Baysport 640 Sports with 175hp V6 Mercury

Here you can see how evenly the Baysport sits on the water, and there is very little spray coming from the outboard. When the 175hp V6 4-stroke Mercury was being run at any speed you could hardly hear it.

• by Gary Brown

While taking the Baysport 640 Sports out for a spin on Brisbane Waters I couldn’t get over how easily the 175hp V6 4-stroke Mercury outboard pulled the boat out of the hole and up onto the plane. It then went through to full speed without missing a beat.

Sure, it’s a 175hp outboard and it should be able to do this, but it was the ease and smoothness of going from a standing start to full speed that blew me away. If you do have the chance to test drive one of these rigs, be sure to tell your passengers to brace themselves and hang on.

The Baysport 640 Sports is a versatile rig. It would suit boaters who like cruising with family or friends, waterskiing or fishing in the estuaries, freshwater dams or offshore – all with the comfort of a fibreglass boat.

There is heaps of room in the cockpit and out on the back deck, and you could easily fit four anglers when having a fish. The STB fibreglass pedestal seat for the skipper had an extra storage pocket underneath, and the padded passenger seat was positioned on a stainless-steel frame with room underneath to strap a small esky. For extra comfort there was also a fibreglass foot rest.

I found that I could easily see through or over the windscreen while either sitting or standing, and at rest or at speed. If you unzip part of the front cover you can get an extra bit of breeze, and if it starts raining you just close it up again. The side clears also provide added protection from the elements.

In some boats you can tell that the console layout has not been thought out properly. However, the crew who fitted out the 640 Baysport had obviously taken the time to work out where everything went, making it easy to see whether standing or seated.

Up front the cuddy cabin comes complete with a two-person padded bed. On the sides and in the centre there is plenty of storage space that will keep your gear out of the elements. There is also a lockable waterproof hatch at the front to give you easy access to the anchor locker.

While the location of the removable storage/kill tank padded seat at the rear is great if you fishing from one side of the boat, I would prefer to move it – just so that I can get easy access to the rear of the boat when I’m at anchor. This could be done by unclipping it and moving it.

The two-person padded bed doubles as a storage locker for your vital boating and fishing needs. There is also a lockable waterproof hatch at the front to provide easy access to the anchor locker.
The console layout has clearly been well thought out. Everything is easy to see, whether you’re standing or seated.
At the rear you have a removable bait board with two rod holders, and a transom door to give you easy access from the water after having a swim or skiing. The padded bench seat is removable, but also has plenty of storage underneath for an esky to put your fish, food and drinks in.
The STB fibreglass pedestal seat for the skipper had an extra storage pocket underneath. The padded passenger seat was positioned on a stainless-steel frame, and you can strap a small esky underneath it.
The fully rollered tandem axle Sea-Link trailer features alloy wheels, load share suspension, jockey wheel and bearing protectors as standard. Light truck tyres are used on all multi-roller trailers, and matching spare wheels are available as an option.
With two adults up front there is still plenty of room for your family or a few more mates. The bimini with side covers will provide plenty of protection from the elements.
The 175hp V6 Mercury’s power to weight ratio, and the way that there was continual power from at a standing position to top speed, blew me away.
The removable storage seat/bin could be used as a kill tank and then easily unclipped and taken out of the boat to wash down and clean.
Depending on whether you are standing or sitting, you can adjust the padded seat on both the passenger’s and skipper’s seats with ease.

Even though I didn’t launch and retrieve the Baysport 640 Sports, I did notice how easy it was to launch and retrieve it off the Tandem Axle multi roller Sealink trailer. Once it is up on the trailer, all you need to do is clip off the strap and safety chain, and away you go. The end of the trailer’s main frame is open, making it easy to flush freshwater up inside.

The test boat was provided by Insinc Marine at 20 Dell Road West, Gosford. Owners Troy and Lee Durham were very obliging, and have been running Insinc Marine for over six years. Before that, Troy was selling boats for another company, so his knowledge is very extensive and his mechanics have many years of knowledge in the boating industry.

If I were looking for a second boat for fishing in the estuaries or freshwater dams, heading to my favourite offshore reefs or doing some family cruising or water-skiing, this would be a rig I would look at.

The standard features include a seven-year structural warranty, six-year engine warranty, concave planing plank, foam filled stringer system, split stainless steel bow rail, moulded bowsprit, stainless steel SARCA bow roller, rear grab handles, stainless steel recessed cleats, folding, stainless steel ladder, navigation lights, compass, hydraulic steering, removable storage bin, passenger side pocket, transom door, underfloor 165L fuel tank, cabin side pockets, cabin bunk cushions, under bunk storage, cockpit side pockets, tinted cabin windows, seat boxes with storage, two rear rod holders, four ganged switch panel and a large front cabin hatch.

Options include: bimini with front and side clears, six rocket launchers, SeaDek flooring, Digital Smart Craft gauges, Removable bait board, STB fibreglass pedestal, a Lowrance Elite 7 GPS combo sounder, a GME VHF radio, Port stainless steel seat frame, a marine battery, boat rego and trailer, anchor chain and rope, PFD1 lifejackets, telescopic paddle, torch, horn, flusher kit, bailer and fire extinguisher.

The complete drive-away package comes in at $69,950 and is available from Insinc Marine. If you are interested in a possible test drive of this rig you should call in and ask for either Troy or Lee Durham. You can also phone (02) 4324 4300 or visit their website:

Hull length: 6.4m
Beam: 2.48m
Length on trailer: 7.7m
Height on trailer: 3.0m
Max hp: 175
Fuel capacity: 165L
Max adults: 7
Approx. towing weight: 1850kg

Idle: 900rpm
8 knots: 1700rpm, 15km
On the plane: 2800rpm, 32km
Half speed: 3800rpm, 55km
Full speed: 5600rpm, 84km