the Gold Coast are fishing well with some quality Snapper, Pearl Perch, Amber Jack, Cobia and mixed reef species. The 24 and 18 fathoms reefs have also been producing for those with smaller boats or not wanting to travel out so far seeing some nice Snapper, Cobia, School Mackerel, Jew Fish, Trag Jew, Moses and Tusk Fish.

Bread and butter species like Bream, Whiting and Flathead have been the main target for anglers fishing the Tweed River, Broadwater and Jumpinpin area chasing a feed. Customers have done well scoring a nice feed from the Tweed River, Nerang River, Coomera River, Pimpama River, Jacobs Well, Tiger Mullet Channel, Whalleys Gutter, Short Island and Logan River. Prawns, Yabbies, Worms, Mullet Fillet or Live Herring are all great baits.

Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports the middle reaches of both the Tweed and Nerang Rivers are producing amazing numbers of Flathead of all sizes at present, with most days producing over 20 fish per trip. There have been some good numbers of Bream attacking our lures as well in the same area but at this stage they have been small. The big Bream are not far from entering our river mouths. Small Giant Trevally are still hanging around the deeper holes in the middle reaches and are hitting the lures around the first of the run in tides.

Report 6/6/19

Weather permitting the off shore action has been great the past couple of weeks with a good variety of species being caught. Reports of good sized Amberjack, Samson, Yellow Tail Kingfish and Snapper from the 50 fathoms line NE of the Seaway. Customers have been doing well on the 18 and 24 fathoms reefs east of the Seaway scoring some monster Cobia and great quality Jewfish on live baits and fresh Tailor and Mullet Fillet. When chasing Cobia or Jewfish you should be looking for an isolated rock structure that is holding bait, anchor up and start a burly trail. Try the 36, 24 and 18 fathom reefs for a feed of Snapper, Moses, Trag jew, Tusk Fish and Pearl Perch. Float lining WA Pilchards, large whole Squid, Mullet Fillet or live Yakkas will do the job.

The winter westerlies are a great sign for the Bream fishos keen to hit the water and chase a feed. Those who are keen to brave the cold nights out on the water should be rewarded with some top quality Bream. Some good spots to start looking will be Upper Reaches of the Tweed River, Whalleys Gutter, Tiger Mullet Channel, Perrys Hole, Short Island, Cobby Passage, Kalinga Bank and Marks Rock in the Logan River. Land based try Lands End Biggera Waters, Marine Parade Rock Walls, Gold Coast Seaway, Southport Bridge, Nerang River, Paradise Point. Burley is a must when chasing Bream, a lot of fishos will have a secret brew they use, I recommend stimulate burley pellets. Just keep a regular trail going, don’t feed them too much just enough to keep the fish interested. Some the best baits will be Mullet Fillet, Mullet Gut, White Pilchards, Prawns and Yabbies.

Squid numbers will increase during Winter, they are fun to catch and even better to eat a fresh feed of Calamari. The Gold and Tweed Coast waters will hold a mixture of Arrow Head and Tiger Squid being the larger of the two species. Try using a Squid Jig between 2 to 3 inches long until you find the size that works the best. If you’re land based try looking for jetties and boat ramps that are well lit up, the lights will attract bait fish which will also attract the predatory Squid. Paradise Point, Grand Hotel, Southport Bridge are just a couple of spots to try your luck.

School sized Flathead are showing up in good numbers throughout the Gold Coast and Tweed River, they love the cooler weather and can school up in big numbers at times. Flathead will be slowly on the move making their way out of the rivers and heading towards the ocean entrances over the next three months as we head into breeding season during September and October.

Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports as the days are getting shorter and the mornings are definitely getting cooler as we inch our way into winter.
Flathead are in good concentrations in the warm shallow areas through the middle reaches of the Tweed and Gold Coast waterways and are taking both cast and trolled lures.

There has been a report of both Tailor and Bream making their annual migration up our coastline which is very exciting as they will move into our rivers in mass proportions from now until August.

Report 31/5/19

As we make the transition into winter the offshore bottom fishing should started to improve with the current dropping. You can expect a mixed catch of Snapper, Moses Perch, Samson Fish, Hussar, Spangled Emperor, Tusk Fish and Pearl Perch on the 18 and 24 fathom reef east of the Seaway. As the water cools some bigger Snapper and Cobia will move in once there is plenty of bait around.

Flathead have dominated catches this week, one local angler has been getting amongst some nice fish up to 80cm the past couple of weeks. Try the Aldershots, Brown Island, Tipplers Passage, Coomera River, Tiger Mullet Channel, Jacobs Well and the Logan River. Whilst targeting the weed beds keep an eye out for squid, plenty have been caught. Try Plastics and hard body lures.

Jumpinpin Bar entrance has been producing some nice Jew Fish, Tailor and Trevally this week, plenty of bait in the area has attached the hungry predators. Live baits and lures will work, best to fish the last 2 hrs of the run in and the first hour of the run out tide.

Our houseboat customers have reported some nice Bream around Short Island and Tiger Mullet Channel along with a couple of good sized mud crabs. Mullet Fillet, Mullet Gut, Prawns and Yabbies are great bait for the fish while whole mullet is best for the crab pots.

Brad Smith Fishing Charters have reported a few big bream starting to appear on the Tweed and expect the size and numbers of fish to increase during the months to come. Through the Winter months Flathead will often move up out of deep water to feed in the shallower sun heated flat areas. Trolling and casting lures over the shallow flats on the run in tides is where the best number of Flathead can be found.

Report 24/5/19

Our houseboat customers have been having a great time this week and reporting good catches of muddies and flathead. Seems most of the action has been up around the pin and Tiger Mullet channel areas, with the really big muddies coming from the Pimpama River.

If you have a boat and are thinking of trying your luck for some muddies this weekend, try setting your pots in the mouth of the North Arm of the Coomera, Pimpama River, Tipplers Passage, The Never Fails Islands, Whalleys Gutter, Tiger Mullet Channel and the Mouth of the Logan River. If you don’t have a boat, anywhere you can fish along the Coomera River is worth a go. Set your pots, throw in a line and you may get a bream or a flathead to go with the Crabs. You will have yourself a seafood smorgasbord.

Quality Bream are still being caught in good numbers, so as we head into winter it looks like a great season on the way for the Bream fishers. Jumpinpin and the Gold Coast Seaway are good spots to try.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters fished the deep holes in the middle reaches of the Tweed River this week targeting some flathead and jewies. Fishing around the tide changes will always give you the best chance at hooking a jewie as they spike in their feeding pattern at this time. Hopefully it won’t be long before some schools of tailor and bigger sea bream start to enter the river now that we are pushing more into winter.

Clint reports he has caught 17 species of fish this week on the Broadwater. The winter species are starting to come thorough, with legal size flathead spreading around to feed after disappearing from their summer breeding grounds. Squid are becoming more common too. Clint catches them on Ecogear ZX 40 vibes, these lures work well during the day time and draw the squid out of weed beds. Flounder this time of year are a lovely eating size, we are catching dinner plate size ones often on vibes. Tuskfish are plentiful this month too, plus there are tons of winter whiting around the Broadwater anywhere between Southport and Sovereign Island. Young Maclay with his dad Duane were on a private charter with Clint last week and caught a released his first Tarpon on 6lb line. Good size too and on a live yabbie in 10m deep water. He also caught a hard fighting morwong and a variety of other species.

Report 17/5/19

We had quite a windy start to the week which has now eased off and looks like a less windy start to the week end. Earlier in the week we had the report of Cyclone Ann working her way to the coast around the top of Queensland in the Port Douglas area, fortunately the threat has now passed and that cyclone has become a rain depression and was never any threat to us here on the Gold Coast.

For anglers lucky enough to head offshore this week end, fishing the local 18-24 fathom reefs off the seaway will be a good option to chase a feed. May is a great transition time of year sometimes you just don’t know what can show up. Main target species will be Snapper, Tusk fish, Moses, Trag Jew, Pearl Perch, Maori Cod and Jew. We should see Cobia, Sampson and even Yellow Tail King Fish as the water starts to cool down. Once you find a good area to fish keep a regular burley trail on the go to attract the fish, you might even find a late season Spanish Mackerel on the closer reefs.

Customers have scored some nice Whiting in the rivers and throughout Jumpinpin and the Broadwater this week, some good size fish up to 40cm have been landed by our Houseboat customers. Try Tiger Mullet Channel, Bedrooms, Canaipa Passage, Shoals at Jacobs Well, Coomera River North and South Arms, Paradise Point and Wave Break Island. Worms and Yabbies are the best bait. Our customers have also scored a feed of Mud Crabs this week from the Broadwater and Pin areas.

Flathead have started to show up throughout the local rivers, Jumpinpin and the Broadwater as the water cools down a bit, not monsters but most fish have been between legal 40+cm range. Try looking around the North Bedrooms, Gold Bank, Kalinga Bank, Tiger Mullet Channel, Canaipa Passage, Jacobs Well, Brown Island, Currigee and Wave Break Island.

On the Tweed Brad Smith Fishing Charters report Flathead are starting to increase in numbers in the deeper holes between Chinderah and Tumbulgum this week, probably due to the cooler weather.

Clint lets us know that good size tuskfish, flounder, flathead and heaps of winter whiting are feeding in the Broadwater at South Currigee, Runaway Bay, Land End and Seaworld resort. It’s great to see flathead around the 40 – 50 cm mark turning up in bigger numbers in the Broadwater. This month I technique that works very well is drifting with yabbies which can easily be pumped on the lower tides from the sandbanks between the Broadwater caravan park and Wavebreak Island. Use 6lb braid main line, then a no.2 size ball running sinker or bigger if needed to reach the bottom, onto a small swivel then 1 metre fluorocarbon leader with a size 4 Mustard baitholder hook, and a 2-4kg rod with 2500 size reel. This is all you need to catch a good size fish, just remember to not tighten the drag too much and play bigger fish carefully. Drift along the edges of channels in 2 – 4m of water and you’ll catch various species of fish. If you don’t know the area well, drift between the channel makers and you can’t go too far wrong.

Report 10/5/19

Fantastic conditions over the May Day Long Weekend saw plenty of boats heading offshore in search of a feed of reef fish. May has seen a drop in current and water temp which has helped stir up a few early season Snapper on the Gold Coast and Tweed. Some great eating size Snapper have been showing up along with a few big trophy models. Being on the water early is a must, find your spot and start a berley trail before sun up to take advantage on the sunrise bite time. Feeding down lightly weighted WA pilchards, whole large Squid, Mullet Fillet or live Yakka’s is a great method to temp the big Snapper. A few spots that produced are the local 18, 24 and 36 fathom reefs off the Gold Coast Seaway, Sullies and the Cottons off the Pin and Fido’s and Nine Mile off the Tweed. Customers have also scored a feed of Pearl Perch, Tusk Fish, Moses, Trag and some good sized Jew Fish.

Some nice sized Tailor have been showing up along the Surf Beaches from the Tweed Coast north to the Pumping Jetty at the spit, the morning and night time high tides have been the best time to target Tailor. The Broadwater, Jumpinpin and Rivers are also fishing well with some big Tailor showing up. Best tip is to keep your eye on the sounder for bait fish, birds diving on the water and also splashes from schools of fish feeding on the surface. Best baits are whole WA pilchards, Mullet Fillet and White Pilchards work well in the estuary. Tailor will respond well to trolling diving lures, Surface lures and Metal Slugs.

The cooler weather has fired up some good catches of Flathead in the Tweed River, Broadwater, Jumpinpin and joining estuary systems. My favourite method is drifting and throwing soft plastics in the 3” to 4” size range like Zman Minnowz and StreakZ on a 1/4 to 3/8 jig head and working soft or metal vibes depending on water depth. Drifting lets you cover as much water as possible until you find an area holding good numbers of fish to concentrate your efforts on.

Customers have reported catching some quality late season Mangrove Jack which is great, Sam (see photo in report) did well last Friday night scoring a nice big Jack using a dead Whiting for bait in the Coomera River. Reports of nice fish have also come from Tallebudgera Creek and the Tweed River.

On the Tweed Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports similar to last week’s report with the mid to upper reaches of the Tweed River still producing the goods. Flathead are taking vertically jigged vibe lures in the deeper holes and are responding to trolled pontoon 21 crackjack and osp dunk lures trolled over the shallows and along the edges of the banks. We are still getting the odd Jewfish as well around the tide changes on vibes and plastics and juvenile Giant Trevally.

Clint reports there has been good variety of great eating fish in the Broadwater this week but it pays to move around constantly and slowly to find fish, as they are always moving with the tides to find food. We have been catching some beautiful Tuskfish this week as well as Flathead up to 76cm, Squid, Flounder, Whiting, Tarwhine and Bream up the back canals at Benowa. The trick is to find areas that hold bait fish or jelly prawns which show up as patches or scattered dots on the fish finder. Then drift at no faster than 1 knot and no slower than 0.4 knots to achieve best results. Best areas this week have been Southport, the Spit, Hollywell, and North Currigee.

Report 3/5/19

As we transition into the May the night time temp has started to drop enough to stir up some quality Jewfish around the Jumpinpin area. Customers have done well reporting consistent catches this week during the daytime and night time in the Jumpinpin Bar mouth, Kalinga Bank, Canaipa Passage and Marks Rocks in the Logan River. Live Pike, Herring and Mullet are a great option. Also a nice fillet of Tailor or Mullet should do the job. Best time to target a Jewfish is aprox 1 hour before and 1 hour after a tide change as they fire up as the current drops off.

Coomera Houseboat Holidays customers are scoring a great mixed feed of Mangrove Jack, Bream, Spotted Grunter and Mud Crabs from the North Arm of the Coomera River. The rain we have received has been a blessing flushing out the bait fish and also getting a few late season Mud Crabs on the move. Also try the Tweed River, Nerang River, Pimpama River and Logan River for a mix of species at the moment.

Coomera Bait and Tackle customers managed to sneak out offshore last Sunday and finally take advantage of some nice conditions. A mixed bag of pelagic and reef fishing was on offer seeing a few nice Wahoo being caught off the Tweed Bar around Nine Mile Reef and Fidos on hard body lures and trolling dead baits. A few Spanish Mackerel and the odd big Cobia have been landed around the 18 to 24 fathoms reefs east of the Gold Coast Seaway, Mermaid Reef and the Gravel Patch with slow trolled baits working the best. Bottom fishing saw a nice mixed bag of Snapper, Pearl Perch, Moses, Trag Jew, Tuskies and nice sized Jew Fish. An early start is the key getting the dawn bite time will maximise you chances of landing some quality fish.

On the Tweed Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports the after the recent rain is has made the upper reaches of the Tweed River muddy and discoloured so the mid to lower reaches is the place to be for some nice quality flathead with trolling some pontoon 21 crackjack lures and the ever faithful micro mullets. The rain and dirty water is just what the river system needs to set up the foundation for a great winter season.

Clint reports his charter guests have been getting some delicious keepers daily. Currigee, Runaway Bay, and Paradise Point have been the best areas to fish, producing some great Tuskfish, Dusky Flathead, Bartail Flathead, big Flounder, Whiting, Squid, Tarwhine and Tealeaf Trevally. Drifting with lightly weighted yabbies and tea bagging vibes is a great way to catch the above species. Look for bait on the fish finder then do long drifts in 3-5 m depth water.

Report 26/4/19

Due to weather conditions fishing sheltered waterways has been the best bet for getting amongst some fishing action on the Gold Coast and Tweed lately. The top end of the Coomera has had another flush out with plenty of fresh water moving down the river. Fishing has been good in the Coomera with the Maxwell family (see pictures in report) finding a good mixture of Mangrove Jack, Moses Perch and Flathead at the junction of the North and South Arms using WA Pilchards for bait. The water temp is still high enough to be holding like Mangrove Jack, Estuary Cod and Trevally. Fishing rock walls around Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island with live baits like herring, garfish, silver biddies and mullet has produced some top quality Estuary Cod.

Some good sized Flathead have been caught during the past week, targeting deeper holes in the Tweed River, Nerang River, Pimpama River, Coomera River and Logan River has produced some good quality fish. Flathead are a great target species for land based fisho’s, find a nice stretch of bank with a few weed beds and a bit of a drop off and cast and retrieve a soft plastic or diving hard body lure. Live yabbies, bait fish or frozen baits like White Pilchards will work well, just have a cast and let your bait drift along with the tide, if you have no luck just move up the bait a bit and repeat the process. Once you find a Flathead hopefully there should be a few holding up in that area.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports the mid to upper reaches of the Tweed River is the place to be as most fish seem to migrate upstream as the weather gets cooler. There are some good schools of medium sized flathead taking the lures in the shallow areas of the river and schools of small Trevally busting up around the bridges on the tide changes. The bait should start schooling up in the deeper holes in the river.

Clint reports A week of mixed weather but the fish were biting well most of the time. Some great Tuskfish have been coming through, we’ve caught over 40 this week on our Broadwater Charters. Also big schools of winter whiting have been prominent, and are very aggressive lure takers and a lot of fun on light tackle. Some dinner plate size Flounder, Squid, small Snapper, Tarwhine and Grassy Emperor. Some great areas to fish with the lures are the keyhole opposite Seaworld, along Labrador, both sides of Carters bank, the edges of the channel both sides of Crab island, the reef and weed beds at Currigee.

Report 19/4/19

Bread and butter species like Bream, Whiting and Flathead are a great target option if you’re keen to chase a feed of fresh fish for Good Friday on the Gold Coast or Tweed. All these fish can be targeted by everyone either land based or if you have a boat or Kayak. Land based try Jacobs Well Jetty, Cabbage Tree Point Beach, Coomera River Highway Bridge, Santa Barbara, Jabiru Island, Paradise Point Jetty, Lands End Biggera Waters, Grand Hotel Jetty, Marine Stadium, Nerang River, Currumbin Creek, Tallebudgera Creek and Tweed River. If you own a boat try around Currigee, Paradise Point, Wave Break Island, Nerang River, Tiger Mullet Channel, Jacobs Well and the Tweed River. I recommend using burley when targeting Bream, a pellet burley like Stimulate or Wilson Pellets will work well. The best bait for Whiting is worms, for Bream and Flathead try Prawns, White Pilchards, WA Pilchards, Mullet Fillet or Yabbies.

Customers reported schools of Tailor around the Gold Coast Seaway, Northern Channel near Currigee, Paradise Point, Pin Bar mouth, Tiger Mullet Channel and up Canaipa Passage this week on the run in tide. Also a few Tailor have been caught in the surf around Surfers Paradise, Main Beach Sea World and the Sand Pumping Jetty. Best baits were whole WA pilchards, White Pilchards and strips of Mullet Fillet. Towing Hard body lures is a good option & help to cover as much ground as possible to locate schools of Tailor. Once located, throwing metal slugs or surface lures should do the trick if they are feeding on the surface.

Sand Crabs have been around in good numbers throughout most of the main channels in the Broadwater and Jumpinpin this week. Usually placing your pots on the edges on the channel near the drop off will work well. At high tide the crabs have still been moving on top of the sandbanks in amongst the weed beds.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed River Now that the water temperature has dropped the flatties are starting to fire up in the deep holes and along the shallow sand and mud flats. Try using some Ecogear ZX blades and soft plastics in the deeper holes and try trolling some Pontoon 21 crackjack minnows along the shallow edges. Remember that the lures must be continuosly tapping the bottom when trolling when targeting flathead.

Clint reports Currigee and Runaway Bay were firing on yabbies, and Ecogear ZX40 blades smeared in Sax Scent goldprawn. Fish caught included good size Tuskfish, Whiting, Squid, Squire, Flounder, Flathead and Grassy Emperor. Areas that fished well were Lands End, Runaway Bay, the reef at Currigee and Biggera waters.

Report 12/4/19

Fishing offshore last weekend produced some quality Wahoo and a few Spanish Mackerel trolled up on hard body lures off the Tweed around Fidos and the Nine Mile. A few Spanish were also caught around Palm Beach Reef, Gravel Patch and 24 fathoms east of the Seaway on slow trolled live baits and lures. Out wide boats fishing the Gold Coast Game Fishing Club tournament did well taking advantage of a great run of hard fighting Blue Marlin tagging and releasing some fantastic fish.

Coomera Bait and Tackle customers have done well managing a good feed of Whiting this week, fish up to 40cm with plenty of good eating size fish around the 27 to 30cm mark. There is no shortage of Bream around stealing the worms before the Whiting have a chance. Fishing can be slow during the tide change but once the water starts to run the fish were biting regularly. If your targeting Whiting make sure you have a long leader up to 1 m long of 6lb fluro carbon, size 6 bait holder hook and either 4 – 5 ball sinker depending on the water depth and tide to keep the bait in the strike zone. If your sinker is to light you will catch Bream over Whiting. Coomera River, Pimpama River, Logan River, Nerang River and the Tweed River have fished well. Worms or yabbies are the bait of choice.

Banana Prawns have been a bit hit and miss this week, the best areas to look are from Cabbage Tree Point north to Macleay Island. We went for a look on Tuesday and ended up with about 3kg, the Prawns were very scattered and only active for about 30 minutes. Top of the tide has been the best time to look, keep an eye on the sounder and also other boats in the area casting nets. It’s great fun for the kids on school holidays as they love to help sort out the catch and have a go at casting the net.

Smithy from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed River not much has changed from last week’s report with the deep holes in the river still producing the goods. Trevally, Flathead, Bream, Tailor and the odd School Jew are hitting the Ecogear ZX40 lures worked along the bottom of the deeper holes. The surface fishing has gone quiet but once the water clears up it should pick up again.

Clint has been doing well on the Ecogear ZX40 vibes in the Nerang River fishing deeper holes close to slack tide producing some top quality Jewfish for his customers. The Broadwater is fishing well with a mixed bag of Snapper, Whiting Flathead, Flounder and Squid.

Report 5/4/19

As we gear up for the School Holidays it’s a great time to get the kids out of the house and go fishing. You don’t need to spend a fortune on rods and reels, a basic cheap kid’s combo we stock here at Coomera Bait & Tackle will do the trick. Keeping it simple will help keep the kids interested, fishing off a jetty near a playground is a good idea as they can have some time out if the fish aren’t biting. Paradise Point, Grand Hotel Jetty Labrador, Jabiru Island, Broadwater Parklands and Jacobs Well are some good spots to fish. For the kids, fun is the main idea, make sure you give them plenty of praise when they catch a fish. Bread and butter species like Bream, Tarwhine, Whiting, Garfish and Flathead can be caught from the shore or in a boat. A packet of Prawns, White Pilchards, Worms or Yabbies will work well. If you need advice just drop past and we can help you out.

With a bit of extra fresh water in the system targeting a Jew Fish in the Gold Coast Seaway or the Jumpinpin Bar will be a great option. Try fishing the tide changes on either high or low, best fishing will be an hour each side when the run slows and the Jew are in feed mode. Live baits like Mullet, Pike, Herring and legal Tailor will be irresistible to a hungry Jew Fish. Large soft vibes like Zerek Fish Traps or Soft Plastics like Zman Streakz on one ounce jig heads have been a favourite lure.

The fresh water has stirred up the bait in the local rivers in turn firing up the predators. Good quality GT, Golden and Big Eye Trevally have been around in good numbers smashing live baits like Herring, Garfish, Mullet and small Winter Whiting. Casting metal slugs, working small metal vibes or flicking soft plastics are all great options if you prefer using lures. We are still seeing plenty of smaller Mangrove Jack being landed which is great news.

Coomera Houseboat Holiday customers have been scoring some nice feeds of Sand Crabs, the tops of weed banks around high tide seem to be producing the best catches this week. Some good spots are the mouth of the North Arm of the Coomera River, Wave Break Island, Never Fails, Tipplers Passage, Tiger Mullet Channel and Canaipa Passage.

Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed River fishing the deeper holes this week using Ecogear ZX40’s and Atomic soft vibes has produced some Flathead, School Jew and Queen Fish. Flathead do not show on the sounder as they are partly submerged into the sand or mud bottom in the deep holes. Once bait is found they will usually be holding underneath and waiting in ambush.

Clint has been finding his customers some top quality fish including a hard fighting 68cm Golden Trevally (see photo in report) in the Nerang River fishing his favourite metal vibe lures. Tailor have been around in good numbers in the Seaworld Channel and are great fun on light tackle. Clint has also been scoring his customers some nice Whiting, Flathead and Squid. If you’re keen to have a fish on the Tweed River or Gold Coast give Brad Smith Fishing Charters a call.

Report 29/3/19

Good conditions last weekend saw lots of anglers heading offshore chasing a range of different species. For the sports fisho’s a good run of Black Marlin has continued fishing around spot X and the 50 fathom line east of the Seaway, a mixture of trolled skited lures and live baits have been productive with many boats catching multiple fish. Spanish, Spotty and School Mackerel have been around in good numbers, anglers did well at Mermaid Reef, Palm Beach Reef, Gravel Patch and the local 18 to 24 fathom reefs off the Seaway. Local fisho Wayne managed to get his deckhand Greg onto a 115cm Jewfish (see photo in report) whilst bottom fishing the 18 fathom area, there has been a good variety of species including Snapper, Moses, Tusk and Trag on offer. WA pilchards, Whole large Squid, Mullet Fillet, Tailor Fillet and Yakkas are all great baits to choose from. Hopefully the new SE wind change and increase in swell doesn’t hang around for too long.

Coomera Bait and Tackle customers did well scoring a nice feed of Banana Prawns from the Powerlines and the Logan River around the high tide last weekend and early this week. Hopefully we get enough rain to push the Prawns out of the river and they spread out more around Russell Island.

The hot humid days leading up to the SE wind change and rain stirred up the local Mangrove Jack population on the Gold Coast seeing some great quality fish landed in the Nerang River, Coomera River, Paradise Point, Runaway Bay and Logan River. Live baits like Mullet, Herring, Silver Biddies and Whiting work well enticing a bite. For the lure fisho soft plastics like Zman MinnoZ or Storm So Run Joker Shads have worked a treat.

Coomera Houseboat Holiday customers have managed a feed of Mud Crabs and a few Sand Crabs this week. Some of the better spots were Tiger Mullet Channel both eastern end near the feeder creek on Crusoe Island and western end feeder creeks near the Kangaroo Island reserve sign. Also Eden Island, Cobby Passage, Kouryabba, Logan River, Cabbage Tree Point, Jacobs Well, Never Fails, Coomera River both north and south arms. The good run should continue after the predicted rain.

Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports on the Tweed River after the rain we have received combined with the new showers on the way try finding and fishing the area where the dirty water meets the clear current on the run in tide for trevally, and the lower reaches is the place for flathead and bream. A few nice Mangrove Jack have also been crunching deep diving Atomic lures.

Clint has been catching his customers some quality Mangrove Jack on his night charters in the Nerang River on live Whiting. Daytime in the Broadwater Clint is finding his customers a good variety of species including Flathead, Whiting, Tailor and Squid.

Report 21/3/19

After such a dry spell on the Gold Coast rain is a much needed ingredient to help flush out the rivers and get the bait and fish on the move. We seem to get either feast or famine when it comes to rain lately but we will see the benefits of good fishing as we transition into autumn and focus on different species of fish to target.

My advice for fishing this weekend after the rain would be to look for colour changes in channels where the fresh water meets the salt, bait should be concentrated around these areas in turn attracting a mixed bag of predators. Fishing closer to the open ocean entrances like the Tweed Bar, Currumbin Bar, Southport Seaway and Jumpinpin Bar should be productive.

Mud Crabs have been around in good numbers after the rain with our Coomera Houseboat Holiday customers catching a nice feed after the flush out. The Coomera River, Pimpama River, Paradise Point, Never Fail Islands, Tiger Mullet Channel, Canaipa Passage and Logan River have all produced a feed. Mullet and fish frames make great bait, just move your pots regularly until you find where the Crabs are in better numbers.

Report 15/3/19

It was great to finally see a long overdue break in the weather for anglers keen to get offshore and chase pelagic species. The strong SE winds and swell of the past couple of weeks did the job and pushed in some quality warm water into the 18 to 24 fathom line, combined with stirring the bait up has seen some fantastic Spanish Mackerel being caught by lucky anglers. Good quality fish have been responding well to trolling a mixture of diving lures at first light rigged on a short piece of single strand wire. Once the bite slows down switching to slow trolled live Yakkas on a twin hook stinger rig has done the job well. Keep your eye on the sounder for bait schools, if the fish are deep just slow down to near a complete stop and let the baits sink enough for them to respond. A down rigger is a great option to run a bait deep to cover more area.

Coomera Bait and Tackle customer John Hutchesson had a great day fishing off the Tweed last weekend landing a 1.5m 20+ kg Wahoo (see photo in report) which took a hard body diving lure. The fish put in some blistering runs before John got the upper hand landing his awesome catch. Hopefully we will see some great pelagic action during the next couple of months.

Coomera Houseboat Holidays customers have scored a feed of Bream Flathead and Whiting from the Sandbanks and channels around Wavebreak Island, Crab Island, Coomera River, The Never Fails, Curtis Anchorage, North Bedrooms, Tiger Mullet Channel, Jacobs Well around the shoals, Logan River and Canaipa Passage. Yabbies are great all round bait, the kids will have fun pumping them. I’d also recommend Worms, Prawns, White Pilchards and Mullet Fillet to catch a feed.

On the Tweed River Brad from Brad Smith Fishing reports Trevally are still marauding the bait schools around the tide changes particularly on the last of the run out and first of the run in tides. Flathead are holding in the deeper holes where the water is cooler on the bottom and the Bream and Whiting are still taking surface poppers over the shallow flats. Mangrove Jacks are favouring the very early morning and late afternoon tide changes through the middle reaches.

Clint has returned from a break and some boat maintenance and found his customers a good variety of fish this week. The Southern Broadwater has produced Whiting around the 30cm mark, Winter Whiting, Flounder and Flathead. The Gold Coast Seaway is producing a mixed bag including Maori Cod, Flathead and Snapper

Report 8/3/19

With a bigger swell still hanging around fishing inshore in protected waters has been the go this week. The big swell has stirred up the feed on the close reefs and pushed some nice sized Snapper into the Gold Coast Seaway, Broadwater and Jumpinpin areas giving anglers an opportunity to target these hard fighting fish in shallow waters. Drifting the Seaway, main channels or the Jumpinpin Bar mouth with live Herring, WA Pilchards or working Soft Plastic lures and Vibes has produced some larger Snapper than normal this week. We have also seen a few nice Grassy Sweetlips, Spangled Emperor, Tusk Fish and the odd Cod.

I spent Saturday afternoon dodging the showers of rain fishing in the Coomera River, we did well scoring 3 Mangrove Jack, 1 Estuary Cod, 1 nice Trevally and a big Bream using live Herring we cast netted in the river. Coomera Bait and Tackle customers have also done well scoring some nice Jacks, Trevally and Cod in the Coomera River, Nerang River, Logan River, Currumbin Creek and the Tweed River on a mixture of lures and live baits. Fish structure like Bridges, Pontoons, fallen Trees and Rock Walls where the bait and predators will be hanging out.

Our Houseboat customers have managed to hide out of the wind and score a few nice Flathead, Whiting, Bream, Sand Crabs and Mud Crabs this week. Good spots out of the SE winds have been Tiger Mullet both eastern and western end, Tipplers Passage, Coomera River North Arm, Pimpama River, Crusoe Island North Side, Slipping Sands and Coby Passage. Prawns and Yabbies have been a good all round bait for most species. White Pilchards are great for Flathead and for Whiting worms and also Yabbies have tempted some quality fish.

Report 1/3/19

After a wild weekend of strong winds and big swell thanks to Cyclone Oma it’s nice to see our weather pattern returning back to normal for the last week of Summer. Let’s see how the bad weather affected the fishing this week.

We were very lucky to have escaped the worst of Cyclone Oma over the weekend, gale force winds and big swell put a stop to most outdoor activates. Our Houseboat fleet remained tied to the jetty for safety for the weekend until they could venture back out on Monday as the weather eased.

Big tides due to swell surge over the weekend has stirred up the Mud Crabs this week, if we score some of the rain forecast the crabbing will just get better as we head into March. Houseboat customers did well this week, some good spots that produced a feed were Jacobs Well, Tipplers Passage, Rudy Maas, Kouryabba, Tiger Mullet Channel, the Neverfail Islands, Pimpama River and the Coomera River. Just work your pots around a bit in case the crabs are on the move.

Coomera Bait and Tackle customers reported a few Tailor showing up around Jumpinpin during the week towards top of the tide. The Pin Bar entrance, Crusoe Island, Bedrooms and the Mouth of Whalleys gutter all produced fish. Keep an eye out for surface action like splashing when the Tailor are feeding , also keep an eye on the sky for birds feeding on the bait fish and left over scraps. Surface lures and metal slugs worked at speed should attack a bite.

The bad weather didn’t seem to deter some anglers chasing Mangrove Jack in the rivers protected by the wind, live baits have been very productive in the Coomera River. The Rock walls near the Sanctuary Cove in the main river and then down the south arm have been producing some good Jacks, Estuary Cod and Trevally this week. Jabiru Island East towards Paradise Point is a good spot to try along with Sovereign and Ephraim Island as the wind eases. The Gold Coast Seaway has seen some Mangrove Jack action with the larger fish starting to school up and feeding before heading out to the reefs as the weather starts to cool down.

On the Tweed River Brad from Brad Smith Fishing reports Flathead are starting to respond well to trolled lures along the drop offs and the deeper holes are producing a few on plastics and Ecogear ZX40s. Trevally are still making random raids on the baitfish around the tide changes while bream and whiting are crunching surface lures over the shallow flats.

On the Gold Coast Clint has found some solid flathead around the 60cm mark for his clients around Paradise Point and Sovereign Island, on Ecogear ZX40 blades coated in Sax scent goldprawn flavour, and soft vibes and soft plastics in bloodworm colour. There are still some Squid, Whiting, Squire, Flounder, Tailor, and Trevally.

Report 21/2/19

At the time of writing my report the BOM are still a bit unsure of the movements of the big low pressure system hovering East of the Queensland cost and the impact on the wind and swell. Fishing this weekend will depend on just how strong the winds are.

The hot weather and humidity earlier in the week stirred up some quality Mangrove Jack , Estuary Cod and Trevally. Coomera Bait and Tackle customers have been finding some nice fish in the North Arm of the Coomera River at Bullock head creek, Jewel creek, the rock walls at Sanctuary Cove and around the Santa Barbara boat ramp. Other good spots to try are Sovereign Island, Ephraim Island, Local Canal Pontoons and Bridges around Runaway Bay and Paradise Point, Marina Mirage and Nerang River. Best baits are live Mullet, Pike and Herring. For the lure fishermen both soft plastics and hard body’s work well depending of the areas you are targeting.

Bull Sharks have been very active in the Coomera River, we have seen plenty of good sized Sharks free jumping at all hours of the day. The Logan and Nerang Rivers have been fishing well with plenty of good catches reported. Recommended rig for the average sized Sharks is a plastic coated wire between 50 to 100lb, either a circle hook or J hook between 6/0 to 10/0 and a medium to heavy spinning or overhead combo will do the trick. Fresh Water Eel and Mullet will make great bait.

Big tides this week combined with the full moon and the possibility of rain on the weekend will make targeting a feed of mud crabs worth a go weather depending. I have been catching a few good full crabs in the Coomera River between Santa Barbara and the railway bridge. Coomera Houseboat customers have scored a feed around Tipplers Passage, Brown Island, Jacobs Well, Curtis Anchorage, Cabbage Tree Point, Cobby Passage, Tiger Mullet Channel, the Neverfail Islands and the Pimpama River. Mullet is one of my favourite baits, using a bait bag and clip stops the smaller fish and pike eels from stealing your bait and increases your chances of catching more crab. Don’t forget to have your Crab pot and float clearly marked or Fisheries will confiscate your gear.

On the Tweed River Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters has reported Trevally of all shapes and sizes are dominating the strike in the tweed at present. Schools of Tea Leaf, Diamond, Big Eye and Giant Trevally are demolishing the bait schools around the tide changes. The deep channels opposite the shallow sea grass flats are where we are targeting these line burning speedsters on surface lures this week. Keeping an awareness of any bird activity is the best way to find them and make sure that you position the boat upwind for a long cast back into the action.

Report 15/2/19

Local angler Wayne Young did well finding a few elusive Gold Coast Tarpon on an early morning trip with his mate Pete fishing the Broadwater using soft plastics. Tarpon are a hard fighting sport fish pound for pound, they regularly jump during the fight. Unfortunately they have a very abrasive mouth and will wear through the leader quickly. Tarpon are a pinnacle sportfish for some anglers with a poor eating quality and should be released to fight another day.

With a weekend forecast looking like we will see strong S/SE winds on the Gold Coast I’d recommend sticking to the local rivers and estuary’s if you’re keen to get on the water for a fish. The Coomera, Nerang and Tweed River have been consistently producing some great catches of Mangrove Jack and Trevally again this week. Kirsty Walter (see photo) did well landing a quality Trevally on a soft plastic in the upper reaches of the Coomera River.

Coomera Bait and Tackle customers have been doing well on a mixture of Zman Minnowz soft plastics and also live bait catching some top quality Mangrove Jack around the canal pontoons in the Coomera River, Paradise Point, Runaway Bay and Nerang River all the way up to Broadbeach.

Customers have been catching a feed of Bream, Whiting and Flathead around Wave Break Island, Brown Island, Coomera River, Dux, Jacobs Well, Tiger Mullet Channel, Short Island and through Canaipa Passage. The mangrove lined banks are holding some nice Bream and try the edges of the Sandbanks on the run out tide for a Flathead. Try using Worms for Whiting and Yabbies, Prawns, White Pilchards, Mullet Fillet for Bream and Flathead.

On the Tweed River, Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters has been finding his customers a few Flathead in the deeper holes and on surface lures across the shallow flats, where Bream and Whiting have also showing up. Schools of baitfish are also being smashed by the local Trevally especially around the tide changes.

Clint from Brad Smith Fishing charters reported the Gold Coast Broadwater continues to produce a variety of species on Ecogear ZX40 metal blade lures and Zerek Fish Trap soft vibes. The Seaway has produced a few nice Flathead, Flounder, Squire, Tarwhine, and Trevally. Clint has also been finding some big Kingfish using live Whiting for bait on the pipe line, unfortunately they could stop these Seaway brutes.

Report 8/2/19

Mud Crabs are a great option to target after a bit of rain, this week has seen a little more activity which is good news. Coomera Houseboat Holidays customer Kevin Sherring (see photo in report) managed to score a nice feed from the Coomera River. Catches are a bit inconsistent with a mixture of small and female crabs to pick through until you score some good sized bucks. Try the Coomera River both arms, Pimpama River, Logan River, Cabbage Tree Point, Tiger Mullet Channel, Cobby Passage, Jacobs Well, Canaipa Passage, The Neverfail Islands, Brown Island and Tweed River are producing a feed.

Trevally have been smashing bait schools in the Coomera River around River Links, young Akyah Attard (see photo in report) did a great job to land his hard fighting Trevally near the Highway Bride in the Coomera River. Other good spots to look are the Runaway Bay and Paradise Point canals and bridges especially the well light up ones at night that attract bait schools. Surface poppers and stick bait will work well. If the Jacks are a bit quiet it’s always good to know you have a chance at hooking a hard fighting Trev.

It’s that time of year to start looking for a feed of Prawns They can be fairly well spread out for now so searching a few different areas will be required. Try looking around The Powerlines, Rocky Point, Logan River, Russell Island, Macleay Island, Cabbage Tree Point and Jacobs Well.

A top pocket cast net is the best option as the net sinks the prawns are pushed in to a catch pocket in the top of the net, I recommend if you feel prawns in the net you need to pull on the rope a few times and that will make the prawns head into the top pocket. This makes emptying the prawns from the net an easy task then you can go straight back into casting at the school of prawns. We do have a few options of nets in stock at Coomera Bait and Tackle. Make sure you’re informed about the current rules about White Spot Disease … e/overview

On the Tweed Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters has been staying upstream chasing Whiting and Trevally on surface lures. He is also getting the odd mangrove jack near Chinderah. February and March are his favourite months for jacks as the bigger models begin to migrate downstream ahead of their permanent exodus at the end of summer to the open ocean.

Clint has been doing well finding his customers a good variety of fish in the Broadwater including Tailor, Barracuda, Queenfish, Moses, Flathead, Whiting, Squire, Flounder, and Tuskfish working Ecogear ZX blades and Zerek fishtraps being the lures of choice.

Report 31/1/19

Coomera Bait and Tackle regular Brett took his son Angus (see photos in report) for a night fish up the Nerang River and scored a great feed of quality Whiting up to 40cm in length. Brett was using worms for bait, a nice long rod to help with hooking the fish, an extra long 6lb fluoro carbon trace matched with a size 6 short shank bait holder hook and 4 ball sinkers to keep the bait in the bite zone. The Nerang has been producing consistent catches so far this Summer; other good spots to try are the Tweed River, Currumbin Creek, Coomera River, Pimpama River and the Logan River. Using a second anchor out the back of the boat will stop you swinging around and make the presentation of your bait much more natural which intern should produce more fish.

Some quality Mangrove Jack have been landed in the Coomera River over the long weekend with Marinas around Hope Island and Coomera holding some big fish and a bit of bait. Try casting or trolling lures along the rock walls and pontoons. The Tweed River, The Nerang River, Runaway Bay Canals, Paradise Point bridges, Ephraim Island and Sovereign Island. Fishing with bait is a great way to temp a big Jack, also plenty of Estuary Cod and Trevally will respond to this method. Live Herring, Mullet, Garfish and Pike are fantastic bait, also Mullet Fillet and WA pillys will do the trick.

On the Tweed Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters has been finding some hard fighting trevally for his guests. They have been turning up around the shallow weed beds around Chinderah at high tide. There are some decent ones and a real thrill on surface lures and light tackle.

Once again the best options at the moment are targeting whiting on surface lures on top of sand banks at high tide, trolling for jacks along deeper rock walls, live baiting for them at night around structure, and tea bagging the deeper holes with vibes for flathead and bream.

Clint has been getting some great results for his charter guests on the Gold Coast Broadwater, catching and releasing over 100 fish some days, with a great range of species showing up. Some nice flathead have been appearing in the dirty water in canals where dredgers have been operating. In the Broadwater the big tides have stirred up some discoloured water. Species caught in the Broadwater on charters this week have included Flathead,Whiting, Tarwhine, Bream, Flounder, Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Grassy Sweetlip,Tuskfish, Barracuda, Pike, Queenfish, Squid, small Cobia, Mangrove Jack and Trevally.

Customers scored a few Mud Crabs this week, with a hint of rain on the forecast this weekend it will be a good time to get the pots in and chase a few. Jumpinpin has crabbed well during the week, Tiger Mullet, Whalleys Gutter, Eden Island and joining feeder creeks have produced the goods. Also have a look around Canaipa Passage and the Logan River. Down the Southern end the Coomera River, Pimpama River, The Never Fails and Brown Island are worth a go.

Report 25/1/19

I was lucky enough to be able to sneak offshore with my mate Wayne and daughter Bec last Sunday for a look for a few bottom fish off the Seaway. Bec ended up with the fish of the day landing a nice big Spangled Emperor, we also scored a few Trag, Squire, Maori Cod, Pearl Perch and a few other species including a bite off from a nice Spanish. The current was an issue around the 40 to 50m mark east of the Seaway making getting your baits to the bottom a bit hard, we ended up using an 8ball sinker to get amongst the fish. Closer in the 18 fathom reef was more fishable with less current.

There was plenty of Marlin action happening over the weekend with multiple boats hooking up to little Black Marlin anywhere from 20kg to 100+kg between the 36 and 50 Fathom depth line including Spot X which was holding good bait schools over the weekend. Trolling a pattern skirted lures like Pakula’s or slow trolling live baits on circle hooks is the best way to attract a bite. The main things you’re looking for is bait balls and fish on the sounder, temperature changes, current lines, fads like logs or debris and birds hovering or diving into the water. Usually spotting the above signs and combining some persistence will normally pay off with a strike and hopefully landing a Black Marlin.

Ben Russell sent in a pic to Coomera Bait and Tackle (see photo in report) of an awesome Gold Coast Barra measuring 120cm he caught and released while he was fishing for Jacks using live bait. During the hot summer moths the Gold Coast has consistently produced catches of Barramundi usually as bycatch when fishing for Mangrove Jack, the Coomera River and Nerang River and Jacobs Well are spots that have seen these illusive fish caught.
Coomera Houseboat Holiday customers have done well scoring a feed of Whiting from Canaipa Passage, Tiger Mullet Channel, Gold Bank, Cabbage Tree Point, Logan River, Jacobs Well Shoals, Wave Break Island and the Coomera River this week on Yabbies and Worms as bait. With the big tides just remember to use at least a 4 to 5 ball sized sinker to keep you bait on the bottom.

Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters has been putting his guests onto some solid whiting, bream, trevally, queenfish, and flathead using surface lures. The Tweed continues to produce the odd big flathead too in the deeper holes where it’s a bit cooler in this hot weather.

Clint recommends getting an early start with the extra holiday water traffic, there are some good fish around though and lots of variety. Clint has been getting his customers between 20 and 70 fish a day in the Broadwater. Species caught this week included Squire, Bream, Tarwhine, Flathead, Whiting, Grassy Sweetlip, Estuary Cod and Trevally.

Just keep in mind it will be extra busy out on the water for the Australia Day Long weekend, please show your fellow boaties and fishos some patience and courtesy and everyone will have a great time on the Gold Coast waterways.

Hope you all have a good weekend and get out for a fish, if you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.

Report 18/1/19

Good numbers of quality Whiting have been caught this week, Coomera Bait and Tackle regular Wayne Young took his friends Ken and Amm up the Nerang for a fish during the week and scored a great feed (see photo in report). I also went for a look up the Pimpama on the weekend and found a few nice Whiting in the mid 30’s using beach worms the kids caught the day before over at the Spit. The Western side of Wave Break Island has also been producing good numbers of Whiting fishing the shallow banks with Yabbies that can be pumped in the same area. Some other good spots are the Coomera River North and South Arms, Logan River, Canaipa Passage, Bedrooms, Currumbin Creek, Tweed River and the Eastern end of Tiger Mullet Channel.

Mangrove Jack have been liking the hot weather lately with plenty of good sized fish hitting a mixture of lures and baits on the Gold Coast and Tweed. Local fisho’s Scott and his daughter Jayda have been doing well landing some fantastic Jacks using live Mullet for bait (see photo in report). When bait fishing it pays to have a fairly heavy drag set as they will hit like a freight train and try to drag you back into any nearby structure in the blink of an eye. Good fish have been showing up the Coomera River, Nerang River, Sovereign Island, Ephraim Island and Tweed River.

Finally some good news for anglers that enjoy chasing Mackerel, with a few Spanish starting to show up at the Gravel Patch and the odd Spotted being caught around Mermaid and Palm Beach Reef over the weekend. While the S/SE wind change kicked in the water cleaned up a bit, water quality can play a big part in finding fish, the E/NE winds we have been getting do affect the water quality. Spanish have responded well to slow trolled live baits and the Spotted have been hitting slow trolled WA pillys in pink skirts and also unweighted cubed pilchards fed back into a burley trail. Fingers crossed they are going to appear in better numbers in the coming weeks.

Another summer species that has been around in good numbers in both the Logan and Coomera River is the Bull Shark, locals have been having plenty of fun catching good numbers of smaller pups right up to larger adult Sharks with Fresh water Eel being the number one bait.

Clint from Brad Smith Fishing Charters has been catching good numbers of Bream and Squire fishing around the Gold Coast Seaway and Wave Break Island on Yabbies, Squid and metal vibe lures.

Brad has been fishing in the upper reaches on the Tweed River targeting the deeper holes and scoring his customers some quality Flathead. Brad is also doing well tempting plenty of Whiting on surface lures.

Report 10/1/19

Flathead are worth targeting on soft plastics, soft vibes metal blades and shallow diver or surface lures. Local angler Brett Doolan has done well finding some top quality fish for this time of the year in the shallow water around the high tide mark. You could try trolling small bibbed lures around the edges of Sandbanks on the run out tide, creek mouths and tops of sandbanks towards high tide. Work the area with your lures until you get a fish or a bite then concentrate on that area as there is normally a few fish to be found.

Despite the lack of good rain Coomera Houseboat Customers have been scoring a feed of Mud Crabs this week. Sand Crabs are also around in good numbers, target the deeper main channels on the Broadwater, Jumpinpin, Russell Island, Karragarra, and MacLeay Island. Some good spots to target Mud Crabs are the Coomera River North Arm and South Arm, Pimpama River, Tipplers Passage, The Never Fail Islands, Brown Island, Eastern Side of the Aldershots, Jacobs Well, Eden Island, Tiger Mullet Channel, Tabby Tabby Island and Canaipa Passage.

Coomera Bait and Tackle regular Will Henderson has been scoring a few good Bass in the freshwater on the Rous River around Murwillumbah and Oxley River on the Tweed, Will said a lot of quality fish are coming off the top water with some great surface bite action. Will has also been finding a couple of solid Mangrove Jack working Zman Minnowz in Calico Candy around the Barneys Point Bridge and Terranora Lake.

Clint from Brad Smith Fishing Charters has been catching nice Tuskfish, Sand Whiting, Winter Whiting, Spangled Emperor, Grassy Emperor, Flounder, Bream, Tarwhine, and plenty of Squid in the past week in the southern Broadwater. Clint has been using metal vibes, yabbies and fresh squid.
Brad has been getting some big flathead despite the hot conditions, with bigger lures tempting them. The surface lures have been accounting for Whiting, Queenfish, Trevally and Flathead. Brad said the best areas to fish will be upstream of Chinderah, and the deeper holes where the water is a bit cooler and darker.

Hope you all have a good weekend and get out for a fish, if you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.

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Good luck with the Fishing, Brett

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